Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord and His adversaries

- Chapter 109 -
The Lord leaves Bethany.

nly when the morning meal was already for more than half behind us came the temple servants who had visited their women and children. And Lazarus showed them a free table and let them bring what we had, and they ate and drank.
But when we all finished the morning meal, the temple servants who had also finished their morning meal, came to Me and apologized because they had visited their women and children and asked Me if also I would like to visit them and bless them.
But I said to them: "Listen, the one who believes in Me, accepts My word and lives and acts accordingly, has also My blessing in abundance. Therefore, strife that also your women and children, who now are still strongly attached to the empty ceremonies of the temple and secretly think that Me and My disciples are heretics against the temple, will believe in Me and will act according to My teaching. Then My blessing will also be their share. But as it is still now the case with them, and they only think that their sons will hopefully also soon be part of the prominent ones of the temple, I am really not inclined to go to them and give them a special blessing. Go and instruct them first, then tomorrow it will be evident if they are already ripe for My blessing. You can stay here today and discuss this matter with your wives and children. When I will come back here tonight, you also can come to Me again."
When I had said that to the few temple servants, they asked Me where I would go that day, so that one or the other could perhaps in case of emergency come behind Me.
I said: "Firstly there will not be any emergency situation with you and secondly, Raphael stays here because of the youths, and you can ask him for advice. That is why you do not need to know where I will go today. But when I come back, you will surely hear where and how I have worked."
With this answer the temple servants were satisfied, thanked Me for it and went again to their women and children.
Then I said to the others who were present: "The one who wants to follow Me where I will go, can follow Me."
On My invitation, all stood up and made themselves ready for the trip. Also Mary of Magdalon asked if she could accompany Me.
I said: "You are totally free, but I prefer that you stay here with the sisters of Lazarus and help them in serving the guests, who partly are already here and partly will still arrive today. But when other guests from Jerusalem and also from other places will arrive here and will ask for Me, then do not tell them where I am, then they will continue their trip the same way as they came."
Mary of Magdalon thanked Me for these words and stayed with the 2 sisters. So also Helias stayed with those who are close to her and with the poor family from Emmaus.
But we made ourselves ready and went first to the house of the innkeeper in the valley, who was with us, together with the owner of the inn at the big main road not far from Bethlehem who also was still with us and who listened to My lessons.
When we came to the innkeeper, all the house residents came to meet us, greeted us and were very glad to see us. The woman asked Me if I and all those who were with Me would like to be their guest at midday.
But I said: "Woman, your good will is as an accomplished work, but what you will do for the poor in My name, will be considered by Me as if you have done it for Me. This afternoon a great number of guests will come here, and some of them will ask for Me, but do not tell them where I am, and if someone will ask you where I have gone, then tell the truth and say: 'We do not know'. And this is also the reason why I do not tell My disciples beforehand today where I will go to and what I will do. Towards evening I will pass by here and will stay for 1 hour. Abide by what I have advised you now."
All of them promised Me, after which we continued to the south. We met many people, mostly Greeks and also Egyptians who went with all kinds of goods to Damascus, passing by Jerusalem. Not one of them took any notice of us and so we could proceed our way without being held up.
After 1 hour of walking, Lazarus, who continually walked by My side, asked Me quietly: "Lord and Master. Now You surely can tell me where You are going, for I and all who are here will certainly not betray You."
I said: "We are going to a place near Bethlehem. What will happen there, you will all see and know, there and on the right place."
Lazarus said: "It is indeed good that I at least know this now. But then we surely will have to walk quite fast, for the way to it is not exactly short."
I said: "And still, we will arrive there at the right time and soon enough, for it is also possible for Me to cover a long way in a short time."
Lazarus said: "O Lord and Master, I indeed know that for You nothing is impossible, but still I asked You in order to cover this somewhat boring way not totally in silence and because even the most insignificant seeming word from Your mouth always stirs me up with new strength."
I said: "Yes, yes, you have said that very well and correctly, for My words are in itself also pure spirit, strength and life. But now we will walk further quietly because soon we will meet a troop of Roman soldiers who are going to Galilee and we will have some trouble with them."