Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in Jesaira

- Chapter 148 -
Love, meekness and patience are better than justified zeal.

fter these words, the leader prepared himself, stepped into the ship where I was on with My old disciples and the other 3 friends, and he navigated with us to Jesaira. We quickly and easily came into the mentioned village where a well prepared midday meal was already waiting for us. Only 2 hours had passed since noontime, and thus it was still the normal time on which we usually ate for the noontime.
Our leader was surprised about the beautiful wheat bread, and even more about the good wine and the excellently prepared noble fishes. After we partook of the meal, we went again to the already known terrace, about which also our leader could not stop praising the very beautiful view.
After he had looked into all directions around him, he said (the leader): "This is remarkable. Our little village is located only 2 hours from here at the same lake, but what a difference between here and there. Here the surroundings abound in charming and attractive beauty, and at my place it looks more awful than charming. Although around our village it looks now, thanks to Your mercy, o Lord, very reasonable, but a panoramic view that refreshes the mind, is completely lacking. Our bay, which cannot be called exactly small, is on both sides so much closed up at the entrance by the rather high and steep mountains that are located before it, that from the roof of our habitations and also from the mountains after us - as far as they can be climbed upon with the greatest difficulty because of their steepness - we cannot even see the high sea, let alone anything else, because the mountains are stretching out at the right side in a half circle further into the big lake and are completely obstructing our view.
But instead of that, our region has another good quality compared to this one. Here, one is certainly more drawn to the love for the world than in our true desert, and the love for the world is not suitable to awaken the divine Spirit in man. Once it is awakened, then of course also such view, as this one, will certainly harm no one any more."
When the leader of the bay had spoken really wisely about this region, he asked who those 20 simple men were, who also visited the bay with us, but who until now did not speak a word to anyone else, except among themselves. And I described them to him, which made him very glad.
Then I let the skipper come to him. He spoke with him and was surprised about his eloquence and about his earnest and great courage.
Then he stood up, he friendly held out his hand to the skipper and also to all his companions, and said (the leader): "With such men in the group, many things for the salvation of mankind can be realized. Truly, he who still fears men of this world is, especially in this time, not fit to spread the Kingdom of God, where force upon force has to be used to open up the gates for the truth and give entrance to it.
Now we should no more work in secret, but step courageously with the light from the eternal Heavens of God also to the kings and princes of this world, and show them that they are also human beings, who, as they are now, will not live forever, but can expect the judgment and the eternal death in the big world of the beyond. Yes, yes, you are right: as a burning fire one should sling the truth into the face of worldly men, and fight with a flaming sword against the priests of the lie, of dark superstition and deceit, otherwise the Earth will always remain a valley of tears and a grave of death, not only for their bodies, but also for their souls."
Now I said: "You are right, I praise your zeal, but together with your justified zeal remember also the following: there is always a greater power in the wisdom of the human spirit than in his fist, and where earnest in itself can perform little or nothing, love with its patience and meekness will do wonders. The full earnest in your own heart and its courage controls yourself. However, your weapon against men should always consist only of love, meekness and patience. Then you will achieve more on this way on which I Myself am going before men than with sheer zeal of fire and its earnest that is as hard as diamond.
You really should not be afraid of worldly people, who in their anger can indeed kill the body, but can do nothing further anymore to your soul. Therefore, fear only the One who is a true Lord over life and death since eternity.
But if you see that with love and right wisdom you can achieve nothing with men who went too much into the dark, then turn your back on them and go away from there, and you certainly will find again men with whom you will be able to do good things in My name.
You should confess Me before all men, because I also confess you before My Father, but you should not force Myself on the dark, worldly men, and should also not throw My pearls to those who are worldly pigs. For I say to you: My Word is only a true fertilizer of life for the wheat, and My teaching is a true fertilizer for the noble grapes of the vineyard, but for the weeds of the Earth I do not have any fertilizer of life, for it is only to be trampled upon and burned, and to fertilize the common soil of the Earth with its ashes.
He who is on the Earth for life will be awakened to life by My Word, but he who is here for death by his own will and firm stubbornness, will also pass into death. He who wants to stand up for life from the grave of his matter, may stand up, but he who wants to fall, may fall.
To preach the gospel to the devils would mean to pour oil on the fire. So be always clever like the serpents, but together with that, also as meek like the doves, then in this manner you will be very skilful workers in My vineyard of life."
When I had said that to the zealots of fire, there was a complete change in their mind, and they thanked Me from the deepest of their heart for this lesson.