Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in Cana

- Chapter 113 -
The Lord leaves Kana.

hen the 2 joined them, they talked a lot about Me and gave their opinion, but what was most striking to one of them was My unselfishness.
And the interpreter said: "Friends, he who can do everything like that wonder Doctor, does really not need the treasures of the world, since He possesses with His divine qualities endlessly much more noble treasures. And it has been a well-known typical quality of all truly great and wise men on Earth that they despise the perishable goods of this world. So we should not be surprised here when this Man does also not have any love for the treasures of this world. I also would not have any if I would possess His truly divine qualities. However, our innkeeper, who in fact has always been very good and fair - and it is thanks to him in the first place that we were able to come to know the wonder Doctor - should be indemnified by us instead of that extremely unselfish Doctor."
They all agreed to that, and they determined an amount of 10 pounds of gold and 100 pounds of silver above the amount of the normal treatment, namely 2 silver coins per person, inclusive the service of the personnel and the pack animals.
The caravan stayed only until after noontime and continued then its trip in a cheerful mood and filled with the best of expectations to the places where they had to do business.
I said to the innkeeper: "I stayed with you for some time now, which was fruitful for Me and also for you. Instead of Me you will be greatly blessed by the Persians. Therefore, remember also in My name those who are really poor, as you have always done without any special earthly means, then My blessing will not leave you.
When the local priests will ask you after sunset what kind of people you have received, you can mention My name, and when they will ask you what I have said and done, then tell them: 'Nothing but good things.' When they will ask you more questions, then do not go into detail, because this adulterous kind of people does not deserve to have part in the Kingdom of God. Keep it to yourself, for your house and for the poor of spirit. At a good opportunity you can proclaim to them the gospel, which I have entrusted to you, then in this manner you will perfectly feed in My name those who are hungry, quench the thirsty ones, clothe the naked and release those who are imprisoned, by which you will find later, in the other life in My Kingdom, a great reward.
But I will leave now immediately with My disciples. So let them not prepare a midday meal for us. Do not tell the Persians right away that I have left, but when they will ask you about Me, then tell them that I went somewhere else to heal sick people. Whereto, that you cannot tell them, for I will also not tell you, because I have My reasons for that. Now do what I have told you. I will actively remain with you with My full blessing, as well as with everyone who acts according to My teaching, who believes in Me and who loves the Father in Me above all."
After I had said that to the innkeeper, he wanted to call his whole family together to receive My blessing and to thank Me for the healing.
But I did not allow that and said: "As once the whole people of Israel was blessed in Abraham, so also is your family blessed through you. So leave this out. It would only cause unnecessary sensation."
When the innkeeper heard what I said, he was completely satisfied, thanked Me once more for everything, and I gave the disciples the sign to leave.
Very quietly we went immediately outside through a backdoor, so that we would not cause a sensation, and traveled quickly along a footpath towards Kis.