Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 46 -
Nicodemus at Lazarus' house on the Mount of Olives.

fter that Nicodemus walked out of the council and because of the people, who already were very riotous, he tried to reach his house by a secret path. But when he came close to his house, he found that many people who wanted his council in such a distress have also gathered there.
Then he thought by himself: "If I go to my house, the people will storm me, and with the best intention in the world I would not be able to give them the slightest satisfying information about this phenomenon. But I know what I will do: I will go to Lazarus on the quite high Mount of Olives and talk to him about this phenomenon. He was always a man after the heart of God, despite his differences with the temple, and he surely will know more than the whole temple!" Thought and done!
And when he came to the large open garden gate, a watchman who was placed there, asked him what he wanted.
And Nicodemus said: "I have to speak to Lazarus about important matters, so just let me come in!"
And the watchman asked him his name, which he immediately received, after which he allowed Nicodemus to go on up the mountain; since he had a good and just reputation everywhere. The watchman also asked him if he couldn't tell him what this wondrous phenomenon which had never occurred before, could mean.
And Nicodemus said to the watchman: "Yes, my friend, it is because of that, that I have to go to Lazarus, since I know that he always resides in his large inn on this mountain around this time of the year, because of the festival and market! He is very knowledgeable in these matters, and would be able to give to me the best possible explanation. But this I can tell you as an elder of Jerusalem, with great certainty, that this extraordinary appearance indicates something good for the good, and something evil for the evil; since this is no longer an ordinary natural occurrence. Therefore you can, if you are good, be unconcerned as I am; because we will not encounter anything bad!"
The watchman who had also become very anxious, thanked him and our Nicodemus went quickly up the mountain and, arriving at the top, was not a little surprised to find such a large crowd of very cheerful people, who marvelled at the impressive event and looked at the magnificence of it with joyous faces.
But I said to Lazarus: "You, brother Lazarus, the elder Nicodemus, driven by strong fear, has come up to talk to you, regarding what this appearance could mean! Go then and receive him, and I shall put into your mouth what you have to tell him for the time being! You can go now, but do not tell him too early, that I'm here!"
Lazarus was very glad about that; since he loved Nicodemus as his only friend very much. And he went quickly and did what I have advised him to do.
When our Nicodemus in this unusual daylight at night, saw Lazarus at a distance, he greeted him from far away and said: "Brother, forgive me that I come so late at night to visit you! But you only have to look at the twelve fire columns in the east, and you will easily guess, what has brought me here. I say to you: The whole big city as well as the temple is in complete chaos! It is something which, according to our knowledge, has never occurred before! In the city the Jews and gentiles are running around town like mad. The cheerful young people make jokes and put this whole phenomenon on the account of the Essene; but then an old rabbi, devoid of money, is shouting in all streets and lanes: "The Messiah is coming!", allowing the people no rest. The gentiles believe in a war of the gods and small-minded Jews see either the arrival of the promised Messiah or others have Daniel's Last Judgement before their eyes. The priests are helpless and are not able to give a tenable or reasonable answer to the people's questions. The people in the temple are becoming indignant and mock the priesthood in a totally unheard of manner. And so there is such a chaos in the city, as I have never experienced before!
I myself have sat in the high council for nearly an hour and was questioned from all sides by the priests; but who can in the presence of such incredible phenomenon give to anyone wise council?! I have told them quite frankly the truth; but this was to no use at all.
Yes, what else can one do? Animals are live according to their most harmless instinct, but the priests in the temple - I say to you - do not have any instinct and much less any reason or mind! And as such nothing can be achieved or nothing can be made from those truly half humans or actually no humans at all any more. And see, therefore I have fled to you at these extraordinary circumstances; because down there in the city and also in the temple one cannot survive anymore!
But if you have time, you could probably tell me something quite specific from your life experiences, which I would appreciate very much, since I myself feel very distressed in my soul. Tell me quite frankly: Have you ever in your travels in Persia and Arabia seen a similar phenomenon? And if you have seen something similar, - what was the consequence afterwards or even during the appearance?"
Said Lazarus: "Do not make your heart heavy because of this truly most fantastic and marvellous light phenomenon; because it does certainly not carry any evil consequences for us slightly better people, since we still have preserved the old and solid believe in God and our loyalty to Him in our souls and have followed His commandments as best as possible! For the apostates, however, it is a good reminder and tells them, that the everlasting old Jehovah still lives and has the power to punish the sinners, how and when He wants. If you look at the appearance from this point of view, you cannot be afraid. See there those hundreds of people! They all look at this appearance from this point of view and are fully relaxed and fully good natured, and you with your proven honesty before God and the people will surely not have any reason to be afraid of this phenomenon! - Am I right or not?"
Said Nicodemus: "Certainly, certainly, your answer was right and good and you have refreshed my heart with your friendly words, wherefore I am grateful to you with my whole heart; but you have not told me, whether you on your wide travels in Persia and Arabia have ever seen anything similar!"
Said Lazarus: "Never, not in Persia nor in Arabia, have I seen such a phenomenon! By day and by night I have seen a large number of very unusual appearances, which made people, who have seen them for the first time, wonder; but because they recur at certain times, they do not make any impression on the local population. But this appearance would certainly intimidate the most courageous Arab; because never ever has anyone on this earth seen anything similar, except a prophet in some kind of prophetic ecstasy, as is told of the old father Cainan and Enoch, and of Moses and also of Elijah and Daniel. But with the eyes of the flesh surely nobody has ever seen such a phenomenon. But this appearance will not stay the same for much longer, but according to my feeling will change soon and a few times."
Said Nicodemus: "Are you serious?"
Said Lazarus: "Certainly, the way the twelve light columns are now standing and still slowly growing, they will not remain so until the very end!"
Said Nicodemus: "O, then it will become even worse in the city and the whole surrounding! What will your two sisters do at home? They will languish with fear, as well as my family in my house!"
Said Lazarus: "O, worry about something else! The Lord has already provided for them; because He does not let His followers languish, whatever happens. Since the Lord watches over such phenomenon, lets them arise, change and end, always for the welfare of the people of this earth. And therefore you can be at ease regarding your family; since the will of God watches over all of us!"