Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 171 -
The Lord explains the second chapter of Isaiah.

fter this instruction of Mine everybody stood up and we quickly went down to the village, more precisely to the house of Nicodemus, in order to bless it according to My secret wish. When we were into his house, we soon heard a big noise on the market place, and our Agricola immediately asked Me on a dictatorial quick-tempered tone what was happening outside on the market.
I said: "Friend, as long as I am with you, there is hardly any reason for you to ask something like that. Do you still not know what kind of power is always at My service? Besides, I know everything anyway what is happening in the whole of infinity. Therefore, do not be excited about such things anymore. Certainly not in My presence."
Agricola said: "O Lord, I thank You for this correction. In the future I will be very careful, because this hot-tempered attitude in such situations is and remains still my most important mistake. I think, o Lord, very often now of the by You recommended patience, and I also want to acquire this completely. But when I suddenly am coming into temptation, immediately my old sin is coming up again. But from now on there must come a definite end to it."
I said: "That is very good. The intention is good, although you still will fall a few times into your old sin.
But now, bring the book of the prophet Isaiah here. From that I have to make an important part clear to you."
Then Nicodemus brought the book to Me and I immediately turned to the second chapter of Isaiah and read it as follows aloud to all those who were present:
"This is what Isaiah, the son of Amos, saw over Judah and Jerusalem: 'In the last time the Mountain on which the House of the Lord stands will certainly be higher than all mountains and it will be exalted above all heights, and all the gentiles will go to it." (Isaiah 2:2).
Then Nicodemus and the two Pharisees asked: "Lord and Master, where is then the mountain of the Lord on which His house is standing?"
I said: "O see how worldly your attitude is, based on your sense-organs, and how you are still full of matter. Am I not the Mountain of all mountains on which the true House of God stands? But what is the very comfortable House? That is My Word that I have already spoken by all the prophets to you, Jews, during a few centuries, and now I Myself am speaking through the mouth of a Son of Man. So I am the Mountain, and My Word is the comfortable House on the Mountain, and there around us are standing the gentiles from all parts of the Earth, who came to this place to see the Mountain and to live in His very spacious House.
But for the Jews as they are now, it is really the last time, because they are avoiding the Mountain and His House, and are even threatening the leaders to destroy it. Do you understand this verse now?"
All of them said: "Yes Lord, it is now completely clear to us, but this chapter has still more verses, which are for us still not clear at all. Lord, do explain these further to us."
I said: "Just be patient, because a tree does not fall with the first blow.
But Isaiah continues to speak as follows: 'Many nations will (that means in the future) go on their way and say: Come, let us go up on the Mountain of the Lord, to the House of the God of Jacob, so that He will teach us His ways, after which we can then walk on His mountain paths, because from Zion will go forth the law and from Jerusalem His Word.' (Isaiah 2:3).
By Zion (Z'e on = He wills) is also to be understood the Mountain, thus the Lord or I, and by Jerusalem the House of God on the Mountain, thus My Word and My teaching for now and forever. Certainly there will be no more doubt about that.
But now, who are the nations who say: 'Come, let us go up on the Mountain of the Lord' - that means to go to the Son of Man or divine Man - 'and to the House of the God of Jacob, so that He will teach us His ways and we can then walk on His mountain paths?'
Look, these nations are those people who in the future will be converted to Me, will make My Word their own and will do My will. Because My Word shows the ways to life, and the mountain paths are My will announced to the people by the Word, of which the strict observance is definitely more difficult than only the pure listening to My Word, just like it is also definitely much easier to go on a broad and smooth way than on narrow and often very steep mountain paths.
But whoever wants to come within him upon the highest of all mountains and there in My living Word, which is God's House on the Mountain, must not only follow the smooth way which leads to the top and stay upon it, but must also go on the narrow, often very steep mountain paths, because only along these, will he come completely on the Mountain and there in God's living House.
What this means, I have already explained to you, as well as what the prophet in fact wanted to make clear by Z'e on and by Jerusalem. For this reason he also says that from Z'e on will go forth the law, so My will, and from Jerusalem - or seen in a natural way, out of My mouth - My Word.
So whoever hears My Word that I have spoken to the people at all times by the prophets, accepts it and lives according to it, he will thereby come to Me and thus also to the living Word and its power. Because I Myself am the living Word and the power thereof, and everything that contains the infinite space, is also only My living Word and the eternal power and might thereof. Did you also understand this well now?"
Then someone from the group of the Pharisees, who came to Me on the Mount of Olives, and who was a scribe said: "Lord and Master, Your explanation of these two verses was so clear like the sun at noon time, and everything became clear and understandable to me. But now comes the fourth verse and that sounds like this:
'And the Lord will administer justice among the gentiles and punish the nations. Then they will make of their swords plowshares and of their spears sickles, because no nation will lift up a sword against another, and the people will from now on learn war no more.' (Isaiah 2:4).
Who are those gentiles and who the nations who, once they have been punished, will no more war against one another? Those nations must surely be born in a very far future, because the present-day generations with their proud, greedy kings, lusting for power, will make war until the end of the world."
I said: "It is true that you are a scribe, so that you still have the laws and all the prophets very well in your memory, but to understand them in the true spirit, of that there has never been any sign with you. You were walking on the broad and smooth way, but on the narrow mountain path that leads to the top of the mountain of the true knowledge, you have never set one foot.
Whoever, by acting according to the law, will not come on the top of the Mountain of the Lord and in God's House or to the inner living Word from God, and will come to the living Word of God within him, will also not recognize the true, inner, living spirit of the law and the prophets."