Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in Kis at the Sea of Galilee

- Chapter 123 -
Samaritans seek the Lord.

fter we had spoken with each other on our hill for about 1 hour, a few Samaritans came to the village Kis and took information from several people, asking if they knew where I was.
One of the servants of Kisjona said that I was in this village with My disciples since the evening before and that I was probably staying in the residential house.
The Samaritans were extremely glad and cheerful because of that, for they heard already many things about Me, and also that I traveled through Samaria only a few days ago. But they still were not fortunate to see and speak to Me somewhere. At once they let themselves be guided by the servant to the house, and they had a burning desire to finally see Me, speak to Me and hear Me.
When they entered the big hall, they greeted all those who were present and they right away asked to the first one they could find as to where I was staying and who the great Master was, being in all the fullness of His divine might and power.
Thomas, to whom it was asked, said: "Friends, at this moment the Lord and Master is not among us physically, but in spirit He is. What do you want Him to do for you?"
The Samaritans said: "Friends, we have His teaching, and we strictly live and act according to it, and some of us have found in them already the all life awakening power of this teaching, and they glorify and praise God because He so unmistakably took care of His peoples. And there are many among us who, just like we, would like to see and hear the great Master personally, as long as He is still walking around on this Earth, but they do not have the opportunity and also not the means to travel after Him. That is why they delegated us to seek Him in the name of us all and pass on to Him the gratitude that is due to Him and to give Him the honor that is only due to Him. Therefore, we came here, and we will not leave this village before we have greeted in Himself the Lord and Master of all masters."
Thomas said: "Then be patient for awhile. It will not take long before He will come."
Then they went and sat at the table, ordered some bread and wine and listened to the conversations that our Raphael had with the 7 temple servants and also with the 4 Indo-Jews, and they were surprised about the great wisdom of the so-called young man.
Gabriel and John spoke however again softly with the disciples. Despite their always moderate lifestyle, the bread and wine was very tasteful to the Samaritans. So they ordered more bread and wine, ate and drank and became very cheerful by that.
And they also saw that following the explanations that he gave about different things to the 7 temple servants and the 4 Indo-Jews, Raphael performed also many miracles like he already had done before in Jerusalem in the presence of Jews and gentiles on the Mount of Olives, although now not to such great extent. And they asked each other who that young man might be, who spoke as wise as a Salomon and who did miracles like a Moses. Some of them thought that he was a relative of Mine, others however thought that he was a very good disciple of Mine. With this divided opinion they were satisfied for the moment.
And Raphael explained to his aforementioned listeners the whole Earth, the moon, the sun, the other planets, then also the comets, the fixed stars with their planets, the nature of the central suns and finally also of the shell globes, its numberless quantities in the endless space of creation, and the nature of the Great Man of Creation, in only a few words that were easy to understand. And he illustrated his explanations with images that he immediately let appear in the area of the hall, which of course largely contributed for the listeners to understand the explanations more easily and faster.
This was however too much for our Samaritans for a person of whom they thought that he was only a very good disciple of Mine, and one of them left the table, went to Thomas and asked him: "Friend, forgive me that I take the liberty to ask you about that young man. Who - what - is he actually, and where does he come from? The words of his mouth are wiser than those of a Salomon, and moreover, he performs miracles like Moses did before in Egypt and in the desert."
On this, Thomas said: "Friend, just be patient until the Lord will come Himself. Then not only will everything become clear to you about these young men, but you will come to know even greater things. And you can imagine that around the Lord all kinds of important heavenly might and powers are gathered and influence us men in a teaching and life-awakening manner, because the Lord is the center of all there is and lives, of all might and power, as well as of all love, truth and wisdom.
If you believe in the Lord, you will also understand that such beings are continuously and always around Him, from time to time visibly - for people who are concentrated on the physical maybe not always visibly, but perceptible anyway - and they obey His will, for they themselves are His always and eternal active will.
Moreover, it is written: 'In that time you will see the powers of the Heavens coming down to the Earth. These will serve Him and the people who are of good will. The sun, the moon and all the stars will bow down before His glory.' Yes, friend, if these heavenly beings would not open our eyes for us blind people about the numberless miracles of God's Heaven, then who else can open our eyes?
Whoever wants to love God, must also know how miraculous He also is in His works. It is true that we men are in the midst of sheer miracles of God, and we ourselves are actually the greatest miracle. If we look at ourselves, how we are born, then we see that we are weak, helpless, speechless and are without any thought. If a child would not be taken care of for a long time, he would be in a much worse condition than even the most pitiful animal. Only after the lovely care of the parents the child becomes a human being.
If you go back to the first man. How could he ever have become intelligent, filled with reason and also other and higher knowledge if God would not have educated him by higher, heavenly beings and have revealed Himself to him? If God the Lord Himself would not instruct us now in all things, and show us how far we already have drawn away from the truth, the human beings would become so wild that they would be far under the level of the animals.
Look at those temple Jews, the Pharisees and scribes. How were they in the time of the first judges, and also still in the time of the first kings, and how are they now? They are blind in all things, dumb and above all full of pride in all possible evilness, and they hate those who bring back the light of the true life from the Heavens, and not one of them believes in the Lord, but he only hates and persecutes Him wherever and no matter how he wants and can do it.
And look, this is certainly already a high degree of an evil degeneration and wildness of men. But now, if the teachers of the people have already reached such a high level of wildness, then from where must the people obtain a higher wisdom if the Lord Himself would not take care of the people and enlighten them now in all things through teaching and signs?
So you can see now this young man explaining the starry sky to the blind people through words and miraculous signs whom he can very easily do in the name of the Lord, so that the dark and evil superstition will disappear from their hearts, and the light of the truth will enlighten them. If you deeply think about this, the nature of that young man will soon become clear to you."