Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord and His adversaries

- Chapter 55 -
On the property of Lazarus.

hen we arrived in Bethany, the 2 sisters of Lazarus saw us already from afar and ran to meet Me with open arms.
When they came near to Me, they did not find enough words to praise all the good things that had happened in Bethany during the time that I was in Jerusalem and the pleasure they had for the arrival in the morning of the many young people. But at the same time they regretted that those lovely children would not stay in Bethany, as Raphael clearly told them.
But I told them the reason, and they were satisfied with that.
In the mean time we reached the garden and we immediately entered the house where the youth received Me in a large hall and greeted Me as Father, and even with such lovely words that all were moved to tears.
From this hall we entered another hall.
When we where in the already mentioned hall, searching for a place to take some rest, Lazarus ordered to put bread and wine on the table with the request to strengthen us somehow with it. This we did very willingly because we were slightly tired because of the little trip. However, this tiredness is hardly worth mentioning, but because the Romans expressed the desire to know also better Lazarus' property that was very big, a little strengthening was very welcome. So we took bread and wine after I had blessed both before, and we ate and drank in a cheerful mood.
After this little strengthening of the body we went outside again and walked through the greatest part of the possessions of Lazarus, and the Romans were very much surprised of the great wealth of Lazarus.
But he (Lazarus) said: "Dear friends, I possess still over 30 times more than what you can quickly overlook here. But the fact that I can call all this wealth that I posses on this Earth as mine, does not make me happy, because today I am indeed still the lawful owner, but tomorrow the Lord claims my soul, and he will have to give account about how and to what benefit he has faithfully managed the earthly goods that were entrusted to him. And see, then it will be very difficult for many a soul to justify himself before the Lord. Therefore, from this right point of view, regarding life on this world, we are only the temporary managers of such earthly goods for the benefit of poor humankind, but we are never the possessors of it. Because the only lawful Possessor is only the Lord. We only possess the right to manage these earthly goods for the benefit of the poor people and to handle them efficiently.
And so, I am not a possessor of all this, but only a still weak organizer and manager. The One however, who lives amongst us as supreme Friend of life and who is the true Lord of all life, is also the only true Possessor of these and of all goods of the Earth, and once it will be for our salvation when He will say to us: 'You have well managed the goods that I have entrusted to you."
Agricola said: "That what you think and have now said in all truth about your possessions, that I will also think and say about mine, and wherever possible I will also act like you. You, o Lord, we do ask however, not to settle a too severe account later with us about the way we handle the earthly goods, which You have only given us to manage, for we will not lack the will to do what is right. But if ever the many outer, dark, worldly circumstances will not now and then upset our plans unexpectedly and unforeseen, this lies beyond our power, and You, o Lord, will be merciful and charitable toward us regarding such cases."
I said: "Of that which ever will happen against your will, the ones who now and then obstructed your way, will have to give an account. For the only account that is valid for Me will be written in your heart. And because you are now My friends, you will remain so for eternity.
For truly, I say to you: happy are you, who are now hearing and seeing what all patriarchs and prophets have desired so fervently to see and to hear. But in those days it was not yet the time for it. In the spirit they can see and hear this now also and they are extremely glad about it, but it remained hidden for their flesh, and for the future generations it will also remain more or less hidden. Now it is for you however easy to believe and to act accordingly, because now you can witness with your ears and eyes all the things that were not seen by any human eye and not heard by any human ear. But in the future, all those will only become blessed who do not see and hear - like you can now - and will nevertheless believe and will act according to that belief. Therefore, it will also be accounted to them as a higher merit."
My disciples said: "If You, o Lord, will in future times no longer be visible or audible by anyone, how will You then stay with those who are Yours until the end of times?"
I said: "That was again a silly question of yours. How many, and great things have I already told you and shown to you, and still you understand so little of the inner wisdom in God. I surely cannot stay forever in the flesh on this material world. And I already have told you several times what will further happen with Me, in order that the measure of sin of the Jews will be full and their judgment would come over them, and still you are asking as born-blind ones after the colors of the light how I in the future will stay with those who are mine until the end of times. Since you still do not understand it, I will tell you again:
I will stay with those who are mine, in spirit, in word and in truth, and those who will have a great love for Me, will also be able to see Me personally now and then for a few moments. Those however, who will live according to My word and will carefully search for the inner truth of it, I will speak in such a way that they will understand it in their heart and in this way I will put My words into their mind, and young men and women who will be well educated in My name, will receive visions in which My being, the Heavens and eternal life will be explained to them, as well as the fate of the apostates and the wicked ones. And also in this manner I will stay with those who are Mine until the end of times of this Earth. Do understand this well now and do not ask Me about this anymore."
The disciples were completely satisfied with this answer of Mine and from then on they asked Me no more about it.