Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in Kis at the Sea of Galilee

- Chapter 130 -
Gabriel's testimony about Mary.

hen I sat again on My place amongst My disciples, they praised the Samaritans and their zeal.
Also Mary, who was like Joseph a strict Jew, and had a great esteem for the temple - although in My time not as much as before - was surprised about the old faithful Jewish attitude and about the strong faith of the Samaritans, and she finally said: "If these would guard and lead the temple - which is unfortunately not so - the old ark would again be filled with the Spirit of the Lord for the salvation of Jerusalem and for all the Jews, and the angels would nourish the virgins in the temple with heavenly food, as this still happened about 30 years ago with the pious Simeon and the gray Anna who had to take care of the virgins of the temple. But since the time that the pious Zachariah was strangled by the envy of the Pharisees when he came to sanctify the offerings to God with prayer and fragrance, the old ark went to ruin and the Spirit of the Lord disappeared. It is true that a new ark was constructed but the Spirit of the Lord will never return in there again, but it is rather the spirit of lie, deceit, envy, jealousy and slander, pride and malicious lust for power that lives there.
But with the Samaritans over whom many thousands of the most terrible curses were sent by the temple, lives the Spirit of the Lord, as this became clear now, and it will not leave them as long as they will stay the way they are now. Even I myself was not pleased with them before because they separated themselves from the temple, but from now on I want to count them as my friends, and their Garizim stands high above the temple of Salomon."
They all praised the words of Mary, and a Samaritan came to us and said: 'Listen, friends of the Lord, who is this lovely woman who has prophesied now with a highly spiritual sense?"
And Gabriel, who sat next to Mary, said: "This is the woman of whom it is written: 'Look, a virgin will give birth to a Son. His name will be Emmanuel, and in Him, God will truly be with us.'
Now look at the Lord in our midst. He is Emmanuel, thus the one and only true God with us. And now you also know who this woman is. Go and tell it also to your friends."
Then the Samaritan bowed, went to his companions and told them. And they all stood up, came to us and greeted Mary with a speech that was full of solemn words.
But Mary said to him: "I was and am only a chosen virgin of the Lord, and what I became, was His will. So do not praise me, but give always only the honor to God. Do whatever will say the Son of the Most High, who is one with Him."
Then they greeted Mary once more and thanked Me and Kisjona for the good midday meal. Only after their words of thanks they asked Me what they should do now.
I said: "You can still rest now for a short time, as we will do. After that you will hear what you can do till the evening."
Then they went to their table again and discussed with each other about some passages from the prophets in which it was stated about the woman who would give birth to a Son for whose name and might every knee will bow.
After having rested at our table for a while, I stood up and said: "It is not nice for man to spend a day without activity. Therefore, we also will change our rest until the evening in real activity.
Look, the fish tanks of our friend Kisjona became almost empty now, and that is why we will go fishing and will fill all his tanks with fishes. We all will participate in this work."