Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord and His adversaries

- Chapter 16 -
About the reincarnation of the inhabitants of the stars.

said: "Friend, a couple of days ago I have given you a clear light about this subject. If you did not completely understand it, I really cannot do anything about it. Look up to the stars. I tell you that these are all great worlds where also people are living, just like here.
Many of the countless people on those stars know by their angels that a soul can only attain to the true childhood of God on this Earth, but only by means of a heavy and difficult life in the flesh. When they want, they will be allowed that their souls will also be begotten in the flesh on this Earth. Once they are here, they also have to accept that for a short time they have to go through it, because by that they will reach forever the triumph of the full equality with God, and therefore they can also submit to a few things, since I also, voluntarily, out of love for My children have submitted to a lot of things, and also will have to submit to something very big and bitter for the salvation of My children.
God's Kingdom can only by obtained by force and great sacrifices. Remember this well, and also that which I have already said about it. Did you understand this well?"
Then the magician said: "Yes, Lord and Master, I have well understood this now and I also remember now again what You have said about this subject a couple of days ago. I thank You for everything for what we have now gained at Your holy side for the eternal salvation of our soul. When suffering and pain will afflict our body, we will bear it with all patience out of love for You, for also we cannot know now for what other reason that we are placed on this Earth in the flesh, except that we have to, we want to, and we also will search for God, acknowledge Him and furthermore love Him above all, no matter how bitter the circumstances may be.
For it seems to me that exactly those who are closest to Your heart whom You always are trying the most, compared to those who by their different acts are more distant from Your heart. Because on our trips through all regions of the Earth I have many times met people who did not believe in any god and they treated their fellowmen often worse than wild animals while they themselves had an indestructible health and were guzzling in a life of pleasure. And moreover, they finally died a painless death that was fast as lightning.
On the other hand I met elsewhere very pious, good people who were devoted to God and were often living in the greatest misery that they were patiently enduring, which was putting my belief in the loving care of a good and extraordinary wise God and His existence in a doubtful light.
Now, such doubts have entirely disappeared with us, and we know and realize now where we stand and in which circumstances the people on this Earth must live their life for the trial of the free will. But emotionally I still must confess that this life of the trial of freedom is a tough assignment for the people, even if after fulfilling it, they can reach the greatest and eternal benefit of life.
We as human beings could before our existence never have wanted to exist, but only You could want that, and so we are Your work and You take care that they can become fully that for which reason You have created and destined them.
Because this is so and not otherwise, and You have clearly shown us the ways that we have to walk. So we want to go for that goal which You have placed before us. And with determination and with the greatest possible patience and with dedication to Your will we will walk over the thorns that are in our way here and there. This is now the firm and serious resolution of mine and also of my companions. You however, who we now recognize as our Lord of life, ask You not to bring too heavy tests and trials over us at the moment that we are separating from this world, and also to be merciful and charitable for all other people according to the merit of their lives."
I said: "That for which you will ask the Father in My name, will also be given to you. For only the Father is good and has no pleasure in the suffering of people, but He also does not prevent that such things come over the people if they out of sheer love for the world forget the Father, do not have faith and direct themselves in that which must give them all kinds of misfortune.
Walk continuously on the ways that I have truly shown to you now, then you only will have little to suffer and your departure from this world will be easy.
Only those who by all kinds of attachments to this world have buried their soul too much in the flesh must finally mostly suffer bitterly, because such a soul must be detached from it with great force so that he would not completely go to ruin in his flesh, and this must then also produce heavy pains in the body. And this is then also good for the soul because through the pains and the suffering he will be purified of his fleshly lusts, and by that he will be able to make an easier progress and advance more surely in the beyond on the way of spiritual life.
However, people who are strongly attached to the world, who do not believe in a God, who moreover are enjoying a healthy life at a high age and finally are also dying a quick and painless death, have already received the reward of their life in this world, and in the beyond they hardly can expect any reward. Among such people there will be outer darkness and among them there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth."
The magician said: "Lord and Master, when such people, who mostly are gentiles, cannot help it when they never have heard anything about a true God and therefore could also not believe in it, then a very terrifying survival of their soul in the beyond seems to be a too heavy punishment. Yes, people like us now who have come to know God and must believe in Him because He is visibly existing before them and teaches them the ways of life Himself - when despite that they would become unfaithful and would do what is evil, then they surely would deserve such a horrible fate in the beyond as You have described to us now. But people who cannot help it when they were more animal than human being in the world, I would like to consider as unaccountable, and a punishment in the beyond for their committed evil deeds does not seem to me in accordance with the godly order and the love that is rising from God's justice. Because when someone on this Earth does not know a God and consequently does also not know His will, and who has no other law except that which is prescribed by his nature and his passions, he can with respect to God's will commit no sin and be punished for it. Lord and Master, look, also this is still a dark corner in my soul, that You very merciful would maybe like to enlighten a little."