Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord and His adversaries

- Chapter 74 -
The development of the soul of the pre-Adamites.

eing fully amazed, Marcus said: "Lord and Master from eternity, I and hopefully also all others, have well understood Your kindhearted explanation. But with us, there is still absolutely no complete penetrating understanding, because we lack exactly that which You have pointed out to us. But still, we have received in us such clearness that we in the first place know now what we have to think about the remnants that were found in the depths of the Earth and how they came there at such great depth, namely by the frequent periodical processes of change of the Earth and the following movement to and fro of the sea, and secondly, at least I have understood what the great prophet Moses has pointed out with his veiled 6 days of creation. And this is sufficient for us for the moment, and we can now quietly wait until we will learn more by our own spiritual perfection. But I also understand that it is and will also remain a teaching for only a few.
There still remains one question - at least with me - and, o Lord and Master, please be so merciful that I still may bother You with this one more time."
I said: "You know that I gladly like to listen to you. So you can simply say it."
The Roman Marcus said: "Lord and Master, although the mentioned pre-Adamites were only gifted with a kind of instinctive intelligence and with only little free will, they also had souls who as such were not mortal, but could maybe be changeable. Now, what about those souls? Where and what are they now in this 6th period of the Earth, and what may happen to them next? Of course, we could say that this question is reaching too far and is objectionable, but because I still am a Roman who is eager to learn and am not a sleepy Jew, I am asking You to consider also this question as positive and to give me a short answer on this."
I said: "Oh yes, why would I not do that? We still have time enough for it. So you can easily listen to Me. Look, if already the souls of stones, plants and animals continue to live, and in the state wherein they are free of matter they can, let us say, already change into human souls by uniting with one another, and can then become true men in the body of a human being, then the souls of the pre-Adamites will surely also have a continuous life, just like the souls of the human beings of all other worlds in the endless space of creation will continue to live eternally.
As souls who are living in the spirit kingdom, they are brought, on one or the other big celestial body - that means on a place that corresponds to them spiritually - to a deeper knowledge about God and His power and wisdom. And so, they continue to live very happily and can also become more and more happy. But it would be meaningless to tell you also where in this shell globe such a big celestial body exists, because you cannot see such a celestial body with your sense-organs, and as long as you are not fully reborn in your spirit there is no way during your physical life that you could convince yourself that it looks indeed like I would describe it to you. Thus, until that time, you should be satisfied with what I say to you: in the house of My Father are a lot of habitations. When you will be in My Kingdom, everything will become clear to you. Did you understand Me?"
Marcus said: "O yes, Lord and Master. But now I still have something else, because from one thing comes another.
Was during the time of the pre-Adamites this Earth already that certain life chamber in the heart of the great Man of Creation?"
I said: "Not yet completely in the active reality, but certainly in the destination thereof. During that prehistoric time, another planet was active. However, those people fell into the greatest pride and total God-forsakenness, and those who still believed in a God, did not pay attention to Him, defied Him, and in their blindness they tried to push Him so to speak from His throne of eternal power. They were looking after Him, and evil philosophers said that God lived in the center of their earth. They should dig mine tunnels unto that place and capture Him. So they dug terribly deep holes in that earth by which many of them died.
When I send messengers to them and warned them, they were always strangled, and the people did not improve their life. And see, then I allowed the earth to rip open from the inside into many pieces. Now this happened at the beginning of the 6th period of this Earth, and this Earth became the life chamber. About where that earth was situated - also in an orbit around this sun - we still will look more into it. But you Lazarus, let them bring new wine. Then we will talk further."