Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord and His adversaries

- Chapter 77 -
Comparisons with the Kingdom of God.

ow the Roman Marcus said: "O Lord and Master, at least for me it is quite clear, but I can see now also very clearly that people who will just hear this, will not perceive and understand it, because a lot of foreknowledge is needed for that. It is now easy for us in Your presence, because by means of Your almightiness, love and wisdom You can introduce everything to us in such a way that we even understand the most wonderful things. But we ourselves cannot do that, and so we hardly or not at all will be able to make these wonderful things understandable for the other people."
I said: "But this does not matter anyway, for I have only revealed it and made it known to you to understand better the Kingdom of God. To those in the future who will need to understand My works better for the sake of the Kingdom of God, My Spirit in them will surely reveal it, and it will guide them into all truth and wisdom. However, it is sufficient for the other people to believe in Me and live and act according to My commandments, for indeed, many are called for the Kingdom of God, but only few are chosen to whom it is given to understand the secrets of God's Kingdom.
But if you understand these, then between Me and you, and through you also with the other people, there is a real bond, and so I am in you as you are also in Me, and more is not necessary for the moment.
The Kingdom of God is here like a mustard seed that is indeed one of the smallest seeds, but when it is sown in good soil, it soon grows up to become a real tree, so that the birds of the sky can come and nest under its branches and twigs.
Now, My Word is that little seed. Just lay it in the good hearts of the people, then it will soon develop in them to become a tree, and under its branches and twigs the clear ideas, coming from the Heavens, will take their abode.
So also, My Kingdom is to be compared to a wife who, in order to bake bread, took 3 scoops of flour and added a little leaven. When she then kneaded the dough, soon the little leaven still leavened it in the right measure. Look, My Word is also the very little leaven in it, mixed with much flour, and it is enough for the leavening of much flour. Therefore, give to the people in My name only as much as is needed for the moment. My Word will then surely accomplish all the rest out it itself.
When a child is born, the care is only for its health. The growth depends only on Me.
If you pass on to the people in truth My teaching that you have received from Me, point then also out to them that its fruits can and will only be reaped when in his heart he has turned completely away from the love for the world and its treasures, because the love for the things of the world is a dark gray cloud that places itself between the eyes of the soul and the light from the Heavens.
That is why most people have indeed a very faint suspicion of something higher and that which goes above the senses by the weak twilight that is a result of the pure heavenly radiating light behind the dark gray cloud, but because the mentioned cloud does not give way, and instead of turning lighter, it turns only darker and oftentimes completely dark, they do not understand anything of the pure wisdom from the Heavens. Therefore, they are always full of worries, full of fear and full of frights, believe in all kinds of foolish things and search for comfort and reassurance with the dead idols and their priests, for they cannot expect the true comfort from the Heavens because of the cloud that does not disappear and remains laying between the eyes of the soul and the sun of the Heavens.
Because look, man is like a traveler who travels on a gloomy day when there is a thick haze around the valleys and mountains. Although such haze makes the indeed beautiful environment totally invisible, that environment does exist. However, its pure images cannot reach the eye of the traveler, and thus he also cannot form himself an idea of what the thick haze is hiding for his eyes. Although he looks at the road and he can only see from the vaguely visible signs on the road that he probably walks on the right road. But oftentimes there are sideways, and these are then again filling him with fear and worry, for he does not know precisely which road is actually the right one. He waits to see if perhaps there will not be another traveler coming to him or coming from behind. And there are indeed a few that come along, but they are in the same position as him who wanted to hear from them which road is the right one. One thinks that the middle road will probably lead to the mentioned place. Another says that it is the spot where the road bends to the right that leads to the mentioned place. A third one claims the opposite, and a fourth one gives the following opinion: 'No one of us knows the road. Therefore, let us go back and remain in the place from where we left until the haze will clear up. Then we can begin our trip with certainty.'
Look, this image shows you very well the condition of most people nowadays on their trip to the Kingdom of God.
The just mentioned haze of the love for the world covers the purest landscapes and fields, mountains, valleys, gardens and cities, brooks, little and big rivers, lakes and seas, for the eyes of the soul. Therefore, let it be your task - since I have wiped away the haze in you - to do also the same, especially with those to whom you will proclaim My Word, for if you will neglect this, you will build houses on sand. Those will not remain straight when storms, cloudbursts and floods would come, but they will collapse and will be carried away by the raging water.
But when you, when proclaiming My Word, will wipe away that haze first, you will build houses on rocks. And even if then storms, cloudbursts and floods would come, then your houses, which are built on steady rocks will not be harmed by them.
Look, no one can serve 2 masters who are hostile towards each other, for he must choose either the one or the other, and must therefore also be a friend or an enemy of the one or the other. So also, no one can serve the world and its dead mammon and at the same time also God's living Kingdom, for that is impossible.
Therefore, he who wants to serve God's Kingdom must ban the kingdom of the world out of his heart. How this has to be done, I have shown all of you already oftentimes, not only with clear and living words, but also by all kinds of deeds. So do also the same, then you will reap many good fruits.
The harvest could be big and very rich, and there is already much grain, ripe to be reaped, but there are still but few reapers. Therefore, ask the Lord of the harvest that He would take soon many reapers for His fields into His service.
From all this, it surely will be clear to you what you especially have to accomplish with the people when proclaiming My teaching. The many uncommon things you do not have to proclaim to the people, except to those who will follow you up in your task. What I have given you now as guideline, tell this also to those who will follow you up in your task that I have entrusted to you. Then everything will go well. Did you all understand this now?"