Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in Kis at the Sea of Galilee

- Chapter 120 -
The opinion of the temple servants about the 3 archangels.

isjona asked to the servant what the temple servants were doing, who arrived late the day before.
The servant answered: "They are already waiting in the hall for you and the Lord and Master, and they want to ask you where He is staying, and also to the Lord and Master Himself, whom they do not know. They also took information with us but they did not receive an answer, and then they did not ask us any further."
Kisjona praised the servant for that, and we went to the morning meal. And also the 3 spirits were with us.
When we entered the hall, the temple servants came to meet us at once, greeted Me and Kisjona, and they immediately wanted to inform as to where the Nazarene was staying.
But Kisjona said: "Now it is time for the morning meal. After that we will talk about it. But if you will not be too blind and deaf, you surely will be able to conclude from our words where the great Lord and Master is staying."
With this, the temple servants were satisfied, and we went to sit in good order at the table. And now in such a way that Gabriel-Jared came to sit next to Maria, Michael-John in the midst of his disciples and Raphael-Enoch in the midst of the 4 Indo-Jews. We began to eat and to drink, and again the strangers noticed that the 3 spirits ate 10 times as much as another guest at the table. Most of all, the temple servants, who were carefully watching us from their table, noticed that the 3 apparently young men could eat so many fishes.
One of them could not resist coming to our table and asking Kisjona what kind of young men they were who could eat so much and with such great speed.
Kisjona said: "Go and ask it to them yourself. I am only especially glad about their great appetite, because for me it proves that the fishes are well prepared, and also that my wine is pure and good, as well as my home bread. But as I said: ask more to these dear young men yourself."
Then the scribe went to Raphael and asked him which country's child he was, and if everyone in his homeland were such big eaters.
Raphael said: "Our eating attracted your attention - why did our coming not attract your attention?"
The scribe said: "How could it attract our attention? Because you all came into this hall like the others."
Raphael said: "When we arrived, you were on the terrace of the roof and you were looking at the lake when a very bright lightning shot out of the sky to the Earth between the men who stood along the shore, and you thought: 'Oh, those must be great sinners for God, because God let even a lightning to shoot out of the most clear sky in their midst at an unusual time of the year. Look, with that first lightning, about which you were extremely surprised and which really made you start to think, that young man arrived who is now very friendly sitting there next to a very honorable woman. Then soon a 2nd lightning shot from the sky between the group of your supposed great sinners. Again it did not harm anyone, and you said: 'God rebukes the sinners.' And look, with this 2nd lightning arrived that young man who is sitting there between the 7 men, who were his disciples not so long ago. And I arrived with the 3rd lightning.
So our nature is pure fire from the Heavens. However, the fire can eat more than a human being, and thus it should not surprise you too much that we, 3 guests from the Heavens, can eat more than a weak human being of this world."
When the scribe heard this from the mouth of Raphael, he did not know what he should answer to that, for he thought that the young man wanted to make fun of him, because he could not believe what Raphael told him. However, then he looked more closely to the 3, went again to his followers and told them what he heard from the 3 young men.
One of them said: "We will wait until the friendly company of Kisjona has finished the morning meal, then we will seriously ask where the famous Nazarene is staying. If they want to tell us that, we will immediately travel to that place where He can be found, and then we will turn our back to these half Romans, for whom we are a thorn in the flesh ."
But another said: "It is true that you are more learned in the Scripture than one of us, but I believe that with my sharp sight I have discovered more than you. I am of the opinion that the famous Nazarene is in that group.
And one of those 3 young men looks very well like that preacher in the desert, who, as they say, was beheaded about 2 years ago in the prison of Herod, which we can of course not know so well in time and fact, because we were in Damascus at that time. But before we went to that city, I have seen him in the little desert at the Jordan, where he taught, and those who were converted to him he baptized with the water of the river, and gave a new name to those who were baptized by him.
Of course he looked older at that time and he was very thin, but it is also possible that he was not beheaded - as the rumor goes - and Herod would have beheaded a slave who looked somewhat like that baptizer, to do the will of Herodias, and would have set him free with the order to go with his disciples in strange clothing to the gentiles. There he must have given up his severe life, took better food and looks here now very young.
But if he is there, then the Nazarene will also not be far away from Him, for he preached all the time about the complete coming of the Messiah. And with his truly gentile appetite he surely could look a few years younger now compared to what he looked like in the desert when he did not eat anything else than grasshoppers with wild honey."
The scribe said to the speaker: "Your observation is really very remarkable, but then what do you think about the 3 flashes of lightning, which we all saw from the terrace on the roof shooting down from the sky, precisely into that group that was then along the shore and which is now enjoying the morning meal, precisely composed of 3 more young men? We did not see anyone joining that group, except at the end only one house servant who called the group for the morning meal. Also yesterday we did not see any of these 3 young men. From where did they come to the group?"
The speaker said: "They could have joined them this early morning."
The scribe said: "If that would be the case, then our servants, who were on guard, would have reported this to us, because according to our instructions they had to watch closely who was coming, and from which direction, and who went outside of the house, with who, and to where. But our servants could not tell us if someone had arrived early in the morning. They also did not notice anyone early in the morning, namely none of the 3 young men, coming out of the house and see them going with the group to the shore of the lake. But they did see almost 1 hour later the woman with a man and, as already stated, the last one was the house servant, going to the group. And so it is really the question from where the 3 young men had come."
The speaker, who wanted to consider the 3 young men as natural human beings, said: "Is it then not possible that the 3 young men had already spend the night at the shore and were only met there and taken up by the group in the morning?"
Then the scribe said again: "Then our servants would have noticed something and reported to us, for as you know, also 3 of our servants watched the shore until this group left the house early in the morning, going to the shore where our servants still met them, which we have seen from the terrace of the roof with our own eyes. So no matter how we think and talk, those 3 young men, who eat so much, are in any case an extraordinary and straight miraculous appearance. For I am certainly not a man who lightly believes in miracles, but those 3, who are now present in that somewhat mysterious company, seem unmistakable a miracle to me. Who and what is behind them is of course completely another question. After the meal we surely will discover it."
With these words of the scribe, also the others agreed, and they waited with great desire for the end of our morning meal, which also happened soon.