Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord and His adversaries

- Chapter 60 -
The importance of our Earth.

he Roman said: "O Lord and Master, by Your second explanation on this and certainly also for me every other very important subject, I came in a full sun of the strongest light. We on this Earth, who are living with You in a very strong and close relation of love and wisdom, are for the whole, endless great Man of Creation exactly, and - in view of the fact that You are directly near to us - necessarily that which is the positive little chamber of love. The other celestial bodies with their people, the shell globes with their solar galaxies and central suns are in relation to us as the other parts of our body and our soul are to the little chamber of life of our heart.
You are now here with us in Your most perfect and intense godly personality, and You rule the whole of infinity of course also from no other place than from where You are entirely present. And we men of this Earth - and most of all now on this place - are in our great love for You certainly also the ones who are nearest to You, and by the acceptance of Your teaching, Your godly love and wisdom, we are moreover the most living, and by Your will the most powerful and most active ones around You.
Now, when this is so and can impossibly and inconceivably be otherwise, then how can it be different than that by Your will, also all development has to flow out from us to all countless many other celestial bodies and its inhabitants in a way that is of course unknown to us, just as also the fundamental life and all remaining development in the whole human being flows out from the very little chamber of the heart in a way that it is certainly also unknown to the fundamental life in that little chamber before the full rebirth has taken place.
The fact that this is indeed so, cannot be doubted. The 'how' is for the moment however as spiritually still under aged children of Your love and mercy, of less importance. Because You, who certainly know all too clearly the great 'how' already since eternity are with us, and You will also, namely in the spirit, stay with us, not only until the end of times, but according to my opinion, forever. Now, since You will stay forever with us, then the mutual relations regarding the existence and development in the whole of infinity can also never change, because the relation that exists now - that means the one between You and us - can also never change.
Because the little chamber of life of the heart will for instance never come in the eyes, ears, nose or the stomach, the kidneys, the spleen or the hands and feet of the body, or completely in the extremities thereof. Although each of those parts of the body, big or small, must also have an individual central organ of life, for otherwise it could not take up and adopt the life from the fundamental life of the little chamber of the heart and use it effectively for its specific purpose.
Because the eye certainly uses the life that flows from the heart in man in a much different way than the ear. And so, every part of man will do it differently depending on its own purposes. But finally, all those endless many things are only one complete whole and it fulfills the purpose completely for the original fundamental life in the heart and it finds therein itself again as its original place of birth. And once it has found itself there, then this finding of itself again is now precisely that which You, o Lord, called so strikingly the rebirth in the spirit.
And now, an almost endless supreme thought comes into my mind, so bright and light as the sun is shining there above. Apart from the rebirth of a human being on this Earth, of which we know now as clear as the sun wherein it consists and of which we know that we also will most certainly reach it, there is still another, endless great rebirth in the spirit that comes to light, namely that of the whole great Man of Creation.
Out of myself in this life I certainly would not have come to that if You, o Lord, would not have given me an indication, but You only have given this to me as small as a little spark, and see, this has now changed in me into a radiating sun.
Look, in Your endless clearness You said that with a complete rebirth in the spirit, the endless many parts of man are already flowing through his fundamental life in such a way that next in that whole human being one original, fundamental life comes into being, and this human being can therefore in all his parts also think, evaluate, make conclusions, and speak very clearly, by which the whole human being becomes then just like You, a living word.
However, as with man, who lives completely in the spirit of his fundamental life and is completely permeated with it, and with whom everything becomes a very clear and living word, then finally, this will also have to be the case with the whole great Man of Creation. Through You, he will be permeated with all our endless many parts, and our life and light will be active in the whole endless range of that initial Man of Creation and will radiate, and so the whole great Man of Creation will with us and You, o Lord, only become one magnificent and living word.
And so, I have now the impression that I now also understand already a little of the great 'how', for according to Your eternal order it only can be like that and not otherwise, that finally also the whole great Man of Creation in all his parts will be permeated by us human beings of this Earth, with our insight and our development, and will just like us become alive.
And now, I still want to add something, as some kind of proof of the truth from Your mouth, for by Your mercy I already had since my youth an exceptionally sharp and strong and until now indestructible memory, and thus I have remembered very well every little word that You have spoken.
Look, on the mountain You once have told us a story about a certain lost son who returned to his father, to make very well clear to us the greatness of Your godly and fatherly mercy. But at that time I evaluated Your word much differently as did maybe any other person from his good but for the rest perhaps still somewhat limited range of view and comprehension, and this I did all the more easier because You have given us very meaningful indications for it.
On a small scale, this in a certain way lost son who then came back to his father seems in the first place to indicate the rebirth of a human being of this Earth of which is now known to us what it is, but on a large scale at the same time also the future total rebirth of the whole great Man of Creation. For, Lord, Your words are no human words, but they are the words of God, and those are not only in relation to us, but through us also to the whole of infinity, physically as well as spiritually. Because the whole creation is indeed since eternity also Your thought, Your word and Your will.
Lord and Master, have I, in my strong human and gentile weakness more or less understood the instruction that You have given me?"