Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 55 -
The right cognition of God's wisdom through rebirth.

fter a while of deeper reflection, Nicodemus said: "Lord and Master, extremely great and deep is what You just have so clearly told us, and I will forever not be able to thank You sufficiently; but because what You have said and shown to us is so extremely great and deep, I and perhaps a few others, have not so clearly comprehended this matter in its foundation. But I also realize that an additional explanation will not make this matter any clearer, and therefore I do not say: Lord, make this even more clearer and more comprehensible to me!"
Said I: "In that you are completely right. This matter cannot be made clearer for you and a few others; all this and countless more you will only understand if you have been reborn in the spirit.
My word and My sermons to you cannot be given through the normal manner of human speech and mankind's worldly wisdom, but it consists in the proof of the spirit and its power which is completely unknown to you, so that your faith and your future knowledge is not based on the wisdom of spiritually blind people, but on the miraculous strength of the spirit out of God.
Now, this My manner to teach and to speak appears before the eyes of wise of the world as a folly, because they know nothing of the spirit and its strength and cannot observe it with their coarse senses; but My teaching is nevertheless the deepest wisdom of the highest level, but only before the eyes, ears and hearts of the perfected people who are of a good will and who keep the commandments of God at all times. But for the wise and famous of this world, who perish as their wisdom, My teaching is of course not that.
I speak to you about the hidden wisdom of God, which He already before the creation of this material world has prescribed for your eternal glory of life, which hidden wisdom has not been recognized by any Pharisee, no elder and scribe and senior of the temple by means of their worldly reason in the scriptures; because if they ever had recognized this hidden wisdom, they would not continuously contemplate on how they could kill and destroy Me, the Lord from eternity. But let them make plans and hold meetings; since like their activities, so will be their remuneration!
But to you I say, as it is written: "No human eye has ever seen, no ear heard, and in no human heart is it given, what God has prepared for them, who love Him and keep His commandments!"
What I reveal to you now, is revealed by the spirit of God to your spirit, so that also your spirit investigates and recognizes the depths in God. Since only the spirit sees through and explores all things and, thereby purified, also the depths of God. And therefore you do not receive from Me the spirit of the world, which you never need, but the spirit out of God, so that you out of this spirit can comprehend and understand completely, what is given to you by Me as from God.
I can therefore not talk to you about this in the manner of human wisdom, but only with words, which are taught by the spirit of God that judges all things spiritually, and thus you will not be able to completely understand Me, because your spirit has not yet fully filled your soul. But when your soul with all love and good free will, will be totally in the spirit out of God, which you receive now, then also you will judge all things out of yourself spiritually and recognize and understand everything, what still appears somewhat dark and incomprehensible to you.
Nevertheless, you already perceive something from the eternal true spirit of God and can also already judge a few things spiritually. But the completely natural person does not perceive anything from the spirit of God in him, and if you talk to him about it, it is a folly to him, as he does not have it in him, what his soul could judge spiritually. Because if a person wants to understand spiritual matters, his soul and everything must be completely spiritually orientated; since all life and all true light and all true strength lies only in the spirit, which alone judges everything and no one can oppose its judgement.
But the natural, still spiritless person is matter in judgement, and his natural life is given to him by the spirit of God as a means, so that through it he can awaken the true, spiritual life in him, if he wanted to. And so with his natural mind he can as such recognize the commandments of God and exercise the will to also keep them and live and act accordingly. And if he does this, the spirit of God penetrates his soul to such an extend as the soul has advanced with keeping the commandments of God and in the faith to the one God and the love to Him and his neighbour.
When a soul has strengthened itself therein to such an extend that it is impossible for it to fall back, then this is already proof that the spirit out of God has penetrated it fully, and has orientated its recognition and knowledge spiritually, and such a soul has thereby completely overcome its earlier dead matter and has become with the spirit of God which penetrated it, one spirit, one strength, one light and a true indestructible life for ever, which can never longer be judged by anyone.
And therefore you should above all search for the true Kingdom of God and its righteousness, everything else will given to you for free; since this will be done by the spirit of God in you. Do not at all worry about earthly things, not even about what you will eat and drink and with what you will clothe your body the coming day; because the heathens and other worldly people worry about this, who have never recognized the true God. If the true spirit in you has reached its full rebirth, so will you have reached everything what you require.
If you will walk and stay on My ways, as I am teaching and have taught you, you will also be in Me and My spirit in you, and with it you will be able to do everything, what its wisdom will tell you and its will in you wants. And thereby every necessary worldly care for the time of your earthly life has been given to you in the fullest measure.
Now you have learned from Me, what is possible for the spirit; but what is possible for My spirit, will also be possible for your spirit, if it becomes one with Me. But how it can become one with Me, I have told you many times before, and therefore do accordingly, and you will see this My promise becoming fully fulfilled within you!
But now, since we have done and worked much today, we will, since it is already a few hours past midnight, take a little rest and start tomorrow with a new daily task!"
Said Lazarus: "Lord, with so many people I will not have enough beds!"
Said I: "Why not? Everybody stays where he is seated, rests on his arms and sleeps, and it will be very good for him!"
With that Lazarus was content and did likewise himself.
But Nicodemus wanted to go home, so as not to be seen during the day on the mountain; since he was afraid of the Pharisees.
But I said to him: "Do not fear those, who cannot harm you! If I want it and you believe it, you can leave this mountain in broad daylight without being seen and carry on with your office."
Said Nicodemus: "Then I will stay, since my family anyhow thinks that I will be working in the temple."
Said I: "Very much so, and thus you can stay and rest a little."
Upon these My words it became quiet in the hall, and all allowed themselves a short rest to strengthen their body.
My Raphael went upon My inner instructions to the slaves, who also had not yet rested, and let them rest in the same manner, then stayed with them until sunrise and caused them to have strange and beautiful dreams; since this was a talent of this children of the north, to have all kinds of prophesying dreams. And if they have seen beautiful and wonderful things in their dreams then during the day they were very edified, devout, patient and cheerful.
And thus everybody received what he wished.