Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in the region of Caesarea Philippi

- Chapter 150 -
The trip from Kis to Marcus at Caesarea Philippi.

hen I said to Kisjona: "Friend, let now again your 3 ships be ready for a further trip, for I want to travel to the old Marcus who lives near the city of Caesarea Philippi, and strengthen him, for he suffers already for 1/2 year from a fever."
Kisjona gave then also immediately instructions to his skippers as to what they should do. And the ships were prepared immediately for the further trip.
The 20 fishermen asked Me if one or the other could accompany Me to the indicated place, as well as Mary and Joel and the chief from the bay.
I said to the fishermen: "Do as you like, but it is sufficient if the skipper and still another companion will sail together as witnesses to the few places which I will visit at the Lake of Galilee. And also Mary and Joel and the leader from the bay can accompany Me. So then, let us leave now."
Also the innkeeper asked Me if he and his eldest son could accompany Me.
I said: "You also have a completely free will. So do as you feel in your heart."
After these words of Mine, also the innkeeper hastily prepared himself to leave.
Then we stepped into the ship and sailed off into the direction of Caesarea Philippi.
After we had sailed for almost 1 hour, a couple of ships from near Tiberias that were heavily loaded with salt and grain came in our direction. And because the wind, that was favorable to us, was against them, they had great difficulties and were afraid to sink.
They (the skippers) pleaded with us to help them.
And I said: "Why have you loaded your 2 ships so heavily? Next time do not let yourselves be tempted by pursuit of profit, and let also your neighbors earn something, then you will not have to go through such danger and trouble with your ships. But there are now a couple of empty ships coming. Load half of your goods into them and divide then your profit in Capernaum with them, then you will arrive there without any damage. But if you will be miserly in Capernaum, it will be up to you as to how you will return to Tiberias.
The skippers promised this to Me. The 2 empty ships came along and I told them what to do in exchange for half of the profit in Capernaum. And it soon happened as I had said.
Then the skippers of the 4 ships thanked Me, and they navigated, despite the headwind, into the direction of Capernaum.
But we sailed to the place of our destiny with a favorable wind, which made the rowing very easy for our skippers, and we reached it soon.
When we came into the village of Marcus, we met many guests who made use with good results of the powerful healing springs here.
The servants of Marcus came quickly to the shore and informed us that if we also wanted to make use of the healing springs we probably would not find accommodation, since all spaces were completely full with guests from all countries. Besides, their lord was sick, and so it was now difficult to speak with him, because exactly today it was his day of fever.
I said: "You are new servants in this house and you do not know Me, but Marcus, the owner, and his whole house knows Me. Therefore, go to your lord and say to him: 'The Lord and Master has arrived with His disciples and His friends. He must come out of bed and come to Me, then he soon will be healed from his fever. Go and tell him that."
The servants went and told Marcus and his wife and children. When they heard that, there was a great rejoicing among them, and they all hurried outside to come as fast as possible to Me.
When the old Marcus saw Me, he stretched out his arms and said with a loud voice: "O Lord and Master, full of divine love and mercy, with what kind of great desire did we all wait for You, because You certainly would visit us in our need, as You promised us then when You were here, for the salvation and well being of us and many other people. And now that my real need has almost reached its highest point, You also came to help me and also my wife, who just as I, has already become old and weak and tired, and to strengthen again my whole house in the faith in You and in Your teaching. O, we all thank You in advance for the more than great mercy, because You have found us worthy to visit us."
I said: "Do not be excited so much, dear friend, for you know that I can also very well hear and excellently understand the inner language of the heart. But before anything else, you and your wife, be now completely healthy of body.
But next time, do not eat anymore fish that rotted in the water, and let a slaughtered fish not remain for 1/2 hour without salt, thyme and caraway. Then prepare it in the Jewish manner that is known to you, and you will be spared from all kinds of fever. Do the same with the flesh of animals. And do also not eat any rotting fruit and no moldy bread."
After these words of Mine, the old Marcus and his wife and children became completely healthy and strong, and they all thanked Me with many tears of joy in their eyes for the healing of their body and for the advice that was given to them.