Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 20 -
The disharmony of the seven spirits in man.

(Raphael:) "This should also be the case in a person; but unfortunately it is not so. The ability is given to each person, however without being completely developed and exercised. Only a few people exist who bring all the seven spirits in them to a full and equal activity and thereby become truly equal to God and us angels; but, as said, many are turned away from it and worry very little about it and thereby do not at all recognise the true secret of life inside them. Such blind and half dead people cannot recognise the very reason of life in them, since they are only guided and ruled by one or the other of the seven spirits.
And so the one lives purely out of the spirit of love and does not pay attention to any of other spirits. What else is such a person other than a voracious predator who never gets enough? Such are full of self love, full of jealousy and full of miserliness and are stonehearted towards all his neighbours.
Again others have an enlightened love and are as such also quite wise and can give their neighbours quite good teachings; but their will is weak and therefore they are not able to put anything to work.
Again there are others, with whom the spirits of love, light and will are very active; but it looks very weak with the spirits of order and proper earnestness. Those type of people will be able to talk very clever and sometimes even quite wise and are able to put here and there a very few things to work; but the true and completely out of all seven spirits wise person will very soon from their words, speeches and works notice, that there is no order and no coherence.
And again there are people who have love, light, will and order; but they lack the spirit of earnestness. Therefore they are afraid and fearsome and are not able to provide their works with activeness.
Again others are full of earnestness and courage; but the patience is lacking. Such people normally rush too much and often ruin with their impatient zeal more than make good. Yes, friend, without the right amount of patience there is nothing; since who doesn't have the right amount of patience, speaks a certain death sentence over himself! Since man has to wait until the grapes are fully ripe, if he wants to have a good harvest. If he is opposed to that, he must ascribe it to himself, when instead of in the end harvesting a noble wine he only produced an undrinkable sour wine.
Patience is therefore in each and everything a necessary spirit: first to control and to restrain the spirit, which I called earnestness, who often wants to go to infinity - since this spirit in conjunction with love, wisdom and will degenerates into the most severe form of arrogance, who as is generally known does not find any limits in man, - and secondly, because patience, as I already have shown you, is the mother of the spirit of mercy, which is the spirit who provides by its backward action to all preceding spirits the divine-spiritual perfection and makes it possible for the soul in man to reach the true rebirth in the spirit.
Therefore has the Lord Himself laid it onto the hearts of all of you to love God and your neighbour, by saying: "Be merciful, as your Father in heaven is merciful, and be meek and humble, just as I am with my whole heart meek and humble!"
The Lord instructed you all to develop especially the seventh spirit, since in this last spirit all preceding spirits are contained and trained. Who, therefore, with all zeal develops and strengthens this last spirit, develops and strengthens also the preceding spirits and thereby reaches soonest and most certainly perfection. Who starts his development with one or more of the preceding spirits, reaches only with great difficulty or often not at all the complete and full perfection of life, since these preceding spirits on their own does not contain the seventh spirit in them, while the seventh spirit on its own necessarily contains all preceding spirits in him.
And see now, this is also the continuous fall of the angels or the thoughts and ideas out of God - what we also can refer to as the outgoing powers of God, for as long as they haven't in their entirety in the being of man, brought this seventh spirit to a true and highest perfection. Since all the preceding spirits have been given to nearly all the creatures partially more or less free; but the seventh spirit must first be attained by mans very own diligence and zeal.
And just as by such attainment all the preceding six spirits reach their true meaning and true purpose of life, in the same manner, through it, the whole person reaches the fullest freedom of life and independence. - And now I ask you again if you have comprehended all that?"
Said Lazarus: "Yes, you servant filled with the spirit of the Lord, verily, forever I cannot thank you enough for your great patience and mercy! Only now I understand the wisdom of the old books! Only it is forever a pity, that I alone understand this, since I'm too poor a writer to record such teachings in a book. You must also tell all this to the other disciples of the Lord, so that they, since some of them know how to write quite well, can record this for all times and all nations; but they will not know anything about it."
Said Raphael: "Don't you worry about that; since during the same hour when I have explained to you the miracles, the wars of Jehovah and the seven spirits of God, the Lord inside the hall has explained everything exactly in the same understandable manner, as I have explained it to you, and John and Matthew have recorded the main points! But if you have an empty book, then I will record everything for you word to word in one moment."
Said Lazarus: "I have such a book; should I bring it here?"
Said Raphael: "No need! Let us go into the house and you will find your book fully written!"
Thereupon Lazarus had a great joy and both of them came to us in the large dining hall.