Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord and His adversaries

- Chapter 149 -
The Lord makes His earthly future known.

ow I woke up, sat upright and said: "If you believe in Me and live and act from now on according to My teaching, you will do everything to Me which deserves My love, mercy and compassion. You still will have much to do in My name. If you will do everything what My Spirit in you will desire - out of love for Me and your neighbor - then by that you will indemnify everything what you have received by My love and mercy.
Whatever good work you will do in My name for your poor fellowmen, spiritually and physically, this you will have done for Me.
Out of love for Me you are now also taking with you the youngsters, who I have entrusted to you, and still a few poor people from here, who still will give you a lot of earthly expenses, trouble and worries. Look, this I also accept as if you have done it for Me, and also for that I will prepare for you the reward in the Heavens, and in this world you will suffer no harm.
But if also you - because this has to be and has to happen in the world - would be afflicted by a number of trials and temptations, then suffer them with patience and do not be displeased, then they will be for your blessing, because the one I love, I also put to the test and I submit him to all kinds of trials.
Already on the Mount of Olives I have given you to understand that I, in a not too distant future, will allow, for the judgment of the blasphemers and for the salvation of those who are Mine, that the blasphemers will grab Me and will kill My body, more precisely to the cross, like a common criminal. When you will hear this, then do not be offended at Me, but remain in the faith and in the love for Me, then you will by that have a great share in My work of salvation to the people from the old and hard bonds of the night of death, sin, and the slavery of the dark superstition that brings death.
I say this to you, and also to all the others once more, so that nobody will be offended about that and would become weak in faith. Because although this body of Mine will be killed by the blasphemers, I will still already on the third day make this killed body alive and I will rise as an eternal conqueror over death and over each judgment. Then I will come to you again and I will give in you the power of My Spirit and My will, which will make you eternally alive and happy.
I am saying this to you beforehand already for the second time now, and with great determination, so that, when it will happen, no one among you would be offended at Me.
But I still will say to you something else, because you are wondering now in yourselves: 'Yes, does this have to happen? Does He, the all-wise and almighty Lord of the Heavens and of this Earth, really have no other way to firstly bind the many blasphemers and secondly to make those happy who believe in Him and comply with Him?'
And look, what I say to you about this is: I do not want it to happen this way and I would have the means and possibilities to save My children and make them happy also without that which will happen, but evil men want it that way and that is why I allow that it can happen this way, so that precisely by that, also many blasphemers may be converted to repentance, penance and true faith. Because the brood in the temple say and shout continuously: 'Let us grab and kill Him. When He will rise again from the grave, then we also will believe in Him.' So they want to put Me to this last test, and so it finally will also be permitted. By that, also many who are now still completely blind will become seeing and will believe in Me, but those who are utterly evil will by that make full the measure of their sins and will fall into their judgment and eternal death.
When I will rise again from the grave, I will also come to you in Rome and will convince you of that which I now have said to you."
Now the Roman Marcus asked: "Lord and Master, when, counted from now, will this happen to You?"
I said: "Soon. I will come to you and give what I have promised to you, before 1 year will have passed. But we will not talk about this further now. It is already dawning considerably. Let us spend the morning again in the open air."
All were satisfied with this and they went outside, up to the already known hill.