Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in Kis at the Sea of Galilee

- Chapter 114 -
The Lord meets Philopold.

hen we left Kana it was still 1 1/2 hour before noon, and because we now and then used our fast way of traveling we arrived exactly at noontime at the Lake of Galilee, not too far from the big tollhouse where our Mathew was formerly a scribe into the service of the Romans. From there it was also not too far from Kis, and, as known, there was also a big tollhouse.
When we came at the lake, we sat down, rested for 1 hour and looked at the waves that were strongly moving. And the disciples wanted to go fishing.
Peter said: "Too bad we do not have any nets now. Otherwise we quickly could make a good catch."
I said: "Do you not think about the Sabbath today? He who is hungry may also fish on a Sabbath if the day before he was not able to acquire a provision, but if it is not necessary, every Jew should keep the old law, so that the little ones would not take offence at him.
To do good, also on a Sabbath, that is My teaching and My will, but to catch fish in the lake on a Sabbath without necessity, is neither correct according to the law, neither according to My teaching. So leave your desire for fishing. I have made you fishers of men, and when your time will soon come, you also will be able to work on the Sabbaths."
While I was talking like that, several Greeks came along, who were watching us from a certain distance. They guessed among themselves who we were.
Some of them said: "These are Jewish fishermen who celebrate their Sabbath today."
But others said: "They also could be Greeks, for we also can see Greeks among them who do not have to celebrate the Sabbath of the Jews if they do not want to do this of their free will."
Then they took courage and came to us.
When they came close to us, one of them asked us at once: "What are you actually doing here on a Sabbath on which most Jews are usually meeting in one or the other synagogue? Or are you perhaps Greeks? Then why are several of you wearing Jewish clothes?"
I said: "All this is of no concern to you, for you are not yet ripe to hear from Me the words of life, and so I will not talk much to you.
You are servants of Kisjona in Kis. Go therefore ahead of us to Kis and tell Kisjona that the Lord with His disciples will come to him. Then Kisjona will surely tell you who we are. You can go now, and do not disturb us any longer in our rest and meditation."
Then the Greeks became frightened, left us quickly and continued their way hastily.
When they were out of our sight, we also stood up and walked further on along the shore. After about 2 hours we came close to the village Kis. Now we left the shore and walked on the large road on which, at a certain distance from us, walked a man who was in deep thought. He did not notice at all that we were coming closer to him and continued his walk. Only after I came very close to him, he looked around him and was considerably frightened when he noticed that we, who were many, were so close to him.
I addressed Myself to him and said: "Philopold, do you not recognize Me? And since early this morning you thought about nothing else except about Me in your heart."
Now Philopold looked at Me very surprised, and from happiness he hugged Me. At first, he hardly could speak, but My love and friendliness gave him soon the necessary courage, and we spoke for 1 hour with each other about many things. The disciples were very glad about that, and when the now completely happy Philopold inquired from them about the things I told him, they gave him a true testimony.
We remained for more than 1 hour on the spot where I had awakened Philopold out of his dream. He continuously came with new questions to ask Me, on which I gladly answered him. And we would have stayed longer on that spot if friend Kisjona, who received the message from the Greeks of My coming, would not have hurried to Me with open arms with a couple of his friends.
It is obvious that I made Kisjona very happy with that unexpected visit, and so it is not necessary to give a more detailed description of it. In short, we left that spot and went very cheerfully and happy to the big house of our friend, while it was still more than 1 hour before sunset, and Kisjona ordered his servants immediately to take care of an excellent evening meal.
During that time, also the mother of My body lived in Kis, together with Joel, a son of Joseph, in a house that Kisjona arranged for her. And Kisjona asked Me if he had to inform her of My presence.
But I said to him: "Just leave it out for the moment, for I Myself will go to her tonight, with you and with John and James, and will bring her, together with her friends to this place for the evening meal. But for the time being let them bring us some bread and wine, because My disciples are already hungry and thirsty."
This was done immediately and we refreshed ourselves while I related many of My trips and its results.
Kisjona, his friend and also his children were greatly surprised about what My trips had accomplished.
Our Philopold said continuously: "Yes, great is the Lord, the Lion of Judah, and full of glory is His name. Only the Lord can do such things. The truth from the Heavens from Your mouth, proclaimed to the people and proven by miracles that are only possible to God, may well convert the stones and make them seeing."
They all praised Philopold's statement, and Kisjona said to My disciples, who were also greatly praising the words of Philopold: "Yes, dear friends, Philopold is the teacher of us all. He made many things clear to us, which seemed a mystery to us, despite all the things we have heard and seen ourselves. That is why he is also our most beloved and most honored friend, and will always be."
I said: "That is also why I gave him to you and enlightened him, and you will do well if, in My name, you will keep this wise man from Kane in Samaria. In the future he will still be able to perform greater things than up to now."
In the course of these conversations, Peter said to Me: "Lord, when we left Kana today, You first have blessed the Persians and also the innkeeper and his whole house in word and deed, but, at least outwardly, You seemed to have forgotten the 4 Indo-Jews, although they made a long trip because of You."
I said: "How does that concern you? When we left, they were not present, since they went away to visit the synagogue. But still, I excellently provided for them. They left Kana today after the midday meal and will arrive here in 1 hour, and then your supposed carelessness can still be corrected. Therefore, you can be completely at ease. Besides, regarding their return, they were more than enough provided with everything by the innkeeper and by the Persians. And all this through My hidden care, and that is more valuable than an outer goodbye."
Peter was satisfied with that, and they all rejoiced that they also could see that family in Kis, speak to them and treat them well.
Kisjona even immediately wanted to send messengers to them and asked Me to describe them and how they looked like. This I also told him, together with the remark that they would come on 4 mules that were given to them by the innkeeper to make their trip home easier.
With that description, Kisjona sent 2 messengers on the way that I indicated to him, in order to meet them, together with the instruction that they would not accept any payment of toll money from that family. Immediately the messengers went on the indicated road to meet the 4, who, after 1 hour arrived safe and sound in Kis, about which Kisjona, Philopold, My disciples and also all the other friends of Kisjona were very glad.