Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in Cana

- Chapter 112 -
The Lord's assignment to the Persians.

fter he stood up from his couch, being now completely healthy, he walked very friendly to Me and said (the healed one): "O most wonderful Doctor on the whole Earth, firstly my very great thanks to You and to your God who has put such a miraculous healing power in Your hands with which You have freed me from my totally desperate pains. Now ask all my much gold and still other valuable things as reward for Your art and effort, and it will be Yours."
I said: "I do not need all this at no time, for if gold would be important to Me, I also could not have helped you. I only look at a loyal heart that loves God above all and his fellowmen like himself. Wherever I see that, also with a gentile, I help everyone who needs My help. So you can keep your gold for other good purposes that are pleasing to God, namely for true neighborly love.
But when you travel, you should beware of spoiled fishes, and let only those fishes be prepared for you, which you have seen before, being still fresh and alive and swimming in clean water, because all spoiled meat, especially that of fish, is harmful for the physical health of man. Remember this for the well being of your body.
But now I will say something else to all of you, which is much more important than the complete health of your body, and that is the complete health of your souls. You can receive it and keep it for eternal life if you precisely will keep the laws that some of you know well, despite the fact that you are not circumcised. Then your hearts will be circumcised, which is in God's eyes endlessly much more valuable than the circumcision that you know of the Jews, whose heart is nevertheless for the greatest part uncircumcised.
In about 3 years, counted from now on, some of My disciples will also come to you in your country, and they will announce to you the coming of the Kingdom of God and its justice to all people on this Earth. Receive them instead of Me, and believe their words, then you will by that receive the light, for which you as the better ones, are longing for already a long time, namely the light of the one, only true God and Father of all the Jews, as well as all men on this Earth, and by that, also the eternal life of your soul. This is the only thing I ask from you now as reward for the love that I gave to your loyal leader.
And when after a few days you will come in Tyre and Sidon, then try to meet the old supreme governor of the city, whom you also know. Tell him what happened to you here and send him My greetings. He will then disclose to you many things about Me, for he knows Me already since My childhood and loves Me more than his life.
You will also meet there a wonderful young man. He will give you much exalted wisdom if you pay attention to him. (This is Raphael who stayed from time to time visibly at the palace of Cyrenius).
And be now happy and cheerful, and think about Me in the name of Jehovah of the Jews, then you will be spared from every trouble, as far as your body and your soul is concerned."
Then I left the Persians after they promised Me very truthfully to observe everything I asked from them in loving words, and this obviously only for the great benefit of their own life.
The interpreter and the healed one escorted Me and the innkeeper to our smaller dining hall, and they thanked Me once again for the love and mercy that was shown to them, as they expressed themselves.
But I answered them: "Why do you speak here about a shown love and mercy to you? Do you not know that only the kings of the Earth distribute this as they please?"
The interpreter said: "O dear Friend, do not speak about the mercy of a king. The greatest mercy of a king, which he, in his arrogance, will now and then give to a blind favorite one of the throne, is not even a drop of dew compared to the whole sea of mercy that You have given us. You, Friend, are with Your divine quality more than all ever so proud kings of the Earth who think to be mighty. Because by Your word and will You can give back the complete health of a sick person, but when kings become sick, they cannot help themselves, let alone another sick person. They surely can wound and kill, but to heal the wounded and even to awaken the dead to life again, this they cannot do. That is why the greatest mercy of a king to a person is not worth mentioning compared to this one true mercy that You have shown us, because Your mercy went together with Your love and true compassion, but to the mercy of a king precedes usually the greatest pride and inner contempt for poor mankind. Woe the one who has received a great mercy from a king, because if he then will not always crawl before the king as an obedient worm, his mercy will become his greatest calamity. That is why we never desired the mercy of a king, but from You we ask You not to leave us with Your true mercy."
I said: "If this is the feeling in your heart, then also My mercy that you have recognized will never again be separated from you. Who stays in My love through his love, in him will also be My love through his love for Me, and thus also My mercy that only consists of My love."
The 2 thanked Me once more for this promise, bowed deeply before Me and went then fully encouraged to their companions who were greatly astonished about My healing art.