Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 184 -
The Lord explains the phenomenon of the secondary suns.

said: "Yes sure. But look, there are still many people on Earth who firstly do not believe in any God and Creator and thus also not at all in an eternal life of the soul. But they live very well and with pleasure, shouting for joy and jubilate, and besides that, they are full of pride and greed, let others work for them and the one who would remind them of an eternal life of the soul after the death of the body, will be laughed at and mocked, and they will say to him: 'Fool, once you have died you must then come and teach us, then we will believe you. But as long as you are still alive and are waiting for death just like us, we do not believe your fantasy.' Then what would you answer to this?"
Lazarus said: "Lord, there is indeed little that can be said about it. I certainly can say nothing about it. Because once people are too deep asleep in the death of matter, they hardly can be completely converted to the true faith and even less to the life in the spirit. Therefore I would prefer if You would explain us a little the spiritual meaning of these 3 still visible suns."
I said: "This I will do also, but first I still had to show you that men without the slightest expectation for an eternal life are also very satisfied with only the temporal life. And of people who have a certain expectation of an eternal life - as you, together with My disciples are one of them - there are only a very few in this time, and there will never be too many on this Earth. But the fact that this is so, and also will be so in the distant future, is now precisely shown by this phenomenon of the 3 suns.
You and all the others know that there is only one sun shining in the sky, while you are seeing now three. You also know that there exists only one true God and Creator. And yet, from this time on the foolish people will make, by all kinds of false delusions, of the one true God three Gods.
Then the light of life will become weak among the people on Earth and the love for God and fellowman will turn cold. Then the few who still will have a pure faith will be seized by great fear, like those little birds, and the kings of the Earth will become like violent beasts of prey and will continuously wage murderous wars against one another, and the one who will pray to the three gods will not be heard.
The first secondary sun which rose more to the north almost at the same time as the real sun - which in this likeness represents Myself - represents the counter-prophet or the counter-anointed who will arise and say: 'Look, I am the true anointed of God. Listen to me if you want to be blessed'. But I am telling you that no one of you must let himself be seduced. Because he will be a messenger of Hell and by his deceitful arts he will perform all kinds of wondrous signs, and will show a very pious face and pray and make sacrifices, but his heart will be full of bitter hatred against all truth which he will persecute by fire and sword, and all who will not keep his teaching he will curse. This one will also invent the three gods and will let them be worshipped. I also will be counted to that as the Savior of the world but divided into three persons. They will still confess one God with their mouth, yet worship three persons, of whom each one will also be a complete god and will have to be worshipped separately.
But not long after that, there will arise a second secondary sun or a second secondary anointed, who will obscure the first one in every way. That one will still be 10 times worse than the first one. Because the first one will at least not forbid My word completely, but the southern one will totally forbid My word and My teaching and will only take from it what by coincidence suits his bad purpose. He will indeed have My sign erected on all corners of the streets to worship, but apart from that, thousands of others will be displayed, and mostly those in which he takes pleasure.
In that time pride, discord and mutual hatred will reach its highest degree. Then one people will war against the other, one war after another will take place, there will be great earthquakes, years of bad harvest, high cost of living, famine and epidemics. However, then I will destroy the roots of the counter-anointed, so that he will wither away like a tree of which the roots have been cut off. There will be much cursing, lamenting, crying and complaining, and then the evil and worthless secondary suns - although they take their false luster from Me - will perish, just like the secondary suns are now perishing before your eyes. Look, they become more and more vague. The shape of the sun is passing over into a weak-shining haze and instead of that, the only true sun comes forward, more beautiful, more shiny and more warming. Now you also see the little birds coming out of their hiding places and are greeting the only true sun with their singing, and the big birds of prey are scattering and are hurrying to their dark forests.
And so it will happen in those times. Everything that is high will be lowered. The mountain peaks must turn into a flat and fertile land. Then one will not ask: 'Who is king over this land?' but: 'Who is the first and greatest benefactor of this happy people? Let us go to him, so that we can learn his wisdom according to the order of God.'
When this happy time will come, wolves, bears, lambs and hares will drink peacefully together from the same spring. Did you all understand this well?"
Nicodemus said: "We have understood it quite well, but these predictions did not sound particularly pleasant and one could ask here: Lord, must all this take place until finally Your light of truth will be able to shine totally free and unhindered over the whole Earth? We have now received Your purest word and light and we will spread it also in the same way. The happy results of it will show the people that the word that is preached by us is the only true and real one. And I do not understand who would still dare to act against it with a false teaching."
I said: "To speak well is easier than to act well, and in the action lies the seed of the weed that is also sown unexpectedly together with the pure wheat in the soul of the heart of man. That will take root and continue to grow among the pure wheat and will often suffocate it and ruin it. Therefore, you should not only be listeners of My word, but also act according to that word. But also you will be reluctant in your acting because of the great and mighty world. Yes, you will confess Me by yourself secretly, but out of fear for the world you hardly will dare to speak in My name and still less will dare to act in My name. Because the world could notice it and call you to account if it will notice that you have directed yourselves to Me, because it is showing from your actions. And see, the question is not why everything that I have predicted to you must happen until in the last times the truth will be made completely free and the nations will be blessed, but it will depend on you only if you will fear the world more than Me or less.
Because of your fear for the world, the evil seed together with the wheat will be sown, and out of that, the 2 secondary suns will come forth. And the reason why I have caused this now to happen and have predicted it, is that when it will happen like this, you will remember - here or in the beyond - that I have shown you already this in advance.
Therefore, I am telling you once more what I have already said before: do not be afraid for those who can indeed kill your body, but further on cannot harm your soul. If you want to fear somebody then fear the One in whose power lies also the live or the dead of your soul.
Indeed, many of you will have the right courage, but not all, and some of you will even be offended at Me.
The Shepherd will be bound and beaten, and the sheep will scatter themselves. Great fear will come over them, sadness and fright. But I will visit them again, bring them together and will give them courage and strength against the enemies of the light out of the Heavens. But now, nothing more of this, because I have only told you this so that you can remember it at the right time and will act correctly, and that the old proverb will not be applied to you also: 'Out of the eye, out of the heart'. And now it is already time for the morning meal. Let us therefore go home."