Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 19 -
Jehovah's wars.

(Raphael:) "Just as the seven spirits or special properties in God continuously battle with each other, so that one always challenges the other to become active, in the same way you can very easily recognise the same battle to a more or lesser degree in all creatures of God.
Love on its own is blind, and its aspiration is, to attract everything towards itself. But in this aspiration it ignites, and it becomes light and as such cognition and recognition is added to love.
Can't you see now, how the light fights against the single aspiration of pure love and brings order and consideration to love?!
But at the same time from this battle or war awakens the will as the active arm of love and its light, who turns what the light has wisely put in order into action.
But then out of cognition of love through its light and by the power of both, at the same time the very order is generated, and fights against everything disorderly by the light and by the will of love, and you again find an eternal steady war of Jehovah in Him as well as in all creatures.
Everything would be in good order, if one could find some guarantee, that this, what the four spirits so beautifully and orderly placed into action, had some permanence. But all the still so marvelous works of the first four spirits resemble the play of children, who with great enthusiasm and joy masterly put some things orderly into action, but shortly afterwards don't like the product anymore and destroy it with greater zeal than they had when creating. And verily, friend, with the permanence of all the creation, things would look very bad.
But to prevent this, resulting from the great pleasure for the perfect success of works, arises earnestness from the four spirits as a fifth spirit in God as well as in His creatures, and this spirit continuously fights against destruction and termination of the once created works, similar to a person who became sensible and serious, who for example has build himself a house and planted a vineyard and does everything to maintain and use the house and the vineyard, but not trying to destroy the house and the vineyard soon, as I have shown you earlier with the products of the children. And see, this is - as already said - another war of Jehovah!
But in time the house built will show some deficiencies, and the vineyard will still not produce the desired harvest, and the builder regrets his hard labour and his earnestness during his zealous activity, and he wants to destroy the work and erect a new one in its place; but then the sixth spirit rises against such earnestness and is called - as already indicated - patience. And see, it maintains the house and the vineyard! And this is again a new war of Jehovah!
Now, patience on its own, united with the preceding spirits, would not carry out any special improvements at the house and at the vineyard, but would nicely leave everything in place; but then comes the seventh spirit, namely mercy, containing in itself gentleness, concern, diligence, charity and generosity. And see, man starts to improve his house in a good way, so that deficiencies of any importance are no longer present, and digs and fertilizes the vineyard, so that it soon produces a rich harvest! And see again, this is once more a battle or a war of Jehovah in man as well as in God and in angels!
And so is the true, perfect life in God, in angels and in man a continuous battle of the seven spirits I have showed you. But this battle is in God and in angels not something, as if it was a case that one or the other of the seven spirits wanted to suppress the other spirits and make them inactive, but the battle is always of such a nature, that one spirit continuously and with all its strength and power supports the other, and therefore every spirit completely present is in the other. Love is present in all the other six and in the same manner the light or wisdom in love as well as within the other five spirits and so forth, so that in each individual spirit all the others are also completely and fully active and continuously support each other in the most beautiful harmony."