Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in Kis at the Sea of Galilee

- Chapter 131 -
The rich fishing.

isjona thought that this was a good idea, because he really had already a shortage, especially of noble fishes.
But a few of his present servants and helpers said: "Today in the daytime the fishing will not be so successful, because firstly most of the fishing barks and boats that can still be used have sailed out somewhere in the lake already 3 days ago for fishing. They took almost all the equipments along with them which are necessary for fishing, and they did not come back yet, which is understandable since in this time it is always bad for fishing, and secondly the lake is now too wild, and then the fishes go to the deep and avoid the shallow places along the shore. From where do we have to obtain now the suitable boats with which we can dare to go out on the wildly waving water?"
I said: "Do what I say, and we will not have undertaken an unsuccessful work."
Then everybody stood up, also the Samaritans, and we went outside to the nearby shore of the lake.
When we came to the shore that was hit by big waves, Kisjona, and also Philopold said to Me: "Lord and Master, My helpers made in natural respect a very true remark. Without good ships and without suitable strong nets not much can be accomplished in a natural way. For You, o Lord, of course nothing is impossible, but we people can only accomplish something with great difficulty when the opportunity and the circumstances for it are favorable and present."
I said: "Exactly under these circumstances that are most unfavorable for fishing I took you outside to show you the power of living faith. Take the old nets that are hanging there to the fences along the shore, and climb into the 2 old boats that are here at the shore, throw the nets into the water and have faith, then we will receive in a short time a big quantity of the best of fishes."
The old boats were however for half filled with water and the helpers and also My disciples scooped out the water that had come in, and filled up some leaks with cloths to make the boats useable in case of need. And the Samaritans hastily repaired the damaged nets as good as possible, and in this manner in case of need a fishing tool was made. And some of the helpers brought a necessary number of containers to lay in the fish that was caught, so that they could be brought to the big tank.
When everything was made ready so far, a few of My disciples with the helpers stepped into the rather large boats, pushed them a little away from the shore and let the net that was spread out sink into the water between the 2 boats, and after a few moments it was already so much filled with the most noble fishes that the helpers were frightened, for they could not bring the net to the shore because of the heavy weight, and they cried for help. Then the Samaritans stepped into the water that was barely 1/2 man's height deep on the place where the boats were, and they helped the disciples and the helpers to bring the fishes to the shore. About 100 people were busy for more than 1 hour before all the fishes were brought into the containers that were intended for that.
When the fishes were brought to their spot, I said to Kisjona, who just like Philopold could not stop being surprised about this extremely rich catch: "If you want to fill this old net once more with all kinds of fishes that live in the water of the lake, then let the net sink into the water just like this first time, because now it is the best time for fishing. For when the sun comes close to the horizon, the fishes will come in this time and in the water of this lake closer to the shores."
Kisjona said: "O Lord and Master, with this one catch I am already more than satisfied, but if You want it and, with Your mercy, if the work will not be too heavy for the men, the net can be spread out once more."
The helpers, the disciples and also the Samaritans said to Kisjona: "O dear friend, not only one time, but still several times we will lay the net into water if it is all right with the Lord and with you, for with this kind of gain the work is certainly well worth the trouble."
I said: "Well then, do once more what you have done before, but when you made the catch this time, you should sort out the different kinds in such a way that you separate the predatory fishes - which you will catch this time also in the net - from the noble fishes, and then put them into a separate container, because the predatory fishes are harmful to the noble fishes, as the wolves are harmful to the sheep."
Kisjona said: "Lord, I thank You for this advice. Until now my helpers and fishermen have sorted out the fishes and said: 'What lives together in the lake, can also live together in the container.' But I noticed already several times that the predatory fishes and the softer noble fishes have difficulty to bear each other, but my men did not want to admit that. But now that they have heard it from Your mouth, they will do it the more clever way in the future, to their and my advantage."
Everyone said: "Yes, what the Lord says we will also do, for only He is familiar with and knows everything into details."
Then the disciples and the helpers climbed once again in the 2 boats and threw just like before the net into the water. Within a few moments it was again overly full, but now with different kinds of fishes, so that our Samaritans went again into the water and had to help the fishermen to bring the overly full net to the shore.
