Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord and his adversary. Gospel of John, Chapter 9

- Chapter 206 -
The attitude of the Lord as a young Man towards the priests.

hen Joseph pointed his hand to Me. I stood a few steps from him in the workshop and was sawing a panel, and he said: 'There in the workshop you can see Him at work. It is curious. Since He was a child until His twelfth year, I and His mother - who is now working in the kitchen - were really totally convinced that He would become the Messiah who was promised to us. But after His twelfth year everything that seemed formerly so godly to Him disappeared in such a way that there is now no trace left of it. However, He is very devout, willing and zealous, and everything that we are giving Him to do according to His ability He is doing without grumbling. But as said, of all that which was wonderful to Him, nothing can be noticed anymore. If you want, you can speak to Him yourself and convince yourself of everything what I have told you.'
Then the Greek came to Me and said: 'Listen, young Man, 18 years ago I already knew You and admired at that time Your pure godly qualities that, as well as Your words were the most important reason why I had adopted your faith, although I still did not accept the circumcision. But still, because of your faith I have left Egypt in order to understand better Your teaching that contains a great wisdom. And for this, You were the most important reason. And now I heard from Your father - who I did not see nor have spoken to him for a long time - that You have lost all that which was godly and wonderful to You as a child. How did it happen?'
I looked straight at the Greek and said: 'If you are well initiated in our doctrine, then the wise proverbs of Salomon will also not be unknown to you. And look, according to one of those proverbs everything in this world has its own time. When I was a child, I certainly was then not yet a strong young Man, and because I now am a strong young Man, I am no more a little boy and I am working as well as every other young man with all diligence and zeal because My Father in Heaven wills it that way. I know Him and know also always what His will is, and I am doing only that what He wills. And look, this is pleasing to My Father in Heaven.
As a little boy I truly performed great signs to make the people known that I have descended from the Heavens to this world as the Lord. But in the course of time the people did not attach much importance to it and they even were offended when I performed a sign before their eyes. Yet, I remained the same who I am and I will again perform signs before the people to make them known that God's Kingdom has come near. However, when I will do that, will be decided by Me at the right time. Blessed is the one who will believe in Me and will not be offended.
You would like My foster-father to build a new house and a big pig stall for you. This he has to do. Because that which is good in My eyes, is also no sin for God. It has never been forbidden for the Jews to do business in a good manner with honest gentiles, but it was and is forbidden for the Jews to - if they have dealings with the gentiles - adopt their idolatry and their bad teaching, morals and habits, and acts. But if a gentile has accepted the faith of the Jews and consequently by his faith is truly circumcised in his heart and his soul to the one true God, then they may have dealings with him.'
Then Joseph said: "Well, well, this is a lot. You have spoken so much and so wise at one time, and I also see that You are totally right. But still, You also must not offend the priests and must deliberate with them before to prevent that they would call You an heretic. If we deliberate before about a work that according to the letter of the law is still not correct and we give a small offering, then a wise priest will always gladly give permission for a work that is not clearly permitted according to the law. I will go immediately to our elder and present this matter to him.'
I said: 'But what will you do if, despite the presented offering, he will not permit to accept this work?'
Joseph said: 'Yes, then it is clear that we cannot accept it.'
I said: 'Listen, if after some time I will begin My great work I will not ask the priests if I may yes or not undertake this great work, which will be much opposed to their insignificant temple prescriptions. But I will take this big and heavy work on Me, out of My own highest might and power. Because whatever is good in God's eyes, should also be considered as good by men, if they want that which is good or not.'
Then again Joseph said: 'My dear son, if You act that way, You will have few friends in the world.'
I said: 'Truly, the one who will fearfully pursue the friendship of the world, will easily lose by that the friendship of God. But I am giving here the following advice: we will give this Greek friendship and we will ask absolutely nothing to our imperious and greedy priests, and we will do what has to be done, because this man has proven great friendship to us. Would we now, because of our priests refuse the friendship he is asking from us? No, this we will not do. And if you do not dare, then I alone will build that house and that stall for him.'
Joseph said: 'Well, what do you know? What is suddenly happening to You today? I have not seen You that obstinate and unmanageable in years, and also not seen You talking like that. When prominent Jews and elders are visiting me and gladly would like to talk to You, You are so economical with Your words, and You also were almost never so commanding. And now, a gentile is coming and at once You want to do everything for him whatever he wants. How is this suddenly possible? I almost will believe now that You will perform wonders for this Greek, which You have not done for a long time for any Jew.'
I said: 'Do not be angry, My old and honest upright friend. If I withdraw Myself for the Jews, then I certainly have My wise reasons for it. Is there only one Jew except you, with a true and complete faith? When I, as a young boy performed now and then a sign, they said that I was possessed and had accomplished those things - which no other man was able to do - with the help of the devil.
When at one time you yourself asked the elder if there possibly could be hidden the spirit of a great prophet in Me, since at My birth there were such great signs, the blind offended Pharisee said: 'It is written that out of Galilee no prophet will arise. Therefore, already such a question is evil.' And if this is the case with the priests and also with the other Jews, for who would I then perform a sign and why?
But this Greek is full of good faith and a friend of the inner true light of life, who also is not offended when I perform a sign for him. Therefore, it is also very understandable why I behave completely different towards him than regarding those dark Jews.
But I say to you: since the Jews are like that now, the light of live will be taken away from them and be given to the gentiles. It is true that salvation of all the nations comes from the Jews, and this salvation am I, but because the Jews do not want to accept and recognize Me, salvation will be taken away from them and be entrusted to the gentiles.