Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 51 -
The past and future of the Jews.

he Romans listened to this conversation and Agrikola got up very indignant and said: "Lord of all heavens and worlds, if ever this rabble down there should plan something like this, Your omnipotence surly can inform us beforehand, and we will not wait to completely make an end of this deceptive rabble, and even tomorrow I will draw the attention of Pilatus to this matter!"
Said I: "My very dear friend, on the very first day of your arrival you have seen My army and My power, and it costs Me only one sign, and countless crowds of the mightiest angels would be waiting for My command, of whom only one is required to destroy the earth and the complete visible sky in one moment! But this is not the reason why I have come into this world, to judge and to destroy, but only, so that it can be saved from its downfall. And as such I must allow all mankind free will, even then, if they want to lay hands on My body; because if I counteract with the power of My divine will which is given to Me by the Father, it will kill every person's soul, and nobody can imagine an everlasting life after leaving the flesh much less believe in it and hope for it.
O yes, it is not necessary for the people to harm My flesh. They would still be able to obtain the everlasting life of their souls, just as you will obtain it, if you keep My teachings to the end of your earthly life, without harming Me, and the one who would harm Me, he would not have the life and would also not obtain it.
But down there with those worldly people things are different. They have evidently all become servants of hell and its prince of lies and are now on its worldly payroll. They are heaping sin upon sin and atrocity upon atrocity, they commit harlotry, adultery and incest and strive continuously to convert everyone to the Jewish brotherhood, by promising him heaven and the everlasting life. But as soon as he belongs to their brotherhood, they take nearly everything he owns, so that he can buy heaven and the eternal life.
Once they completely separated such a blind heathen from his fortune, they say to him with a sarcastic look: 'So, so, friend, see, you are now already halfway to heaven and to the eternal life! Up to now we have acted on your behalf; but from now on you must act for yourself according to the law, that we have showed to you, otherwise our previous effort and your sacrifices to God would be without value!"
And in this way they rob one after the other and then do nothing for him; and if he comes to them for any kind of advice, they refer him to their sermons if he cannot pay for the advice. But if someone can pay for advice, in addition to the sermons he also gets his advice, which is normally a sophisticated lie.
And just as these sellers of heaven and the everlasting life are not getting into heaven, since they do not believe in one and never have believed in one, they prevent everyone else from getting in, since they block his way thereto by their most darkest lies.
The one with a brighter mind who recognizes this and starts to search for the truth, is immediately condemned as a heretic and blasphemer and pursued with all fury up to the last drop of blood, just as they, for the same reason, have killed nearly all the prophets who were filled with the spirit of God, and whose graves they pretend to honour by whitewashing them on certain commemorative days. But they themselves are like the whitewashed graves, which on the outside also have a quite pleasant appearance, but on the inside are full of decay and disgusting stench.
Of course you think and say in yourself: "Yes, if this evil brood has been for a long time as they are now, then God could have ended this behaviour a long time ago!" Yes, God have done this and has partly done it through various judgements, which once went to such an extreme, that the whole Jewish nation landed for forty years in hard captivity at Babylon and the temple of Solomon, and the greatest part of the city Jerusalem, was destroyed. Thereupon the people repented and returned to God. And they became free and returned to the promised land, build a city and temple just as new and lived for while in good order. But when they again achieved external splendour and prestige, they gradually began to deviate from the right paths and made for themselves laws, this means mainly the temple, replaced the divine laws with them, and urged the people to strictly adhere to these man-made laws, while the priests openly said and taught: "It is for you more useful to follow these new laws than the old ones!" And in this manner it continued on and on, and it got worse and more ungodly than under the Judges and Kings.
There was never a shortage of reprimands and partly serious disasters, which unfortunately did not find any fertile ground any longer. When the people together with the kings and priests hardly thought about the living God anymore, and everybody sunk into the worldly pleasures, God again sent prophets and warned them, that a mighty enemy would allowed into the country, who would subjugate all Jews and imprison their kings, and would lead away as hostages the their women, daughters, oxen, cows, calves and sheep, and take away a lot of gold, silver, many precious stones and pearls, and that the people would be enslaved for ever. In short, everything was pointed out to the Jews in a well understandable language, if they did not distance themselves from their worldly laws and their worldly way of life. But it was all in vain, and the prophecy was fulfilled; the Romans came into the country, conquered it and did according to the prophecy.
Now the Jews were given more than enough worldly laws and were forced to follow them on pain of death. The temple then, under some of the devout priests, returned temporarily again to God, but did not continued with their effort and has - say - within thirty years deteriorated to a true den of thieves and cut-throats and is now in a worse condition than any heathen temple of ancient or present times.
And although I Myself, as the Lord clothed with flesh, teach in the temple under the most obvious signs and teach all people together with the temple Jews the truth, this is still of no use, and still the Pharisees carry on with their swindles and lies even worse than ever before and continuously search for means of how to eliminate Me out of this world. And this will be allowed them, so that their measure of horror becomes full. But then the second great judgement which was shown to you, will come over this nation, and with that also the end of the Jews who will be scattered like chaff over the whole world. And their name, which was until now very respected, will be a despised one.
If they had recognized this time of the great blessed visitation, they would have become the foremost nation in the whole of infinity and would also have stayed as such; but because they did not want to recognize this great time of times, they will, starting with the great judgement over them, become the least nation on this earth. Scattered among all nations of this earth, they will have to, under all kind of pursuit, search for their food just as the birds of the air, and they will be subjugated everywhere.
And even if there will be during later times those who will gather mountains of mammon for themselves, they will not be able to buy a country, an empire nor a regency anywhere on this earth; and as such they will remain as testimony for this My prophecy until the end of times of this earth."