Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord and His adversaries

- Chapter 22 -
The process of spiritual development.

said: "As an honest statesman you have spoken now really wisely, and this is indeed the situation as you have clearly and without reservation described to Me. And I tell you that now at this moment we will not change it, although we surely would be able to do it.
For as the earthly day is not dawning at once, but gradually from the first hardly noticeable glimmer of the morning until the full sunrise through numerous stages of increasing light, so it is also the case with the dawn of the spiritual day with the people on this Earth. For if I in one time suddenly would bring up a complete spiritual day for all the people, then they would - as long as they still have to carry their heavy body - become lazy and would not bother too much anymore in searching and examining. They will indeed keep the commandments and act according to the shining truth that is in them, but more in a mechanical way than in a complete living way when people can see the spiritual day arising in themselves by their own searching, examination and acting. And because they are experiencing great joy at that, they also teach their brothers who still are living in their own night, and exhort and encourage them to search for their own inner spiritual day. Then this is certainly better than when each person would be placed immediately in the fullness of the inner spiritual day without his own interference and acting.
Particularly in this very dark time the disciples who will spread this teaching of Mine will also be equipped with everything that is now only in My power, and they will be capable to perform great signs in My name, wherever and whenever that may be necessary for the true well being of the people. But nevertheless, it always will be of much greater value when people will be converted to believe in Me and will act according to My teaching.
For by the pure word the soul experiences no coercion, but remains completely free in his recognizing and acting while signs that are preceding this teaching, will impose on the soul an undeniably coercion of faith and will consequently not be any better than the 'must' of the law.
However, concerning your external laws of the state, those should exist for the flesh of the people, for as long as man is not fully reborn in the Spirit, external laws of the state are necessary for him because they are training him in humility and patience which are extremely necessary for the attainment of the full rebirth. On the other hand they will help to keep dark and evil man away from causing a great deal of evil to his fellowman, because through sharply drawn boundaries these laws are allotting to everyone what is their own, and will chastise the one who willfully acts against it.
For this reason, I am also saying that you should remain obedient to the worldly power, no matter if you find it good or even very bad, because its power has been given from above. However, once someone is reborn in the Spirit, he will, just like Me not trouble himself anymore by a worldly law.
Children however, should be treated and educated with true and serious love. Each pampering and indulgence from the side of the parents is a great harm for the soul of the children, which will be accounted as guilt to the parents.
Wise parents will also be blessed with wise children.
With the education of children a 'must' is necessary until the good of the laws has become a voluntary and cheerful obedience. Once this is the case, then the child has abolished the 'must' of the law in himself and has become a free human being.
Thus, do what you have heard now, then everything will be good and just. Whoever has still something to ask, can do that now, then I will give him light, so that he can walk and act in the clear daylight."