Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord and His adversaries

- Chapter 182 -
About future events.

ou know that someone who has become rich in earthly goods has most of the time also become in his heart as a stone of insensitiveness and without love. What does he care about the many thousands of other people who are tormented by hunger, thirst and still other disasters, for he is well provided for, has never felt hunger or thirst and has an abundance of treasures to please him with every other pleasure, so that he does not have to taste any boredom or any other displeasure.
But then, where does such a person stand in his inner spiritual sphere of life? I say to you: on the point of eternal judgment and its death, and his whole circle of acquaintances is not far away from it.
Besides that, remember what I will proclaim to you: when there will be a lot of Epicures on the Earth, a general judgment over all the people on this Earth will also soon be allowed by God. Then we will see if somewhere there will again be men who will stand up with the measuring stick in their hand and dare to say to their fellowmen: 'Look, I have measured this big piece of land, I have indicated its boundaries and declare this as my complete inviolable property, and he who has the brutality to dispute this or will only say: 'Friend, everyone of us has the right to snatch this imagined right out of your hands, as long as he has the power and the means to do it', I will punish with death.'
I say to you: at that time such people will never exist, for when next time I will come again on this Earth to keep judgment over such dead epicures, but also to give the reward of life to those who out of love for God and their fellowman have suffered much misery and distress, then the Earth will no more be measured with any measuring stick for the benefit of one person only, but wherever one will stand, he will also reap and provide for his need. And the people will well support one another, and no one will say: 'Look, this is my property and I am lord over it.' Because then men will perceive that I alone am the Lord, and that they all are brothers and sisters.
It is true that this should also be the case among the people now, but in this middle period of development of men who are still not purified by the big fire of life, it will stay allowed, but from now on, it will not be a full 2.000 years anymore. After that, the spirit will predominate strongly with men and on the Earth no more 'mine' and 'his' will be seen, nor will be talked about it.
You, who are now My friends, possess a big piece of land of the Earth that has been measured to you. Ask yourselves who measured it to you as your legal property, and the answer will be: the laws made by men, and your money and other treasures to which again only men have awarded an idle value to it.
From God's point of view, the whole Earth belongs to all men in equal measure, as this was the case in the beginning. Wise men should divide it according to the need of the people and should teach them to cultivate it, and then the fruits should be partly distributed by the wise men and the surplus should be kept in warehouses and storehouses that are arranged for that, so that no one in the community should suffer need.
But if the rich and mighty will draw everything unto themselves, a lot of people must by that become very poor and live their lives in great misery and distress, because everything belongs to the few rich and mighty but nothing to the poor, except what the rich and mighty want to give them in a scanty measure for the heavy work that they have done for them.
However, these things cannot change for the moment. Therefore, you, rich and mighty, you should be true friends regarding your poor brothers and sisters, and show them love. Feed the hungry, quench the thirsty, clothe the naked, comfort the sad ones and free the prisoners who by your greediness are unnecessary pining away in the dungeons of their bodies by your power and your laws, but even more so in the dungeons of the night of their soul. Go and free them, then I will free you from the power of death and judgment.
Be in the future only My manager with your earthly goods, then in return I will give you eternal life, for I have the power for it and can give it to whom I want. With the same measure with which you will mete, you also will be meted by Me.
Look, this is also a good and completely true explanation of the little cloud of light, which has summoned you to seek the truth and life.
Now you have found the truth in Me. Therefore, make it also as your own, then you will live, and the death of matter will no more make you think that you are mortal human beings, but from now on immortality will remain to be part of you.'