Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord and His adversaries

- Chapter 45 -
Agricola remembers Mary of Magdalon.

ut Agricola, who was an extremely sensitive person, asked Me if he was permitted to say something, and he said: "Oh, what an immeasurable treasures did we now receive in merely 8 full days. We have found here the highest of all, the very first and the very greatest. And according to Your hidden mercy, this indescribable happiness is thanks to who? Look and listen. To the still young woman who has shown us the way up here during the first evening of our arrival here.
That woman - who according to my humble opinion seems to belong to those female persons who do not take it so strictly what concerns chastity and other moral cleanness - was undoubtedly inspired by Your will and had to be a sign to the light of life.
Well now, I as Roman do absolutely not know the woman that I mentioned. I also do not know where she lives and do not know her name. So I also cannot know if she is poor or rich and if she needs financial support. But if perhaps she would belong to the class of poor people, what I can believe to be the most probable, then out of sincere human gratefulness I gladly would like to give here a financial support through friend Lazarus, which certainly would be just and fair, because friend Lazarus will probably know about the condition of that woman. It really surprises me that until now she has not yet visited us here on this mountain of salvation. As I remember, she wanted to search for You, o Lord and Master, and before that, she took information here to know where You were staying, but she did not hear anything about it. And consequently she probably did not come to this place at all. But we are now already here a few days and I am surprised again that she did not show up anymore."
I said: "That girl did not know that I am still here, but she heard it yesterday in Bethany from the mouth of the sisters of our friend Lazarus and is now on her way to this place. At the time when the sun will rise she will arrive here, and then everything that is good and just you can settle with her.
Concerning her way of life until now, in this you were right, but by that she was always mindful for the poor because as an earthly beauty she gathered great treasures by her way of life and was already richly provided by her parents.
There, far to the south you can see on a hill a mansion, it carries the name Magdalon. There was the girl born. And the mansion, the many gardens, fields, pastures, vineyards and forests are now her property since her parents have died already a couple of years ago. She could have married already on several occasions but the temple servants kept her from it because they always could find with her a good inn and also they were otherwise well amused with her. However, since she saw Me, came to know Me and heard My words, it became different in her house, her mind and her heart, and because she had a great love for the poor, also many of her sins were forgiven.
Her name is Mary of Magdalon. So she does not need any support from your side, but if she will be willing to accept anything from you on behalf of her many poor people, then you certainly can offer this to her. And now you know also who that girl is and where she comes from, and what her name is. But also her guilt, be it written in the sand.
Now we have said enough about this matter. Let us now rather look at the beautiful morning. From the view you can conclude a lot of things in every respect, more precisely concerning the last time of the new heathens."