Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord and his adversary. Gospel of John, Chapter 9

- Chapter 190 -
The eternal life of the souls.

ith a serious expression on My face I said: "You dare to say many unjust and untrue things right in My face in front of the people! If I would be equally inclined to anger as you Jews and Pharisees, I would repay these brutal, untrue, meaningless and proud words in such a manner that the people would be astonished, because in this way it would fast come to discernment that all might and authority in Heaven and on Earth is given to Me. However, I am meek with all My heart and full of humility, and in front of the people I will only punish you with My word.
You have accused Me of madness because I am teaching that the one who believes in Me and lives according to My teaching will have eternal life in him, and whoever does not believe in Me and does not live according to My word will have judgment within himself and with it, eternal death.
Dumb and blind Pharisee. What is then according to your highest material imagination the eternal life of the soul in My Kingdom - which is not of this world - and what is then judgment, and with it, eternal death?
If you understood this mystery you would speak and judge differently, but because your soul is blind and your heart full of darkness, you are judging about spiritual things as someone who is blind since his birth, judging about the luster of colors.
Is then the eternal death of the soul and his, let us say, impossible total eternal destruction, for you one and the same? Look, you and all your colleagues are what your souls are concerned already for a long time totally and completely dead. But are you therefore also destroyed? You will never be destroyed, but as long as you are now, so you will stay, in your sins which are the death of the soul, because in such a state he can never ascend to a higher and purer awareness, but must stay in his darkness and in his old worldly doubts, of which your souls are full of.
In this world it does not oppress you so much because you know very well how to comfort yourselves with all things of the world, but when your soul will find himself in his own sphere without earthly body in the spiritual world which comes out of himself and who is without love and without light within him, how will he then fare?
I know this very well and know also all too well how you all have entirely deviated from God's word. And for this reason, as promised, I Myself have come into this world, in the flesh of a man. I, who am in spirit the same who gave Moses the laws on the Sinai, as well as once to Adam and later after the deluge to Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and after Moses also to the many prophets. By My teaching, I have come to save you all from your judgment and death. Because despite all fathers, despite Moses and all prophets you are ending up in the hard imprisonment of sin and death.
When I am teaching you now Myself - because all My messengers that I have sent to your people, were not able to accomplish anything - am I therefore a madman? O, you serpents and brood of vipers, how long will I still have to suffer you in your judgment and your death!?
You think that the people who have lived before Me could not hear the word which I am now directing to you, and therefore could not believe in Me and consequently could also not receive eternal life, as well as those who are now living in the faraway countries and are mostly gentiles. O you blind Pharisee. Now look here. These 7 men from the far Upper-Egypt know Me, are living according to My will, and their souls have already since long eternal life and its inexhaustible power and might. They will give you a sign."
Now the first Upper-Egyptian came forward and said: "Listen, miserable fornicator and adulterer! Ten forefathers out of whom you have come forth will appear to tell you that they are in a most miserable condition on the other side, but are not destroyed."
Then those who were called, stood suddenly in a dreadful appearance around the Pharisee, and his father, who he recognized very well, said: "Because I have been like you are now, I am now in such a miserable condition as you can see me now, and you will be in the same miserable condition as I am and as all forefathers are now, and also will surely stay that way, because faith nor hope are shining upon us."
The Pharisee, being very surprised, asked: "Can you then never more be helped?"
The spirit said: "O yes, if we want that, but we do not have the will for it, just like you also do not have it in this world and are persecuting Him who could help you. And we are doing the same."
Now the spirits disappeared and I said: "What do you think about this?"
Then the Pharisee said: "You are all sorcerers and magicians, and you have performed this appearance with witchcraft. Therefore I do not want to involve myself with You anymore and I will withdraw."
The people said however: "His wisdom is unmasked. That is why he is now withdrawing full of shame."
The Jews of the temple are now rebuking the noisy crowd, but they became still noisier and started to hiss and to whistle. Then the Pharisees withdrew hastily.
However, the people asked Me if I wanted to teach them.
I summoned the people to be quiet and soon they became quiet. Then I started to teach the people about the love for God and for fellowman and warned them against the false doctrine of the Pharisees.