Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in Kis at the Sea of Galilee

- Chapter 116 -
The joyful meal with Kisjona.

hen I said to Kisjona: "Friend, now we will go to Mary. Let those who I mentioned earlier go with us.
We stood up and went to Mary.
When we came to her, she was very glad. However, she could not go around it to mention her need about the great distress and the big worries that she often had to endure because of Me.
I comforted her and said: "If you know already since My conception why I have come in the flesh through your body into this world, then how can you still worry if I do the will of the Father who is in Heaven? But come with us now, with all those who are with you. In the house of our friend you will hear many things about what I have done amongst the people."
Then Maria stood up, together with her friends and Joel, and she followed Me, escorted by James and John to whom she asked all kinds of things on the way, which gave her the most comforting information.
Now we came into the house of Kisjona, in which meanwhile the big dining hall, and in it the big table, were royally decorated, and they all were surprised that the personnel of Kisjona were able to do this in such a short time.
Mary was especially pleased with that, and she asked Me: "Son, how do You like this special attention of our dear friend Kisjona?"
I said: "I only feel great joy about his heart, which is pure, good and noble, but the glitter of gold, silver and precious stones has no value for Me. But because it pleases this friend to honor Me in this way, his joy should also not be taken away from him."
Mary completely agreed with these words of Mine. The food and the wine were already waiting for us on the table, and so we sat down in a good order at the table and we ate and drank.
Mary was sitting at My right hand and Joel at My left. Directly at the right side of Mary sat Kisjona, Philopold, James and John, and on My left the 4 Indo-Jews. After them sat the friends of Kisjona and the friends of Mary, and then all My disciples. And so, as already said, the big table was set in the best of order.
First there were the well prepared noble fishes from the Lake of Galilee of which I ate a few, as well as Mary, who was experienced in preparing fish herself and was extremely praising the good preparation of the fishes. But there were also some fried chicken, 2 fat lambs and a complete calf, well prepared set on the table, and fruit of the very best kind, which the disciples and also the other guests were really enjoying. But I only choose the fishes, although Mary thought that I should taste a bit of everything.
But I said: "Everyone should eat whatever his stomach needs. I satiated Myself with the fishes, and My body does not need more in this world. But do not pay attention to Me, and eat whatever is tasteful to you."
Then Mary took again a fish with Me and ate it with bread and some wine. The 4 strangers really enjoyed the taste of everything, as well as My disciples. Only the disciples of John who traveled with Me did the same as I.
Finally Kisjona himself said to Me: "Lord and Master, why do You actually not take also some of the other food? You know that everything I have is fresh, clean and excellently prepared."
I said: "My dear friend, do not worry about Me. It is sufficient that I take care of all of you and watch. Be glad now, since I am still walking visibly among you. Soon the time will come that I will only be in your midst in the spirit of faith and love, and then you will no more be that cheerful and happy on this Earth and you will have to endure many things because of My name. Now the whole of God's Kingdom is in Me and with you, but then you will have to seek, find and keep it within yourselves. So be happy and cheerful. I eat only fishes now because they are most of all similar to present mankind as far as their discernment is concerned. In Me they must come to life, to the spiritual life and its light."
One of the friends of Kisjona said: "But Lord and Master, how can the fishes be compared to men? I suppose that a fish is and remains the dumbest of all animals. A worm that crawls around on the ground seems already to have more intelligence than the most noble fish."
I said: "Although you are not completely wrong in this, but still, men are for the very greatest part now still dumber than the fishes in the water.
If you want to have an abundant catch now, then you will fish at night in the light of torches. From this you can conclude - at least in natural respect - that fishes certainly do not shun the light since they gather in great quantities on the spot where they perceive a light.
I am the Light of all light and I am the Life of all life. But look now at the people, then you will be surprised about the little number of those who are swimming towards Me with faith and love, in the water of their worldly mentality and let them be captured by Me into the Kingdom of God. That is why I compare only those few people with fish - My favorite dish - who recognize Me as the true Light of the world and as the Sun of Heaven, swimming towards Me and let them be captured for the eternal life. Do you understand this image?"
The friend said: "Yes, Lord and Master, now I do understand it, and You always do things according to Your unchangeable order, which is also a gospel for everyone who has more the possibility to observe You than we have. But still, a strong awakened spirit is surely needed to understand such gospel."
I said: "Everything can easily and surely be accomplished if the right means are at hand, and which are also used in the right way. So also, man can quick and easy completely awaken the spirit within him if he has the right means for it, and which he will also use in the right way. And that right way is the true, pure and active love for God and thus also for fellowman.
However, he who wants to love God, must first believe that there is a God who exists, who, since He Himself is completely Love, is the eternal initial foundation of all things in the whole of infinity.
How can man come to such belief? The surest way is by means of the revelations, by listening to God's word and by knowing the will of the eternal Love.
If man wants to know that will, he must completely make his will subordinate to the will of the eternal love and highest wisdom in God and must permit to be digested by God' will as a well prepared meal, just like these fishes. Then he will be completely permeated by God's Spirit, and from that he will appear as a new created being for eternal life.
Whoever accomplishes that to himself, awakens in him, by using the right means in the right way, the spirit of life and wisdom, and he will then also find a well understandable gospel in the nature of the Earth and of all creatures on it, as well as in the moon, the sun and the stars.
If you friend, want to be completely awakened in the spirit, then follow My advice. Then soon everything that seems now still worrying and at some places doubtful to you, will become clear."
Then Mary said: "My son, what a great teaching have You already given to the people in foreign parts, but You still have thought little about us home people here."
I said: "Mary, was I not amongst you home people since My childhood until My 30th year? Did I not teach you very often about Me, also confirming My words with all kinds of signs? Did I also not come to Nazareth later, and did I not teach there and perform signs? But what did the blind home people there in and around Nazareth say?
Look, they said: 'From where does He have such wisdom? Surely, that is the son of the carpenter whom we know. How can a prophet come from him?'
And see, because this is how the home people here thought about Me, judging Me and did also not believe Me, I also did not stay here with the home people, but I went to the foreign parts. For this is what I said at that time, and am still saying it again: a prophet is never less appreciated than in his homeland, and least of all in the place where he spent his childhood.
But among those of the home people who believed in Me, they are still with Me, and will also stay with Me everywhere. But in Nazareth I Myself will no more teach or perform signs. My disciples will do that later in My name.
However, for you, I have already taken care, for the time and for eternity. When I will return from where I came, I will prepare a home for you all, where eternally you will no more be tormented by distress or unnecessary worries, because where I will be, there you also will be with Me - if you did not let yourselves be caught by the world."
On these words of Mine, Mary did not say anything anymore, but she kept them in her heart.