Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord and His adversaries

- Chapter 190 -
The purpose of natural order.

pon this, Kado thanked Me for this explanation and asked Me whether I also would like to command the evil nature spirits by My might, so that they would not be harmful outside of this evil place, not for men neither for the animals and plants.
I said: "This was already done for a long time, before you thought to ask Me. Whatever My Spirit has banned by the mouth of Joshua, that will remain so. As far as grass is growing and as far as sheep, goats, oxen and donkeys are pasturing, the land is good, but beyond that it is evil."
Now the innkeeper said: "But it is truly a pity that such a big piece of land cannot be made fertile, because much bread could be harvested from it in abundance for many people. For You, o Lord and Master, it surely would be very easy to clear this land from all the evil nature spirits. You only have to say 1 word and the land would be good."
I said: "Friend, you are completely right and I commend you for your faith, but I cannot act according to your wish, for if I would do that, I would act contrary to My once established order which surely can and will never happen.
For wherever there are mountains on the Earth, that is where they have to be. Wherever there are springs, seas and brooks and streams and lakes, that is where they have to be, just like the different sense organs in the human body. And wherever there are such malicious places at the surface of the Earth, that is where they have to be, for the realm of the soil, the air and the water must unite in themselves a nearly endless great number of the most various nature spirits, so that from that, all kinds of minerals, metals and stones can exist, and plants and animals, everything according to their nature, can find and have their food and survival.
So wherever men will find such places on Earth, where no matter what plant can grow and where no animals of no matter what kind appear, that is where they should not establish themselves, for there will certainly exist such a subterranean source by which the very impure nature spirits will be moved to the surface to unite themselves with the air and the water.
There are more than enough healthy places in the valleys and on the mountains where men, when they are modest, can largely take care of their livelihood, and it is not necessary for them to also live in and cultivate the bad desolate plains.
Look, the sea covers very great parts of the Earth, as well as the lakes and streams, and a great part of the surface of the Earth is formed by those high mountains, which are not only barely located there, but of which their vast highly located valleys and plains are moreover often covered with eternal snow and ice. Would you then also not want to say to Me: 'Lord and Master, since nothing is impossible to You, and the number of people on the Earth is continually terribly increasing and they would finally maybe have too few good land to earn their necessary bread for their food, so please change now the vast water plains and the infertile high mountains into good and fertile land, then men will possess largely enough fertile land, even if there will be a 1.000 times 1.000 more as now'? And on this I will have to answer you: if I would do that, then indeed much more vast land will exist, but nothing would grow anymore on such a dry mainland.
Thus everything must be as it is, so that fertile lands can exist on the Earth. If men would live and act according to God's will that has been revealed to them, they would have more, yes much more than enough fruits to nourish their body. Because the lack of foodstuff and famine that happens now and then among the people are only caused by the people themselves because of their self-love, greed, lust for power, laziness and moreover by the resulting craving for an extremely luxurious life and earthly riches.
Just look at the many rich people - showy loafers in the cities. They have many goods and treasures, but what do they give back to the poor for the fact that they work for them almost day and night in the sweat of their face? Nothing, they do absolutely nothing for them, because the scanty daily wages and the bad and meager food are in no proportion to what the poor are doing for the great, and rich, showy loafers, and so it has not any value for Me.
What good work is for example Herod doing for the people who must pay their imposed high taxes and are doing the heavy forced labor for him? Look, there are now a lot of such Herods in the world, and they are causing the need and all misery among the people, and by their never satisfied greed they are causing high cost of living and famine among the people, but for this they will receive their reward in the beyond about which they really will not rejoice. For truly, truly, a camel will go sooner through the eye of a needle than such Herod would enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
Therefore, you rich people, should always richly remember the poor, then you will discover that on Earth there is more, yes much more than enough good fertile ground. Did you, innkeeper and possessor of great goods and riches, well understand this now?"
The innkeeper said: "Yes Lord and Master, I did not only understand all this very well, but I also have taken the firm unshakable resolution to act according to it, and I will also do my best to convince many people like me of my present understanding and to motivate them to act accordingly.
I said: "You will do good by that and your reward from the Heavens will not fail, for whoever will convert someone - especially from the rich class - to the light of life and to action in joy and kindness, can expect a very big reward for eternal life for his soul.
But now the sun is going to rise completely and we will look at the sunrise, then our souls will rejoice about it and will cheer up."