Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord and His adversaries

- Chapter 163 -
About the return of the Lord.

hen such a condition will take place among men, also the time will have come to give them what they are lacking. Only during such a time I will come back again among the people in this world, and then I will do generally what I am now doing more specifically for only a few witnesses. I put now the seed into the soil, and by doing that I am not bringing peace among men, but the sword for the battle and for great fights and wars.
Only the person who will accept My teaching and will live accordingly, will find in himself the light, the truth and the true peace of life, although with that he will, for the sake of My name, have to go through many battles and persecutions, which you all will also experience personally. But when I will come in this world for the second time, also the fermenting, the fighting and the persecuting will cease among the nations, and the original relationship between men and the pure spirits of the Heavens will become common and lasting.
By what I have told and explained to you now, you can easily know and see why it is allowed that in time there will be, next to the small, true chair of Aaron on which I am placing you now, there will be a false and long lasting chair in the midst of the heathens, and how and why even the false prophets and teachers in My name will be allowed.
But you and your true descendants should not heed when they also will hear the call from the mouth of the false ones, according to which Christ would be here or there. For I will never more move into a temple that was built by human hands, but only in spirit and in truth of those who will seek Me and will pray to Me and will only believe in Me and consequently will also love Me above all. Their heart will be the true temple in which I will abide and in which I will also speak to them, teach, educate and guide them. Remember this very well now for yourselves, so that you will not be offended when it will all happen this way, but will remember that I have announced all this to you in advance, and also the reason why."
On this, Simon Judah said: "Lord, we surely recognize Your order in this that regarding the full freedom of will of men on Earth it also cannot take any other direction than what You have explained to us now and also already on other occasions, but for mankind, by far we still cannot see in general how golden fruits of life will come forth from it. But since it has to be that way in order to finally transform this Earth into a true school of life for Your children, may it be then also as Your wisdom will allow it.
But we will use every possible means to strew as much as possible seed of the living word into the soil of the human hearts, so that from this the greatest battles between light and darkness can develop as soon as possible. All the graves must open up, and even to the dead Your gospel should be preached, and the sea that has swallowed them must liberate the dead to the great light. With that I do not mean the bones and the flesh that has decayed already a long time ago, but the souls. Also to them Your word should be proclaimed in the spirit."
I said: "You have spoken well and correctly. That what happens here on the material world will truly not be withheld to the spirit world that is strongly pining away up to now. But there are now a lot of people who are buried in the flesh, in the graves of the night of life on the deep bottom of the great sea of delusion. To them you will indeed proclaim the gospel and then there will be also many who will come out of their old graves and will see the light, and that sea will liberate its prisoners.
When this will happen in general with all the people, then also the great and general day of liberation for all the inhabitants of the Earth will clearly start to dawn. But the work is big and heavy and there are still few good workers. Therefore, strive most of all that their number would soon become big. Every worker in My vineyard of life can expect - according to his diligence and zeal - a great reward. Although here on this Earth that reward will be meager for your body, as it has been up to now, but it will be all the greater and richer for your soul and spirit.
Because the goods of this Earth are only apparent and they look precisely like those that man possesses in his dreams. The little difference is only that the possession of goods in the dream will bewitch the soul of man somehow more briefly than the possession of the external goods of this world. But both will perish and after they perish, everything will seem to be appearance for the opened eyes of the living spirit, which only can show reality to all appearance in the most true sense of the word.
Therefore, everyone should most of all strive for the possessions of the spirit, which is the light, the truth and the life in the soul. Whatever the body needs in the right measure, will on this Earth certainly be given by itself to every loyal worker in My vineyard, for I surely know best what man needs, also in physical aspect. Did you all well understand Me now?"
Simon Judah said: "Lord, I have understood You and the other brothers certainly also, and it is now also completely clear to us why You did not want to hear the inhabitants of that village through which we passed, although they presented their need to You and asked You for help as if You were only one of those worldly doctors. But we are walking now already for quite some time, the sun starts already to go in the direction of the evening and I still can nowhere discover anything that looks like a house. Since we have walked this way to Jericho half an hour ago, it looks very deserted. There are enough forests and bushes, but further there is nothing, and it is to be understood that thieves and robbers are staying in such an environment. Lord, is this way still far?"
I said: "Just leave the way as it is. For us it is a safe way. After all, you have traveled with Me through the much more desolate regions near the Euphrates, and these were safe for us and even very fruitful. And that will also be the case here with this way. When we will have crossed the hill, which lies there before us and which is indeed quite long, we also will soon come to a place that was one of the 10 cities during the time of Lot, but which is now only a very poor somewhat larger village. We will see what we can do there. From there we will come to different villages, and we will see where they will accommodate us in an inn."
The disciple Andreas said: "Lord, You surely know beforehand what kind of village it will be and what the inn looks like. Only, You do not want to specify it to us."
I said: "And even if this would be so, why do you feel annoyed about it? But for your sake I just do not want to look beforehand, but as a man I will take it as it comes. In the first village we will however meet all kinds of people, like Pharisees, old scribes and also people who think that they are very pious and who are really boasting about it. While passing through we surely will have some work to do with them."