Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord and His adversaries

- Chapter 191 -
The flying test of the Greek.

fter I had said that, all those who were present became quiet and watched the sunrise, except for the old servant of Kado whose eyes were turned towards Me. He did not turn them away and looked only at Me and did not bother about the rise of the worldly sun.
Kado noticed that and quietly asked the old servant: "Why do you actually not turn your face to the sunrise as the Lord and Master from eternity has advised us?"
The old servant said: "Because the Lord and Master from eternity is for me an endlessly much greater and holier Sun of life than that one over there in the far east that I have seen oftentimes going up and down and which I hopefully will still be able to see several times more. The worldly sun will soon go down completely for me forever, but this holiest Sun who has now risen so lovely will illuminate our souls forever as on the brightest midday and will set never more. However, woe to those for whom this Sun will set. Those will have to wait long until He will rise again. Look, that is why I prefer to look at this living and most holy Sun than at that worldly sun in the far east, which is His work, as well as this Earth and everything that is in, on and above it."
When Kado heard this from his old servant, he commended him and turned his face also towards Me and did not take notice of the sun that just rose.
However, the sunrise was exceptionally beautiful this time because the horizon was very pure, except in the west where light sheep clouds were floating high in the air, which made the blue of the firmament lively. Also different immigrant birds came from the north, high in the air, flying over us, that directed their course to the southwest and avoided the environment of the Dead Sea. Thus the morning was very bright and lively and all those who were present became joyful and cheerful because of that, and they praised Me, because I had given them such a beautiful morning.
When the sun was already a few hand breadths above the horizon, the innkeeper asked Me: "O Lord and Master, You very well know all things in and on and above the Earth. You surely will also know where the sun is hiding during the night and from where it is coming in the morning. According to our mythical teaching it would sink in the sea and would rise again in the morning on the other side out of the big sea on which the whole Earth is floating. For the eye it also seems that way, but in reality it surely will be quite different."
I said: "Certainly quite different, but it is not the moment now to explain this well understandably to you. But soon a few Essenes will come to you. Just ask them about it, then they will explain it to you, for already of old they have the right knowledge about it. After them, also My disciples will come to you and will strengthen you in My name. Then My Spirit will fill your souls and will guide you into many kinds of wisdom. And so we will leave this now up to here."
With this, the innkeeper was again satisfied and asked Me no further about this matter.
Another Greek who also had come after us, looked especially at the flight of the birds and said by that: "O, what is it good for these animals. Fast and light they fly through the sky to far distances where they can find the food of their taste in abundance. But man, as far as his movement is concerned, is most terribly endowed and must make use of the legs of different animals in order to nevertheless advance faster on a greater trip, for with his own legs he always moves slowly forward. If only God would have given man such a pair of wings, so that he just like those beautiful birds could fly through the air. What kind of bliss that would be for men."
I said: "Thank God that He did not give men wings to fly, for if man could also fly, nothing would be safe because of him. With such ability he would treat the Earth in a short time even worse than an army of Egyptian grasshoppers are doing with a pasture and field on which they strike down. So do not envy the birds for their ability to fly and do not wish men to have it. The ability of movement that they have is for them sufficient, for they still can advance fast enough to make war with one another. Except for helping their fellowman it would be good for them to move faster, but at such occasions men take largely the time and do not wish for the ability to fly like the birds. However, man can fly with his intellect and free will, and this spiritual flying is worth more than the material flying of the birds. Do you not have the same opinion?"
The Greek said: "Most certainly, Lord and Master, but the prophet Elijah must have felt very happy when he lifted himself up freely in the air in the wagon of fire and was floating to the high Heavens, on condition that this is how it really happened as it can be read from the books of the Jews."
I said: "Yes, yes, before the eyes of his disciples this is indeed how it happened, but the meaning of this rare event is deep spiritual, and this you cannot understand. But if you like so much to fly, then believe and will, then I will allow that you will be able to lift yourself up into the free air. But when you float into the air, then take care to keep your balance and that this morning breeze will not master you."
When the Greek heard this from My mouth, he believed and willed, and quickly he lifted himself up a few men heights high in the free air. But because he had no support, the light morning wind soon became master over him and it turned him once to the right and left and then again with his head downwards and again upwards, and the wind carried him quite far away from the hill, and he, the Greek, shouted for help or else he would be lost. Then I wanted that the wind would again turn towards the hill, and so the Greek desirous flyer came floating again above us.
I said to him up there: "Now believe and will that you come back again standing on the firm ground, then will happen what you believe and will."
And the Greek believed and willed and descended calmly again to the ground.
When he was back again on the firm ground, the others asked him how he liked it in the air.
Then the Greek said: "In our old books it is written that weak men must not tempt the gods. But now I have tempted the pure, true God, and therefore it was completely justified that in the air I dearly paid for my foolishness. It is terrible for man, who is not build like the birds and cannot control the air, to be deprived of an always firm support, when the wind is making no more difference between him and a down feather, as you have seen with me. O Lord and Master, I thank You that You have helped me to come back down to the sweet, firm ground. Let those dear birds in the air enjoy what they can and will, in me there will never more wake up the desire to ever be in the free air again and to share with the birds the joy of flying. Thus, let us stay on the firm surface of the Earth that carries and feeds us."
While the Greek was still relating about his experiences to his companions, some of My disciples who during My 1st year as teacher when I also let them fly to Me on the mountain at Kis, asked Me how it happened with them, because they were kept upright in the air.
I said: "At that time, only My will was active, but to the Greek avid flyer I said: 'Believe and will yourself, then will happen what you believe and will'. And look, the Greek believed without any doubt and really willed it, and so his faith and his will lifted him up in the air and not My will. But when he was in the air without any support he became afraid and did not think about it that he could come back to the ground by means of his faith and his will. Only from that time I wanted that the wind would carry him back here again where I then told him what he should do to come back to the ground. He also could have kept himself upright in the air and command the wind, as certain people deep in the highland of India can also do very well at moments of extreme trance. However, such things have no value for the soul of man.
But the fact that a person by means of a strong and unshakable faith and a very firm will can perform everything - even move mountains - that I have already told and shown you several times, and therefore this phenomenon was certainly not new or strange to you. But the best that has been said by the Greeks during the sunrise were the words of the old servant of Kado. Therefore, I will awaken him and he will soon be a skilled worker in My vineyard."
When My disciples heard that from Me, they were satisfied and asked nothing more on the hill.
After that, a servant from the inn came to invite us for the morning meal that was already prepared. So we left the hill quickly, went into the inn and consumed the morning meal.
At this occasion many things were discussed. As for Me however, I did not say much - only with the old servant of Kado. After eating I laid hands upon him and strengthened him, and I awakened him to be a disciple and spreader of the gospel. His name was Apollon. He soon became the founder of a congregation that adopted his name.
Then we continued our trip, after that I first at the request of Kado had blessed the whole house and also promised that I would travel through here again on the 3rd day and speak with them.