Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord and His adversaries

- Chapter 51 -
The coming judgments.

hus, let everyone be full of meekness and humility. By that you will give each other the greatest and most true human honor, and live and have dealings with each other in peace and quietness.
However, thirst for honor and pride will awaken resentment, offence, contempt, grudge, anger and finally vengeance, war and its evil consequences. The one who is proud and is thirsty for honor is also always full of self-interest and greed, and the sad conseqquence for the fact that he only wants to acquire everything for himself to increase his worldly honor, is that hundreds and thousands of people around him have nothing and must live in the greatest poverty and need, as it was the case during the time of Noah, and will be the case even more during the last time of the new paganism.
But this evil and complete hellish condition among the people will be the judgment that they will cause themselves. The enormous number of poor and oppressed people will finally rise against their extremely proud oppressors and will make a short work with them, and this will be a second deluge by the fire of the finally too badly and too heavily oppressed poor people.
But during that time, also a natural fire will destroy many places, for because of a too highly inflated pursuit of earthly gain during that time, the people will penetrate like malicious worms into the depths of the Earth, will search therein all kinds of treasures and will also find them. However, once they will have reached the mighty layers of buried ancient forests of the Earth and will use them for the glowing and melting of metals and still for many other things, then also, the latest judgment which they will prepare for themselves, will be at the door.
Yet, the people who will then live in the great cities of the kings and the mighty of the Earth of that time will have to suffer the most.
Therefore, always stay meek and humble, and by that in true neighborly love, then no judgment will be called over you, because where during that time the people will live according to My order, there will be no last judgment. I have told you this now beforehand with the purpose that you will also tell and proclaim it to the people, so that finally no one can bring forward the excuse that he had not been warned for the danger."
All of them said: "Lord and Master, with Your help, we truly will not lack the zeal for the good and true cause. But there are many people on the Earth, which is big and vast, and we will not be able to come to every place, and so, the evil will continue to be rampant between that which is good and true, and we probably will not be able to limit it completely."
I said: "You certainly will not be accountable for that, just like every truly good person in My name. For it is sufficient that the truth is proclaimed to the people. If they will live and act according to it, is completely their concern. Whoever will live and act according to it, will not come into the judgment, but will receive eternal life and be blessed."