Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 21 -
Miracle after miracle.

hen Lazarus along with Raphael came to us, he still could hear the general great surprise about My teaching - regarding miracles, regarding the wars of Jehovah, regarding the seven primeval spirits in God and about the so called fall of the angels, and the Roman Agrikola felt sorry for Lazarus, since he wasn't present during such a so holy and most important message out of My mouth.
Said Lazarus to him: "I thank you for this your special attention! But what the Lord by His exceptional great mercy has most kindly explained in the house, precisely the same did this exceptional wise and by the will of the Lord also exceptional mighty youth explain and show me outside.
As proof here are the two mugs out of pure gold, one grew slowly from the bottom to the upper edge in order to illustrate more visually the action of a perfected spirit, while the second was created within one moment in my hand! The reason for that was the miraculous sudden production of the many benches, tables, tents, table dishes, table covers and the various foodstuff and drinks. Between eight and nine hundred people from all corners of the world were superbly served in their own manner and way of life, nevertheless, from my stocks the foreigners received not as much as one could hide under a fingernail! Since all this happened before my eyes, it was understandable that I would enquire how it was possible for him to do all this. And he explained everything so clear and pure, that I quite well understood everything he enlightened me about.
Then we started talking about the book regarding the wars of Jehovah, the seven spirits of God and the fall of the prince angel Lucifer. And see, this apparent youth revealed everything to me and finally made sure that his over an hour long speech about these highly important issues were written into a book, which I will show to you right now as a second proof that everything you heard I heard also, and you can read for yourself and compare it with what you have heard!"
Said Agrikola: "You have certainly acted very well to do this, and it was quite clever and wise from you, that you have convinced the wondrous youth accordingly; since this message was too highly important, not to be recorded verbatim. Also here, two disciples of the Lord recorded it, but only the main points of this great speech. Therefore go and bring us the book, so that we all can see and compare it!"
Here Lazarus turned to Me and said: "O Lord, tell me if the time has come, to show this book to the Romans!"
I said: "O certainly, just go and bring it here! Nobody will be harmed by hearing such important message for a second time."
Lazarus went to his room and brought, himself full of surprise and great joy, the book, placed it in front of the Romans on the table and said: "See, friend, here is the miraculously written book! Read it out loud from the beginning to the end, so that all persons present here, can once again hear the important matter that Raphael and the Lord have revealed to us!"
Said Agrikola: "I shall do this immediately if the handwriting is clearly readable!"
The Roman opened the book, found the handwriting in the Greek language extremely clearly readable and read the written word from the beginning to the end to all those present, which lasted again nearly an hour, and most of the people present who commanded the Greek tongue, couldn't stop being surprised in how My earlier message was contained therein word for word.