Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord and His adversaries

- Chapter 53 -
The trip to Bethanyinally.

gricola still asked Me if he - against payment of a considerable amount of money - could take as remembrance one of the golden cups that was created in a wonderful way in front of the table of the Romans.
I said to him: "What has been created for you belongs also to you, and so you also can take it without paying an amount of money. Besides, you will take a lot of poor people from here to Rome. There you will take good care of them and then those cups are materially only a small reward for what you are doing for the sake of Me. Therefore, take everything what is of any earthly value that you can find on your table. But do not consider it as a real reward for everything that out of love for Me you are doing for the many poor and oppressed ones, because your reward for that will on the Earth, and even more in the beyond in My Kingdom look very different.
When you are home however, take seriously and good care for those who I have entrusted you. In a year time, you, together with one of your sons will have to make a trip to the extreme west of Europe for government matters, and you will stay there a long time and will have many things to do. In the meantime however, arrange your household well, so that all those whom I have entrusted to you will not lack anything, not physically and even less what concerns their soul."
Agricola, completely moved to tears out of love for Me, said: "O Lord and Master, this will certainly be my most important and greatest care, and I hope that with Your help everything will succeed for me. But never leave me, and do not allow that too heavy temptations would come over me and my house. It is true that I know now my power that You gave to me, but I also know my old, very own weaknesses. Then if ever one or the other weakness of mine would almost make me stumble now and then, o Lord, then grab Me and strengthen my will, so that I can remain standing and would not stumble."
I said: "Truly, whatever you will ask the Father - who you know now - will also be given to you. Therefore, be always filled with encouragement and a real and true trust. For when you will endure in the living faith and in the love for Me, I will always be with you and will guide and direct you, as I also will do for everyone whose faith and love is like yours."
Upon this, all the Romans thanked Me, as well as all those who where entrusted to the care of the Romans.
We were now ready to go and went along the way that leads to Bethany.
When we walked along the wall of the city, the innkeeper of the valley who also went home with us, as well as the owner of the inn that was located at the great road not far from Bethlehem, said: "Lord, look at those terrible strong walls of the city. How can those be destroyed with human power?"
I said: "Whatever was made with human hands can also be destroyed by the same. Because human beings are generally more skilled in destroying than in constructing, and so in due time they also will master these strong walls. I say to you: not one stone will be left upon the other. In a couple of centuries, men will search the place where now the temple is still standing, and they will not find it.
For how was the situation during the time of Noah before the great flood? I have shown it to all of you a few days ago. People from that time could even destroy mountains by which the waters in the Earth broke out and drowned the wicked ones. So in due time, men will take care more easily of this wall."
With this answer, both were satisfied. We continued along the way and we soon came at the tollhouse.