!!! HIGH ALERT !!!
!!! The end of our Freedom, of our Existence !!!

The mark of beast is a combination of the vaccine and the chips. Anyone takes the vaccine becomes a hybrid, a killing machine, a zombie, so does the chips. Anyone takes the vaccine and the mark of beast will be lost forevermore. The pandemic is about to break out on a full scale. Because of My mercy, I have held it back to let more people to have more time to prepare, but how many have listened? I will not hold back any more. Comparing with the first one, this next one will be so much worse, no country in the world can be spared from it. A large number of souls will fall into the pit of Hell because of this, do not cease praying for the lost, I desire all to be saved, no one to perish. (Source)


Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in Kis at the Sea of Galilee

- Chapter 132 -
The Lord indicates how His teaching should be proclaimed.

spoke with the 4 Indo-Jews about many things, and gave them indications how they should tell to their fellow countrymen about what they had seen and heard, so that it would bear fruit for the attainment of the eternal life of the soul. Then I lay on the hands on the 2 men and gave them, through the laying on of hands in My name, the power to heal the sick and free those who are possessed by evil spirits. The 4 thanked Me with all their heart for this mercy and praised My goodness.
Also the 7 temple servants asked Me if I also would like to give them this mercy so that could bring more easily the men in the land of Ham with My help to the knowledge of the one, only true God and to the faith in Me and My word.
I said: "For you there is still time, but these 4 are leaving already tomorrow very early in the morning and that is why I give them already tonight the power to heal the sick. Besides, they are already longer with Me than you and they are instructed in everything so that they know now precisely what they have to do, and their souls are pure and without sin, and the power that is given to them will stay in them. Your souls however, are still afflicted with many weaknesses of which you firstly have to get rid of by true self-denial, because the power that I would give you would not stay in you, because in order that My mercy would stay in a vessel it must be lasting, strong, good and pure. However, you soon will attain to that when it is the right time in you and for you."
The 7 were satisfied with that and thanked Me for this lesson and promise. Then they went to their places and took some bread and wine. Now also the Samaritans came to Me and asked Me if it would be advisable, in this time of extreme superstition, to proclaim to their brothers, besides the gospel for soul and spirit, also the gospel that they heard from the young man and which they had well understood, about the things and appearances in the great world of nature, and give them a correct light about all the foolishnesses in which men from time to time became more and more entangled, which was namely caused by the selfish and greedy priests who succeeded to bring the blind people away from every truth by all kinds of newly imagined deceitful arts and by empty fantasy words and teachings.
I said: "My dear friends, when you will start to teach and to form the people in My name, then say first: 'The true peace be with you, for the Kingdom of God has come near to you.'
Then teach them out of which the Kingdom of God consists and what man should do to attain to the Kingdom of God already on this Earth and still more in the beyond. This you all know very well because firstly I Myself and then also several disciples who were sent out by Me have already proclaimed My teaching in clear words to you.
After you have purified and cleansed the hearts and souls of men in this manner, then you also can explain to them the things in the natural world to bring their reason back into the state of the initial truth and to cleanse their mind of all superstition. This is all the more necessary because a person who has wrong understandings about the works that are created by God can also never really come to know God, and thus also not himself and also not his fellowman.
And wherever this knowledge will lack, also the desired true love for God will lack, and also the love for fellowman. Because if someone does not love his fellowman whom he can see as a being like himself, then how will he love God whom he cannot see with the eyes of his body?
Man can only see God with the eyes of his spirit - only through the pure and true way of understanding in the created things and in His loving and wise order in this - and will then also love Him above all. And he who will love God above all, will know from this love also himself and his fellowman, and will love and respect God's likeness in his fellowman as in himself.
But it is a correct and true assumption of you that one should carefully work towards it, so that finally all superstition will disappear with the people, for as long as there is still a little spark of imagined belief that will burden the human mind, man will not be free, and through this little spark he can fall into many big errors. That is why only the complete pure truth can make man completely free and thus also here and in the beyond completely happy and blissful.
The Kingdom of God that has come into this world in Me, is the most pure and most perfect truth, as I am also the Way, the Truth and the Life Myself, of which I certainly have given you already more than enough proof everywhere, and which is known and also firmly believed now already by many thousands of people, Jews and gentiles from all world regions.
However, remember well that it is always easier to tell a person something about one or the other matter regarding his knowledge than to move his mind towards a firm, undoubting faith. That is why you also should strive much more to establish a living faith than to strife for sheer knowledge, for in knowledge alone there is no life, but rather in the pure and living faith through the works of love.
Knowledge, no matter how pure, is a reflection of things and their order in this world, which is, as it is now, perishable, just like all the things in, on and above it, but the things of the faith are a true light from the Heavens. They are lively belonging to the mind, the soul and his spirit, are immortal and imperishable.
I say to you all: this sky that is visible to you, consisting of the moon, the sun and all the stars, will once perish, but My words and the one who believes them will not perish, but will exist eternally.
With this I do not want to say that for the sake of the living faith with the people you have to exclude what is called pure science, because man can only believe something when he has heard or known about it. Once man has received a pure, trustworthy and true information and well-tested knowledge about a good and true matter, then he should not be satisfied with the pure knowledge, but absorb it in his living faith and act according to its basic principles. If he will do that, the pure science will produce for him also true, living and imperishable fruits. That is why you, who are now listening very carefully to My words, will also only completely understand that these are God's words if you will entirely live and act according to it.
I know the Samaritans well, and their various good qualities are not unknown to me, but among them there are also many misunderstandings to which they often hold on more persistently than the gentiles hold on to theirs. That is why you also will have to go through many hard struggles for the sake of My name and My teaching. Because the worldly reason of men does not understand the inner things of the spirit and of the living truth and considers those who tell them about it as fools, and they persecute them also wherever they can. But you should not care about that and teach the truth as it is laid into your heart and mouth by Me, then you finally will gather many good fruits for My Kingdom, and your reward will later in My Kingdom not be little.
Do not listen to the threats and dark words of your rabbi's who greatly boast about their hidden wisdom that contains little truth, but hold on to what you have heard from Me, then you will turn many rabbi's towards Me.
But if you will let yourselves be intimidated by them, you will, with the best of will, accomplish very little which is good and relevant. With this, I have told you now everything what you should do in My name to spread My Kingdom also among you in a most blessed way.
Soon you will hear many things from the world. The Shepherd will be killed and the sheep will be scattered from fear. Then do not take offence at Me. Be not discouraged and unstable in your faith, for even when I will leave this world physically, then I still will stay with My followers in the spirit till the end of the world, and I will always faithfully reveal Myself to those who love Me and keep My commandments.
I will not leave you behind as orphans in this world, but where only 2 or 3 will come together in My name, there I will be in their midst, and what you then in My name will ask the Father - who is in Me as I am in Him - will also be given to you.
Therefore, let not your mind become sad and fearful when you will hear that I, the Lord Himself, have let Myself be humiliated by the world and have gone over, out of this world into My Heaven by means of the most narrow and most thorny way. For look, all this must happen like this, so that the measure of the evil world will become full, and the judgment that is predicted to it, will come over it.
I am saying this now to you beforehand, so that you, when you will hear about it, will not be confused about that or will even take offence at Me. For if you really want to be My disciples and spreaders of My Kingdom on Earth, you also must become firm in everything and never be unstable."