Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in Cana

- Chapter 108 -
The power of the spirit.

he little girl was then the first to ask Me: "O Lord and Master and highest King full of godly might and power, how was it actually possible for You to create this truly heavenly wine into the cups, purely out of nothing, and also so suddenly that it could not be seen how it came into the cups? Of course I know that nothing is impossible for God's power and that God has created all that existed and still continues to create. But when He creates, God always follows a certain order. That means that in order to achieve something perfect, one thing always precedes the other, and then the main thing always appears as a result of often many preceding processes, which is also according to all truth.
Yes, the wine that comes from the grapevine is not a less miracle. However, with the existence of the wine from the grapevine there are a lot of preceding processes until the full ripeness of the grape. But here with the actual creation of the very best wine into the cups there was no process, but You wanted it, and immediately the cups were full of wine. How is that actually possible?"
I said: "Listen, My lovely little daughter, although you are only 12 years old, your mind reaches like after 40 years of good development. Hardly anyone has come to Me with such kind of question. Yes, My lovely little daughter, the question that you have asked here is very clear and understandable, but the answer that I have to give on that, will certainly not appear as clear and understandable to you all. But because you have asked it, you will also receive the answer from Me.
Look, the wine that is gradually prepared by the grapevine is just as much a miracle as this wine that I suddenly created here before you. I also could continuously create all the other things like the clouds and the rain in the air, and like I also have created here now before you the strengthening wine out of the air, in which all elements that are needed for the wine are already present, as well as everything that is needed for the existence of all the other created things. Man cannot see this with his physical eyes, but only the spirit can see it, separate it and unite it, and then accomplish it suddenly or - in order to put the human mind, the love and the patience to the test, and also to awaken the activity of men and to give no chance to men's laziness - step by step, in the manner that is known to you. But it is always only one and the same Spirit that is able to accomplish everything in one or the other way, because it is ultimately the very beginning of everything and will also always be, because all that exists is basically only the might, power, love, wisdom and will of the Spirit.
Also every person possesses such a spirit, which will only be active in man when he will know God's will completely and will be active according to that will, and unite his spirit with the soul in man by way of the pure love for God, and from that for his fellowman, and that soul becomes himself through that, the pure love and the will of God. Once this has taken place in man, then he is also like God in this, and he can also accomplish things, which no other human being with his purely outer reason can understand.
But now you are by the Source to hear God's will and to come to know it for your life. If you act according to that will - which depends on your completely free will - you will by that acquire the almighty will of God and thus be ably to accomplish everything.
However, in God's will lives also the highest wisdom. Therefore, he can and will also accomplish nothing that would be contrary to God's wisdom. So whoever has acquired God's will by acting accordingly, has also acquired God's wisdom without which the will could accomplish nothing. And so, someone who acts according to God's will is full of the true light of life and full of wisdom, which is alive through the love for God and fellowman. And see now, My dearest little daughter, here you have now a completely sincere and all-containing truth on the question that you have asked Me, and tell Me now if you have also understood it."
The little daughter, who was well educated and well instructed, said: "O, above all great and mighty King, Lord and Master, I have the feeling that I have understood the right meaning of Your words, but I only will be capable to penetrate to the clear depth of this truth, which can only be understood by a very pure spirit, when also I will come to the point that my soul will be one with the spirit, as You said. Thank You, o Lord and Master, for Your very wise lesson."
I said: "You have spoken very well now, and I say that you will reach that point sooner than you think, in which, as I have told you, you will be perfect and equal to God, because you have already the right love for Me and so also the right love for your fellowman. That love is the only and most sure active way that unifies the spirit with the soul, because that love in the soul is actually already the Spirit of God. Let it grow strong through good deeds, then you surely will soon be convinced of its wonderful might and power in you and also outside of you.
The one who wants to search and to fathom God with his reason will have a difficult task and will hardly come even 1 step forward, but the one who searches God with the love in his heart, will soon find Him and will easily reach his true destiny of life. Do you understand that?"
The little girl said: "O great Lord and Master, that I have well understood now, for it suddenly became illuminated in myself, and I also understand now more clearly than before the answer that You gave to my question. So I also understand now my dream, and I realize that it was only Your Spirit that put it in my soul, for otherwise, out of herself she would never be able to have such a clear view in the eternal inestimable depths of Your creations."
Now I said to the parents of the little girl: "This child will become a light for you. And when she, out of My Spirit in her, will announce certain things to you, then do not behave like 3 days ago near Damascus. - But now your cups should be filled once more, and you also should empty them for the 2nd time."
Then the woman said: "O Lord, this is not necessary, for we are already satiated and strengthened more than enough."
I said: "Woman, do not interfere with what I do for you all. Yes, in the wine that the grapevine gives you, there is also for man a sedating and soiling spirit, which does not make the soul lighter but darker, but in the wine that I am giving you here from the Heavens there is the spirit of the true and living love and wisdom, for this is actually My word and My will. Therefore, you also should drink it without any fear or shyness, so that you will receive the strength to proclaim in My name My word and My will to the other people in your country."
When I had said that, the 4 asked Me to fill the cups once more with the wine of wonder. And I looked at the cups, just like before, and immediately they were filled with the best and purest wine. Then I said to the 4 that they should empty the cups, and this they did tastefully and with pleasure.
After they also this time had finished the wine, they felt more and more light and more open of heart, and the married man began to speak very wisely, so that also My disciples were very surprised about it, and some of them made the remark among themselves: "Look, with a few sips of wonder wine a couple of times He made those people from India wise and initiated in the whole teaching. Why does He also not do that with the other people?"
I said: "Why do you mind when I do what I want? If I know to give every plant the right nourishment and to every animal the food that it suits well, then I also will know how I have to provide and give this or that person his spiritual food. You are always around Me and hear and see everything, but be also attentive as to how I treat people and how I teach each one of them according to the nature of their soul, and do likewise, then you will have good results. But these 4 are only with Me until tomorrow noon, and still they have to become a tool for Me. And because their souls are very capable for it, I make them faster competent for this function, as I also made it possible for the 72 disciples in Emmaus. If you understand this, then be satisfied."
Then the disciples became quiet again. And I continued to instruct the 4 still further about the Kingdom of God.
After I had well instructed the 4 about the Kingdom of God in man on this Earth, and also told them what it will bring about, and also that My kingship and My Kingdom are not of this world, I told the innkeeper that he should show the 4 a place to rest, since it was already 1 hour after midnight. The innkeeper did that immediately and the 4 went to rest. We however, as happened oftentimes, were still sitting at our table and rested there until sunrise. Also the innkeeper rested beside us at a small table.
In the morning, the innkeeper was as usual already awake 1 hour before sunrise, and he arranged everything before the sun was up, because it was Sabbath, and then from sunrise until sunset all servile work ended. So he also let the morning meal be prepared before sunrise, so that it also would be consumed before that time, for in that respect he was a strict Jew.