Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord and His adversaries

- Chapter 133 -
The report of the captain about what he saw clear-sightedly.

ow our Raphael stretched out his hands over the captain and also over his companions and over the disciples of John, and at the same moment their inner sight was opened, and they saw immediately a great number of spirits who they knew well. To the disciples of John, also John appeared who taught them about Me, and he admonished them because of their unbelief.
But to the captain appeared his father, who called him very fortunate that he already on the material Earth had found the supreme and eternal happiness of life for his soul, and he admonished him very strongly that he should never sacrifice this happiness for a transitory earthly happiness. The captain promised that to him very solemnly.
Then Raphael awaked them again from their ecstasy, even with their full memory of everything they had seen and heard.
When those who were awakened were again into their natural condition, the captain said: "Ah, that was as a clear dream. But there was still a big difference between a dream and this vision, for it is seldom that men appear in a dream who have already died, but mostly only people who are still living in this world, and very often also people of whom we do not know if they bodily still live or perhaps have already died. The surroundings in dreams are mostly of a fanciful nature and have no existence in itself, just like the animals and plants, and are quickly changing their form.
But here it was totally different. For firstly I was not, as in a dream, continuously only in a passive condition, but in one as if completely independent active condition, and secondly everything I saw was very constant, and the people were also entirely people. What they said was good, true and serious, and they gave me clearly to understand that they do not live in a dreamlike ignorance regarding everything I think, will and do on Earth.
At the same time I also saw my companions, the innkeeper and the disciples of John. I saw also their master and heard what he said to them.
And I also saw the ancestors of the innkeeper, going back to the 10th generation, and saw among them royal figures, who spoke to him in a more secret language, which I did not understand.
The environment resembled one on Earth. Beautiful mountains, fields, gardens, vineyards and a large number of dwelling houses could be seen that looked very nice and well maintained, and the very vast environment was well illuminated, although I could not discover any shining celestial bodies in the clear blue firmament. But the most wonderful thing was that I, through the very clearly seen spiritual environment, could also see a lot of this material environment, but only for a few moments. And still, the spiritual environment remained constant. And all this is now sufficient proof to me that what I saw was not a mere false dream, but reality.
Now it is only the question if also the others would like to say - but faithfully and truly - if they have seen and heard the same what I have seen and heard. If they will do that as faithful and true as I have done, then the fullest truth stands more than a thousandfold proven before us, namely that after the death of the body there is a sure and constant survival of the soul of every human being, whether he is gentile or Jew."