Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord and His adversaries

- Chapter 193 -
About the seriousness of the Lord.

ow a stranger came to Me and said: "Lord and Master, can You heal every sickness of men as You have healed now the young Egyptian, and from who have You learned this wonderful way of healing the sick?"
I said: "Listen, you nosy Arabian, nothing is impossible for Me, and what I have, I have from My Father in Heaven. But no one knows this Father except Me, and also, no one knows Me as completely as My Father knows Me. Be satisfied with that and do not ask Me anything else, for you and your tribe are still far away from the Kingdom of God. Your heaven consists of your women and female slaves, and those who praise such heavens as being Heaven are still far away from Me and My Father."
After these words the Arab kept quiet and did not ask Me anything else.
However, when the Essenes who were present noticed how I had so shortly concluded the question of the Arab, they thought that I was maybe in not such a good mood and that someone had perhaps offended Me.
But I said to them: "How can you think something like that of Me since you know Me? I am not like a weak person who is afflicted with all kinds of passions, but I have come into this world to help all people who will believe in Me and will live and act according to My teaching. And so I am now as I was before, even before this Earth was created. I love also those people who still do not know Me and have never known Me. And also to them the gospel will be preached at the right moment. Whoever will take that at heart will receive eternal life, but whoever will not accept the gospel, will remain in the ancient judgment and the ancient death.
So take care in future times that also the many dead who come to you, seeking for all kinds of help with you, will receive My teaching and will wake up in the spirit and may become alive, then by that you will really help them. I want everyone to be happy, and because I want that and have also come into this world to open the gate to eternal life for all men, I am not today like this and tomorrow different, but always the same as the Father in Heaven, who is in Me, lives, works, directs and maintains.
Since I want in full earnest the best for all men, without restricting their free will, I cannot play and joke with them, but always go along with them in seriousness, showing them the ways faithfully and truthfully through teaching and deeds by which they can come to the eternal and true life of their soul, if they want it.
Now if I have come with such intentions to the people in this world, then how could I ever be just like a man be in a bad mood, and who can offend Me? He who has recognized Me and believes in Me and acts according to My teaching will certainly not offend Me, and he who did not recognize Me or who does not want to recognize Me, even if he could recognize Me, cannot offend Me. He only offends himself, since he becomes an enemy of his own life.
But I only seek those who are sick in soul and body, to help them, and not the healthy who do not need help. For of what kind of love, wisdom and justice could a doctor be accused if he would hate the sick, would persecute and chastise them, only because they are sick? So change your opinion about Me and remember that He, who speaks to you now, is a true and righteous Doctor for the soul and spirit and in case of emergency also for the body."
When the Essenes heard that from Me, they asked for forgiveness because they had simply such a human opinion about Me.
And the strangers said among each other: "This is really a strange miraculous Doctor. He does not speak simply as a man but as a God. One has to listen to Him and conform to His words."
But I said to the Essenes: "Why do you actually ask Me for forgiveness while I have just shown you clearly how and why no one can ever offend Me? I say to you: forgive each other your sins and foolishness, and awaken your love for God and fellowman, then your sins will also be forgiven by Me.
But if someone is a fool, blind and mute, will he be helped if I would say to him: I forgive you your foolishness, your blindness and your muteness? No, no one will be helped by that, for by that the fool will remain a fool, the blind will remain blind and the mute will remain mute. But if would heal the fool of his illness and the blind and mute from their illness by means of word, advice and deed, then they all will be truly helped by that.
So let the one who commits foolishness understand the foolishness, cast it off and never commit it again, then it also will be forgiven to him in Heaven, but as long as he does not do that and from time to time still asks God for the forgiveness of his sins, they will not be forgiven before he will have forgiven his sins himself by completely casting off his old foolishness. So let everyone first sweep before his own door. After that, he can go to his neighbor and say to him: 'Look, I have now removed the dirt from me and I am well now, please allow that I will clean up now your hallway, by making up for all the injustice that was committed to you, if you like.' Yes, when the 2 neighbors will make up with each other like that and reconcile about everything in a friendly way, then also in Heaven everything will be made up for and be reconciled. But if this is not so, then it is of no use to pray Heaven for the forgiveness of sins."