When the net was brought again to the shore, they took out the fishes and sorted them, of which the greatest part consisted now of predatory fishes, and a big container was filled with them. And also the different kinds of noble fishes were sorted and every kind was put into a separate container.
Then the net was taken out again of the water and hanged to the fence to let it dry, and the 2 boats were attached to the shore. While we were fishing, the sun had reached the horizon, and Kisjona thought that we could go into the house now because at this time of autumn it often became quite cold at the water because of the heavy blowing winds after sunset.
I said: "Friend, do not worry about that, because like everything, also the warmth and the coldness lie in My hand. We will wait here for the return of your ships and see what kind of gain they will bring you."
Kisjona said: "Lord and Master, I do not expect too much from that, because the day before the Sabbath they left in the direction of Jesaira. They probably will have worked little there. Yesterday it was Sabbath, thus a full day of rest. Today it is the day after the Sabbath, also a day on which not much work is done. So a miracle must have happened if my 14 ships will bring any gain. Besides, I do not see any ship that I know coming from any direction to this shore."
I said: "Friend, although you think very logically, but your thinking is from time to time still stronger than your faith. Look there, where the 3 angels were during the time that we were fishing, in the company of the woman who gave birth to My body. Look, they became invisible when the sun had set completely, and they helped your ships to be filled with all kinds of good fish. And before you have looked back 7 times, your 14 ships will become visible. Every ship will bring 100 fishes."
After I had said that to Kisjona, the ships became visible in the first twilight, and it took only 1/2 hour before the ships were at the shore.
The chief skipper came immediately out of his ship, greeted us and was extremely glad when he also saw Me in the group, for he knew Me from before, and said: "Yes, now everything is clear to me. When we searched the bays after Jesaira the day before yesterday, because there is always the most of fish, we did not find even 1 fish, because a hard south wind drove them to the deep. In short, we worked until late at night with torches, but it all was completely in vain. Yesterday it was Sabbath, then we were not allowed to work, today we were at work from already very early in the morning and we fished about 9 hours without interruption, but also without any result. When I saw that all our work and efforts were in vain I gave the signal to sail back home again.
But when we made ourselves ready on the signal that I gave to sail home, 3 fine young men appeared at the shore. They wanted me to allow them to come on my ship. I also accepted them without the least of objection. When I asked them to where they wanted to sail, they said: 'We did not come to sail with you somewhere on this lake, but to help you with fishing, for you have fished for almost 2 days long and did not have any catch. Let therefore your nets sink once more into the water, then you will have a good catch.' We did that, the work went very easy, and within a few moments our nets were filled with all kinds of the most beautiful fishes.
But how did we have to put so many fishes in such a short time into the containers? The 3 young men helped us, and before we knew it, all the fishes were put into the containers. After that, the 3 disappeared suddenly, and a hard wind came to our ships that blew us in this direction.
When I saw this shore that I know well, and could already distinguish that there were quite a few people present, I said to my skippers: 'The great Savior from Nazareth must be in Kis, because the 3 young men who provided us with the fishes in such a miraculous way, were unmistakably 3 mighty spirits who are always ready to serve Him. The great Savior and Master loves our lord and has performed a sign on his ships by His servable spirits to his advantage.'
Now when I went ashore, I quickly saw that my assumption was true. And now I thank You, o great Son of God and Master of all masters, for the invaluable good deed that You have shown to us. To You we give the honor, and all the honor to God in the highest of all heights.
But now we have to take care of the fishes, now that there is still some light."
I said: "You can do that. Put them into the tank, everyone according to their kind. Do not put the several predatory fishes among the noble fishes, but put them into the tank that is prepared for them. Then you can go to rest."
When the servants had lifted the containers with the fishes out of the ships, Kisjona looked at them, and he was extremely surprised about the number and the noble kind of fishes of which there was not 1 that weighed less than 5 pounds.
On this I said: "Let us now go back home, since we have spent also this day in a good way for the benefit and the well being of men. And you, friend Kisjona, let a simple evening meal be prepared for us."
Then we went immediately into the house, and much was discussed about the events of the day.