Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord and His adversaries

- Chapter 80 -
The anointing in Bethany.

hen I turned to the Roman Marcus again and asked him if he had also understood that.
Marcus said: "I surely did. But with my thoughts I am still busy with the moon that in a certain way is a punishment place for the worldly people who are lusting too much for the world. You promised us to tell and explain us something more about it. That is why we are asking You now if You would like to keep Your promise to us."
I said: "That I will also do, for whatever I have promised, will come to pass. However, for this, the right time has to come also. Look, it is still day now because the sun has not set yet. So let us wait until it becomes night and the stars will lighten the Earth. Then I can explain this better to you than in broad daylight when your sight is still too much dimmed by worldly images. For this time, we surely will find something else about which we still can exchange a few words before evening. At the beginning of the evening we will then visit those particular Pharisees and scribes and exchange a few words with them."
The Roman Marcus was satisfied with that and we took again some wine and bread.
We rested for about half an hour when a servant of Lazarus came into the hall to us and said that outside there was a pretty woman who arrived with a couple of servants and who had the fervent desire to see and to speak to the Lord. He asked if she could be send in or if they had to show her another habitation.
I said: "I know the women who arrived. So let her in."
Then the servant left and Lazarus and the disciples asked Me what kind of woman she was.
And I said: "You know that young woman, Mary of Magdalon who was also with us on the Mount of Olives this morning. She quickly arranged her household and hurried to come here. Thus, let no one of you be irritated because of the fact that she came here."
I barely had spoken out these words when the young woman came into the hall, nicely dressed and adorned. She fell immediately at My feet, opened right away a golden little pot that was filled with very costly nard ointment and anointed My feet with it, because with the Jews it was since old customary one of the highest marks of honor when someone descended from a royal house to anoint his feet with nard ointment.
When My disciples saw that, they said among each other: "Has this woman become insane? That ointment could have been sold for at least 200 pieces of silver, and that money could then be distributed among the poor. Indeed, the Lord does not need such worldly marks of honor."
But I looked at the grumbling disciples and said: "Why is this irritating you again? You will always have the poor with you, but not Me as I am now amongst you. This woman has performed now a good work to Me, and wherever this gospel will be preached, also this woman and this incident should be clearly mentioned. I am among you now for a long time and you have never given me a pitcher of clear water to wash My feet. This woman however, has already washed My feet with her tears this morning and she now came back to anoint My feet. How can you be irritated because of that? Now, when it is written that I am a son of David, then it is also My due that someone gives Me this royal honor."
After these words of Me, no one said anything anymore and all praised the woman and her deed.
Then the woman stood up and wanted to leave.
But I said: "Stay now with Me, for from now on, you also must be and remain a witness of My deeds and mercy.
Then the woman, being full of joy stayed, and Lazarus served her kindly and she allowed also her servants to be served. And after that, we talked with each other almost until the evening, and during this opportunity the young woman related to us frankly about her experiences.
When the woman told us in a modest way for almost 1 hour about her experiences, some of the Pharisees who were converted to Me were of the opinion that what the woman said was not so decent for this exalted company. In fact, they only made this remark because in the very good story of the woman many things were delicately woven between, which were also very closely in relation to them.
But I commended the openness and frankness of the woman and said to the Pharisees and scribes: "My friends, who are now somewhat exited. Be not offended because now by the mouth of this woman many things are coming into light of which you in a great measure are guilty of and which guilt you carry in your flesh. But if the words of the woman, who did not mention any names, is already disturbing your mind, why does My omniscience not do that? I say to you: on the other side in the kingdom of the spirits they will shout aloud from the rooftops what you so zealously are trying to hide in this world. Therefore, it is still better to suffer in this world a small judgment and submit to a little humiliation than to stand in shame on the other side before the eyes of all angels.
Whoever wants to pretend to be a better person on this Earth than he really is, still possesses a hypocritical spirit. With this, one cannot really enter God's Kingdom. However, he who wants to subsist before Me, must also show himself to the world as he really is. Then also in My eyes and those of the angels he will not have to experience a further judgment if he has changed all his ways.
Look at this woman. She really sinned a lot, but because she is full of openheartedness, and besides has done many works of neighborly love, many things are now forgiven to her and she is now dearer to Me than many righteous ones who have never sinned. For I did not come into this world because of the righteous ones, but only because of the remorseful sinners, just like a doctor who will only go to those who need him and not to the healthy people who do not need a doctor."
After these words of Me, the somewhat irritated Pharisees and scribes did not say anything anymore and they were satisfied with this correction.
Then the woman asked Me to be patient with her. Then she would do her utmost best to still make up for everything that was sinfully committed by her.
But I said in a friendly way to her: "There is not much left that you should make up for, but others have a lot of things that they should make up for to you. But now I say to you: forgive all who have sinned at you and against you, just as I also have forgiven you. Then I also will forgive their sins committed to you. But now, eat and drink and strengthen yourself."
The woman said: "Oh Lord. You only are for me the best bread and the very strongest and sweetest wine from the Heavens. You only are the real and most true strengthening of the life of my soul and body. Please be always charitable and merciful to me and do not leave me, poor sinner."
I said: "My dear daughter, these words were not inspired by the flesh, but by the spirit of love in the heart of your soul.
Yes, I am a true bread from the Heavens and so also a true wine. Whoever will eat this bread and drink this wine, will eternally not be hungry and thirsty. Therefore, I am true food and a true drink. Whoever will eat and drink Me in the spirit and in truth, will not see death, nor feel or taste it. So eat and drink now also bodily of this earthly bread and the earthly wine."
Only then the women took bread and ate, and drunk also some wine.