Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord and His adversaries

- Chapter 187 -
The conditions for the return of the Lord.

he old innkeeper said: "Yes, Lord and Master, we surely have all understood this very well. It is, what concerns the 4 kinds of fires of purification for men and the whole Earth, certainly not rejoicing or pleasant, and one could rightly ask why this is allowed by a supremely wise and supremely good God. But precisely because God is supremely wise and supremely good, He also will know best why He allows all these things. But we still do thank You for this prediction of the future and we are now very glad that we live already now on this Earth during Your 1st coming, for as far I have understood it now, it is in this time still considerably much better among men of the Earth than it will be during Your 2nd coming.
I certainly cannot have any idea where of what kind of great cities men will build in course of time and how they will use the power of the elements and even regulate and control the lightning. However, I and certainly all of us are glad that we do not understand it and that we even can see that the power of the elements are guided by Your wisdom and might, for if we would already understand it, then the terrible time of purification by the 4 kinds of fire would certainly come sooner than You, o Lord and Master, have announced to us now.
But since You were now so merciful to inform us beforehand as a sure fact that You personally and lastingly will come to men for a 2nd time to this Earth, then You still could tell us where on this Earth You will come back to men. What will be the name of that country, the place and that happy people?"
I said: "Friend, on your question I cannot give you an answer that you would understand, for in that time many new places, countries and peoples will arise that still do not have a name now. But the fact that I will come back to Earth to that country and in that place where among the people there will still be the most and greatest living faith and the most and greatest true love for God and fellowman, that you can accept and believe as completely sure and fully true.
However, when I will come, I will not come alone, but all those who belong to Me, who were already for a long time with Me in My Kingdom of Heaven, will come with Me in multitudes and will strengthen their brothers who are still walking in the flesh on the Earth. And so there will be a true communion between the already blissful spirits of Heaven and the people of the Earth, which will really mean a very great comfort to the people of that time.
And now you know everything that was necessary for you to know. Act accordingly, then you will reap eternal life, for I will awaken you on the youngest day."
Then Kado said: "O Lord and Master, will this then already happen tomorrow? Because every new day is for us the youngest day."
I said: "I do not mean an earthly day, but a spiritual one in the beyond. When you will have left your body and will enter into the Kingdom of the spirits, then this also will be your youngest day, and I will free you from the judgment of matter, and this is the awakening on the youngest day.
Since it is now already around midnight and we have a long trip ahead of us tomorrow, we will for now go to rest."
When I expressed this wish, they all stood up, thanked Me once more for everything and the innkeeper himself guided us to a big and very tidy bedroom where we took a refreshing rest until the morning. It is obvious that the Greeks were discussing with each other for still a long time about everything they had heard.