Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord and His adversaries

- Chapter 30 -
About knowing the future.

ow Lazarus said: "Lord and Master, this explanation of Yours exceeds everything what we have heard and seen from You so far. And only now it is becoming clear to me why You, being a Man Yourself, came to us to teach us about God and about ourselves: because we are destined by You to live forever in the highest possible independence, which we however must, want to, and with Your help also will acquire, first by our own activity according to Your teaching and out of our free will.
Only now we have a complete correct idea about You and also about ourselves, and we also know why it is necessary to do this or that, for otherwise it would not be possible for any human being to acquire true, eternal life. Now we really know God's Being and by that also ourselves. Now it is possible to continue on the well-lighted way to life. But how many 1.000 times 1.000 people have no idea of all this and have to continue on the way of destruction? When they possibly can be released from it, just like we now, this only You will know. We can only wish that the souls of those human beings may be released out of this too great tormenting as soon as possible. Because the lighter and freer we feel now by Your mercy, the more and deeper we also feel the misfortune of all those to whom this mercy was not granted.
But what can be done? When You are allowing this Yourself for reasons which are known to You and which certainly are wise, then it also must be good for us. But how long will it still last before all the people on the whole Earth will become one in faith and one of light, and will consider each other as brothers?"
Then also Agricola said: "Yes, this is also continuously my concern. Also for me, the truth that becomes more and more clear, really oppresses my heart, because by that I can see all too clearly how far the others, yes almost the whole of humanity, are standing away from it. Lord and Master, You know the future as well as our thoughts and desires. Therefore, You could indicate to us a certain time when surely the greatest part of the human beings will be able to rejoice in a higher and true light of life."
I said: "As long as man remains on this Earth and is not completely reborn in the spirit, it is not good at all for him to know much beforehand, and if the future is clearly revealed, it would press down his heart which is not so strong yet and would bring him to despair.
Just imagine how difficult it would be for the people if they would know precisely the time and hour of their dying. They already do not find it pleasant to know that they surely have to die. How much more unpleasant would it be for them to know also the year, the day and the hour on which they can expect the death of their body.
Oh yes, it is quite different for a person who already here has been completely reborn in the spirit of all life and who already possesses his future life in all clearness in himself and can feel it truly and lively. Such a person can know very precisely beforehand the goal and the end of his body because the time on which his heavy load will be taken away from him will not fill him with sadness but only with the greatest joy. However, a common person would certainly become very sad by such sure prospect.
Therefore, you should not search too zealously to know how the future looks like, but be satisfied with what you must know for the salvation of your soul and take also pleasure in the fact that I, in My love and wisdom know these things and will certainly let everything happen the way it certainly will be best at all times for a good or perhaps degenerated humanity, then you will also be able to bear every bad and good future.
When you will however be reborn in the spirit yourselves, you also will be able to look into the future and you will not become sad and weak by that.
But how things will develop in the distant future, I firstly have already shown you quite clearly by the nightly appearance, and still clearer in the explanation of the 2 chapters of the prophet Isaiah. And I will show you even more about the end of the in fact evil human world with which you will also not be too happy. But on this midnight hour we will leave this subject to rest, for we still have to talk about much more necessary things with each other. So, whoever of you has still something to ask should do that, then I will give him light."