Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

From the Lord's years of youth

- Chapter 221 -
Adam and Eve, the first human beings of the Earth. The pre-Adamites.

e ate and drunk cheerfully, and during the meal when the wine had loosened the tongues, the question was asked again by the counselor who had spoken with the spirits: Was there formerly only one human pair or several on different places of the Earth? Because the spirits did not clear this up to him, and still he also wanted to know this with understandable certainty, because this subject had already come up before.
Then Cyrenius asked Me if I would like to give an explanation about this to the counselor.
But I said to Cyrenius: 'I could do that but that would be of no real benefit to anyone. And what man really has to know, has been made clear by Moses in his Genesis, and finally still in 2 more books, in which everything is explained, but which is no more approved in our time and is rejected as apocrypha. Thus, he who wants to know how the existence of the human beings on this Earth happened must read Moses' scriptures and believe that it was so and not differently. Then by this, he will completely, truly and really come to know if in the beginning there was only one human pair or for instance several human pair who were set on the Earth at the same time.
I only can add to this, that from the human beings who are destined to become children of God there has only been set one human pair on the Earth, namely Adam and his wife Eve. The spiritual education from Heaven started with them and continued until this hour.
However, the fact that long before Adam there have been beings who look like human beings, is very sure and true. And these kinds of beings still exist on Earth, but between them and the real free human beings there is a very big difference.
Because true man can develop himself to become completely like God and can recognize God and His works thoroughly, compare, evaluate and reach their goal, but this so-called animal-man will hardly be able to it.
The fact that in the course of time, also the animals are accepting a kind of higher development after many efforts of the true human beings, you were able to experience with your domestic animals. Men could achieve even more with the animals if they would be like the simple first fathers of the Earth in a true and complete connection with their spirit of the beyond out of the heart of God.
In the far Upper-Egypt there are still men living there who are like the first fathers. Those are still lords over nature that has to serve them according to their will. But in order to become a lord over nature, true man must not subject his soul to nature but put himself in the spirit above all the nature of matter and the flesh. For in the nature of all matter lies the judgment, the weakness and death. Only in spirit lies eternal freedom, the true life and all powers and sovereignty. And the proof that this is so, I have given you outside by the sea.
Therefore, strife that your soul may become one with your spirit. Then this will lead you into all wisdom by itself. But without the spirit you always will waver between light and darkness and between life and death and between freedom and judgment.
Man can only achieve the unification of the spirit out of God with the created soul by really and truly believing in the only true God, to love Him above all and his fellowman as himself. Whoever knows this and acts upon it will then also experience in himself that I have spoken the full truth now to you.'
All of them were satisfied with My words and there were no more questions about the origin of the human race on this Earth.