Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 181 -
Return to the Mount of Olives.

ow I said to Nicodemus: "Yesterday on the Mount of Olives I have promised you to give you a clear light about the flood of Noah, and this will also happen. My Raphael will explain it to you while I will rest a little."
Then Raphael came forward and explained the flood in the same manner as I (nota bene) have explained it to you in My 'Household of God'. All of them were very surprised about it.
When after 1 hour Raphael was finished in describing the flood of Noah, over which all those present - as already mentioned - were very surprised, I said: "Listen, it is now almost midnight and time to break up. Let us therefore be on our way to the Mount of Olives, because now the eyes of our enemies are resting, so that we can go unseen to town. But let us not go all at the same time, but rather somewhat divided. And also, no one should say anything along the way, for when it became dark the temple sent out spies because of Me, but also because two Pharisees and two Levites did not yet return. The spies are afraid now that something bad may happen to them tonight. For this reason they will not talk to anyone, also if someone would come near to them. But of course, only if he keeps silent. If two are speaking with each other, they will notice immediately if someone is a Jew from Jerusalem or a Greek, someone from Galilee or a Roman. Then they would go to them to ask where he comes from in the middle of the night. Let us therefore also not forget this small caution."
The Upper Egyptian said: "Lord and Master. If we also may go together with You, will You then please allow us to walk in front? Then the evil spies will run away from us like a hare that is chased by hunting dogs. We will become aware of them and will run to them with great speed, so that they will run away. For they will take us for devils because of our dark brown faces, which seem to be totally black now in the light of the moon. Or, if ever they want to harm us, then we will do to them the same as what happened to the two prominent Romans Agrippa and Laius in our country according to their saying. We nail them down to the ground where they are standing on, 7 days long, or as long as Your holy will shall order us."
I said: "My dear friends, what you want to do now for Me, I also could do, if that would be good and necessary, just like I have done that and still so many other things when that was good and necessary. But in this case it would be neither good nor necessary and that is why we will omit it and will leave this place the way I have decided. But because the two Romans who live here in Emmaus, are accompanying Me to the Mount of Olives, you also can stay with us tonight and tomorrow. As you surely know, tomorrow is a high feast day for the Jews and I Myself will teach again in the temple tomorrow. The day after you can return home again together with the Romans."
The Upper Egyptians thanked Me for this hint and withdrew.
I raised My voice and said: "Whoever wants to go with Me must stand up and come!"
All of them stood up, except the woman and the children of Nicodemus. They also wanted to come, but they were told that they had to stay here. I went in front and all of them followed Me.
On the square, Agricola was still asking Me about the young people.
And I said: "Be quiet now. Those are on the instruction of My servant already there. You will meet them all on the Mount of Olives."
From that moment on we walked quickly but very quietly to the Mount of Olives.
After a little half-hour we already were in the neighborhood of Jerusalem where we met a couple of guards. But they let us quietly walk through because we were too large a group and they took us for Romans and Greeks, with whom on no account they wanted to come into conflict. They drew to this conclusion because we came in a group and did not exchange a word with one another, what was also the custom among the Roman patrolling guards. Soon we reached the gate of the garden wall and a while later also the inn on the Mount of Olives. We went immediately to the large dining-hall that was waiting for us in a full light.
The innkeeper of Lazarus' inn asked Me if he had to serve the food and drinks.
I said: "It is not good for a human being if he takes any food at this time, because also the inward parts of a human being need their rest. But tomorrow you can take care of a meal."
With this the innkeeper was satisfied and went to Lazarus to give him a large sum of money that he had received that day. He said that the greatest part of it was paid by the slave traders who left in the mean time.
Then Lazarus said: "But you did not have to accept anything from them."
The innkeeper said: "Dear friend, this I also did not want since I knew that they were your guests as friends, but they said: 'Here we have received the greatest treasures of life that cannot be paid with the gold of the world. How then can we moreover allow that we and our servants be excluded of any charges? Here, just take this small thing for your lord and for yourself'.
