Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord and His adversaries

- Chapter 76 -
About the inhabitants of the destroyed celestial body.

hen this was shown and explained to those who were present, Marcus, the Roman said: "O Lord and Master, that must have been something indescribably terrible for the people on that planet. They all must have died from despair. And what happened to their souls?"
I said: "That such a catastrophe was something very horrible for those people, that is sure, but it was their own fault. They were taught, admonished and warned beforehand already since many and long times. They were told what they could expect. But with their worldly intellect they all considered it as fanciful ideas and absurd stories of the seers, who perhaps in their simplicity and earthly poverty only predicted such things to the credulous people in order to obtain respect in the hope that they would provide in their physical support. The highly ranked and important people did not only believe them, but they persecuted them also from all sides with fire and sword. Yes, finally they resisted so strongly against everything that had somehow a spiritual smell, that everyone who ventured to speak aloud or to write about something which was only by far in relation with a spirit, was killed without mercy. And so, it was then also no more possible to treat the too high pride and the too unmerciful hearts of those people.
Those people were very inventive in earthly things and they invented already many thousands of earthly years ago a kind of explosive. When this was ignited, it destroyed everything. If you would pile up about 10.000 pounds of those terrible explosives at about 1.000 men heights deep in a cave under the mountain Lebanon, and then set it alight, then it all would ignite in one and the same moment, and the whole big, high mountain would burst asunder into many pieces, just as the Hanochites before Noah had done with many a mountain by which the inner floodgates of the Earth opened up and all did then perish in the high tidal waves.
Look, with such terrible inventions that were inspired by their devils, the people of the now destroyed planet carried out their criminal practices, and finally also on a very large scale. They made war, and one undermined the country of the other, deeply on all sides, and they filled the mines with large quantities of those devilish explosives. This was then ignited in a cunning manner and destroyed the very big country. With such attempts to destroy the country, they got on and on, and they made also deeper and bigger holes in their big earth that was almost 2.000 times bigger than this Earth, but finally they came too deep, by which the inner chambers of that earth - which by nature were also filled at all sides with primary fire elements - burst quickly and heavily into flames. And look, that inner force of fire pulled the whole big planet out of its joints and made it explode into all directions, and the wicked people had reached their end, together with their earth.
I knew indeed that it would happen that way, and it was also My intention for this Earth to become what it is now. Originally, this Earth corresponded to the most humble smallest part in the body of a human being, namely the lowest little knot of the skin nerve of the little toe on the left foot, although not what concerns the place, but, as said, what the spiritual meaning of humility is concerned. And now it is the carrier of My actual children who, who out of their own free will should conform and educate themselves to My will that is revealed to them.
Apart from that, even physically there is a connection and a relation between the little main life knot in the heart and the little knot of the lowest skin nerve of the left little toe. And therefore, especially from a humble spiritual point of view we can say that this Earth corresponded before also with the earlier mentioned little skin nerve knot of the toe of the great Man of Creation, and therefore it is and will remain now also the little main life knot in the heart of the great Man of Creation. That means: spiritually, by means of the children of My love and wisdom who came forth from it. But it also can remain physically for a still for you unimaginable long time, although there will be great changes that will take place on its surface. For also the later descendants will invent the evil explosives and still many other destructive instruments, and they will cause many, many destructions on the Earth. However, I surely will take care that they will not be able to reach a too great depth in the Earth.
So also, I will never leave those who are Mine on this Earth behind as orphans, but I will stay with them in spirit until the end of its times. And that is why on this Earth such destruction can never happen, but local destructions and devastations will certainly happen, and with this, the people will also come into great fright, terror and misery, and many will suffer greatly through fright and fearful expectation of the things that can come over the Earth. But they also will be guilty about what will come over them.
And so, I have revealed to you what once happened to that destroyed celestial body at that time, and what the situation is now concerning this Earth and how it will be in the future. But examine yourselves now to see if you have well understood all that."