Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in Jesaira

- Chapter 144 -
The meaning of the predictions of the Lord.

ut I talked with our innkeeper, Philopold and Kisjona about many things, and also about the future of the whole Jewish country.
When the disciples heard Me talking about the dark future of the country, they said among themselves: "Sometimes you really do not know what to think about Him. We do not want to say anything against His parables in which there is always a deeper spiritual basic meaning and which He always explained to us when we did not understand them, but when in His teaching - which has to be established among the people in already 10 years time, and which can and will change people into lambs - He always speaks about a future that is still more miserable than the present time, then one does often not know what to think about it.
Besides, He also said repeatedly that without God's will, not even one hair can be touched and not one sparrow can fall off the roof. If nothing can happen without His will, then surely there can be no miserable future without His will. And even the less when - as already said - men must be changed into lambs by His teaching, which is an active Word of God and which is talking about nothing as often and penetrating than about the love for God and fellowman, and also about humility, reconciliation, self-denial and mercy.
If men must indeed become like that, as - to our best knowledge -several thousands of people became like that in a short time, then how can He always make predictions about a future that is still more miserable than no matter what time in the past and in this already extremely miserable present time now? Who can understand that? We absolutely do not understand it.
I suppose that He wants to have it that way for one or the other secret reason that is only known to Him. Otherwise we completely cannot understand how He can make such predictions about an extremely miserable future that is the result of His teaching, which now at the time that it exists far in Asia, even among the Mores far in Egypt and which is also spread already in Europe among the Romans and the Greeks among many thousands of people who really believe in Him and who can always confirm its lightening truth through signs.
Yes, if these extreme conditions in the future that are predicted by Him must be the result of the pure divine teaching, and the Kingdom of God will take on such lamentable form among the people, then it surely will be much better not to proclaim such teaching at all among the people, so that they will not become even worse devils than they are already for the greatest part now."
I did of course hear all those remarks from My disciples and said to them: "How can you still be offended at My predictions about the future? Did I not announce them to you already several times and have also completely truthfully shown to you what, because of the free will of men, the cause of the extremely bad future will be. And you well grasped, realized and understood it, and were not offended. Then why were you irritated now because of that, and how can you say that the future, when My gospel will be known, can only become as bad as I want it, for a reason that is only known to Me?
Oh, oh, how very shortsighted you still are all of you. Indeed, without My will not one hair on the head of man can be touched, no sparrow can fall off the roof and no one can change the size and form of his body, or make the day longer or shorter, for all these things are directly under the power of My will, which is also one and the same in all of the numberless many angels of My eternal and endless Heavens. But here on this globe, where everyone must first go through the test of the freedom of his will, it is quite different concerning the almightiness of My will in the moral and mental sphere of life of man, as I have shown you already oftentimes.
And did I not say: in a world where man cannot become one of the worst devils, he also cannot become a true child of God? That is why I Myself reveal now directly My will to you men, so that you will make it as your own and become in everything completely like I am.
And if this is now so, and can impossibly be otherwise - which you basically should clearly realize now - then how can you be offended when I also announce to these our friends what it will look like in the future as a result of the hardness and blindness of men who just like the many Pharisees do not want to turn to the light of life, but persecute it with all the anger of Hell?
We have truly spread now the teaching of the Kingdom of God far and wide, from sunrise to sunset and from noon to midnight among many people, and many are already sunning themselves in the light from the Heavens, but still, this first spreading is still very small and is the property of only small families and communities. That is why it does not stir up too great sensation with all those many worldly mighty and above all imperious enemies of the light. And until now they did not undertake so many things against it.
But just let the light be more widely spread, so that the priests can notice that their temples are no more filled with people on certain feast days and great offering days, but become more and more empty, then you will see with what kind of nameless anger they will rise against My teaching and its followers.
Although My teaching is in itself the true peace of a soul who lives and acts according to it - yes, it is the blissful peace of Heaven in the whole man - but for the devils of Hell who, in human form on this Earth, will storm among the people with lies and cheating, it is a double-edged and flaming sword, a war and a great destruction. That is why the Kingdom of God on Earth will suffer great force, as this is already partly happening now, and those who want to have it, will also have to pull it to themselves with force.
And look, the struggle that is predicted by Me because of the preservation of the free will of man, which is the arm of their love and thus of their life, is inevitable, because we do not first want to wipe away the people - who are wrong and evil and whose number is extremely great - from the face of the Earth by a flood for the sake of the teaching from the Heavens, since this teaching is actually given for the sake of those who are sick, the deaf and the blind, and those who are troubled with all kinds of afflictions, and not for the sake of those who are healthy. Then it can be easily understood that in time great battles and wars will spread over the face of the Earth, and mainly and firstly over the old kingdom of the Jews, out of which the teaching goes forth, and this with such great devastations that one will not be able to recognize anymore where one or the other city was located, where the vineyards, the fruitful lands and rich fruit orchards, pastures and fields have been. It will be changed into a desert and will never be transformed again into the Promised Land where once the honey and the milk were flowing.
The fact that I am telling you beforehand has its reason: that you can prepare and arm yourselves against it on time. Because when you know when the thief is coming, it is easy to resist him, but if you do not know whether he will come, and when and how, during the day or at night when everyone is in deep sleep, then it is easy for the thief to come into the house and to take his loot. Therefore, walk always in the light of the inner day, and stay awake in My truth that is revealed to you, then you will be able to withstand the struggle with the enemy.
Are you now still full of offense, now that I have shown this to you as clear as the sunlight?"