Then they laid these 7 sacks full of pure heavy gold on the table and left quickly. Then of course I could do nothing else than to keep them for you. And these couple of 100 pieces of silver I have received from other guests, because soon there were a lot of guests - most of them foreigners - who consumed a lot and paid well. Some of them wanted to stay here for the night but I have excused myself by telling them truthfully that I was expecting a couple of hundred guests who during the day went for an outing to Emmaus but would be back in the evening. Only an old tired pilgrim I kept here, and in my room I prepared for him a place to sleep.
At noon there was for instance also that woman who at first had brought the high ranked Romans here. She ate and drank here and then she inquired with great interest about the Lord and Master. She paid 10 pieces of silver for that. But I did not trust that person because she very well could have been a spy from the temple. Because it is very well known that for money such people are willing to let themselves be used for everything, and therefore I also did not tell her where the Lord and Master had gone.
This was visibly so disappointing for that person that she cried, because she could not know where her Savior had gone, and I myself came into an inward conflict, wondering if I should tell her anyway where He could be found. But then suddenly a good thought came into my mind: 'You are either a corruptible person or you are an extreme annoying fanatic - already on the first night she made that impression on me - and the Lord and Master cannot use you in one case or the other'. And therefore, I told her also nothing. But I said to her: 'If you really have such a great longing for the Lord and Master who healed you, then live according to His Word, then He - to whom also our most secret thoughts are not unknown to Him - will allow you at the right moment to meet Him.' With this advice she completely agreed and then she went away. And that is all that happened here that was of any importance during your absence. Tell me now if I have acted correctly in all these matters."
Lazarus said: "Friend, like always, you have also now acted correctly, and I also think that our mutual Friend, Lord and Master will be equally satisfied about you as I am. And these couple of 100 coins of silver you may keep for yourself for the trouble."
The innkeeper said: "Friend, I am already receiving too much wages from you to accept something above that. But because I know that every of your sayings are as a real oath, I have to accept the money. But for myself I will certainly not take it, because I surely will find a few poor customers for it."
Here I Myself went to both of them and said, after I had put My hands on their shoulders: "So it has to be, My dear friends. Also here you have completely acted in My Spirit today. Truly, I tell you: you My Jordan, are for Me together with our brother Lazarus worth more than a 100 countries full of injustice and self-love.
Truly, if I would not have found here a few men like you, and you two above all, I would not be staying at this place. Do continue to walk on My paths, then I will not be like now your Lord and Master, but your true Brother in person, and what belongs to Me since eternity will also be yours forever.
Oh if all men would be like you, then it would look quite different on the Earth. But the laziness of the people is Satan's old trap in which they willingly let themselves be trapped for their eternal ruin. And still, men could not have been created more perfect than what they are now. They have reason, intellect, a complete free will and a conscience that warns them constantly. And everywhere and at all times there are men and teachers called by Me who are very active and have an equal great wisdom as the angels. But their lust and laziness draws them constantly away from all that is right, true and good. And so they fall victim to the kingdom of ruin, and nothing else can help them except one judgment after another and one punishment after another. And even that is only helping but a small minority.
Truly, the whole Earth would never have a bad harvest and would never fail if men would somehow be like you. But now in the whole country of the Jews there are not 1,000 who are fully as they need to be. But also because of those 1,000 I will not afflict the country with a total disaster. The good ones will always be spared from any disaster as far as they themselves are truly good. But as far as they will take part in one way or another with the world, they also will have their share of the disasters of the world.
Believe Me, it truly does not give Me pleasure when I allow that the lazy people on Earth are regularly afflicted with a thousand and one disasters. But it cannot be otherwise because if a lord would not wake up almost daily his always sleepy and lazy helpers for the necessary work, it would look bad and very meager for his harvest and his produce. Only the efforts of the lord - which consist in waking up his many helpers and workers on time - will be beneficial for himself and also for them. But those who are hiding, so that they can continue to sleep and not have to work, can only blame themselves if they will come to ruin.
Therefore, let all who are in your service be always awake and active in everything that is right, true and good, then you will have sown a good seed for Me that will give us a produce of a hundredfold fruit, and a great part of the harvest will be eternally your share.
However, because it has become now already late at night, we should give our body the necessary rest until tomorrow. For, although the day of tomorrow is a Sabbath, it will take much of our strength again."
All those who were present agreed totally on that. They went to their sleeping places. I however, was still resting during the rest of the night sitting in My armchair.