Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in the region of Caesarea Philippi

- Chapter 151 -
Marcus gives news about the successful healings in his bath resort.

hen I said to Marcus: "Your new servants, who still do not know Me, informed Me at My arrival that we probably will not find accommodation here because of your many bath guests. What do you say about that?"
Marcus said: "O Lord and Master. Not find accommodation with me? Even if there would come a 100 times more disciples and friends with You as in this case now, then I still will and could excellently accommodate them for years. My new servants - and there are many now - do not like to work, and so they always make problems when there are new guests coming to seek accommodation. But then, if the guests divide money beforehand, then there is soon no lack of accommodation. And this seems to also have happened with You.
But I will give those lazy servants a pretty good preaching, so that they will know what they have to do next time with the guests who frequently seek their physical well being here. And besides that, they visibly have also very often found the well being of their soul in this institution, which You, o Lord and Master, have only created for the well being of the people. For I and my children and elder servants have always taken care to make Yourself known to all the guests as the most wonderful Master of this institution, in such a way that they only could find the true well being of their body and their soul by the living faith in You.
Gentiles as well as Jews believed our words, but those who did not believe, left the institution as they had come. And that were mostly Pharisees from Jerusalem and also from many other places and regions. They did not believe what we very truthfully told them. They scolded at what we were preaching and they were offended because they could say nothing against us because we are Romans, and they left the institution again, exactly as they had come.
But it is really remarkable with people. They have seen hundreds of people who have accepted here the fullest faith in You and were by that completely healed of all their afflictions and infirmities, and still, they said that it was purely deceit and a multiple blasphemy when one could only be healed in this institution by having faith in You. If the springs could not heal with their healing power that was given to them by God, then a healing by having faith in You was purely the work of Satan. And whoever was healed in this manner, had, according to them, multiple times sold their soul to the devil.
I did not make much effort anymore for these people, especially this year. I did not accept them anymore when they came. And when they asked for the reason, I said to them the same as my new servants have said to You at Your arrival, and then they had to leave.
There was even an investigation a couple of months ago, coming from Capernaum - most probably because the Pharisees, scribes and rabbi's, together with their chief, had made a complaint with the Roman commander. But I really got well away with it - of course only with Your help - for at that same time the institution was so full with Romans and Greeks that it really would have been difficult for me to accept one more person in the institution.
The Romans who led the investigation had to spend their nights for 8 days long upon the hill that is well known to You. More precisely on the new big terrace that was built in Your honor. Since in this manner the mentioned Jewish priests could not do anything against me - according to the Roman decree: 'Ultra posse nemo tenetur' - they no more visited this institution at all, and that is why no such individuals are present now in this institution, which will certainly not be unpleasant to You, o Lord and Master.
And so I have told You now everything that seemed the most important to me, and this openly for the sake of Your disciples and friends, because they are not all-knowing like You. And would You like now, o Lord and Master, show the blissful mercy to my house with Your entrance - and immediately an abundant and good meal will be prepared. Wine and bread are certainly not lacking in My house.
I said: "I also came to you because I want to stay a couple of days in your house. But do not make Me known today and tomorrow to the present guests here. When someone will recognize Me, without your interfering, I surely will answer him.
And here you also can see the mother of My body. Your wife and children will learn from her how to prepare healthy food. And let us now enter into your house that you have expanded, and we will take some bread and wine."
Then we went into the house, went to sit at the tables and took some bread and wine. Mary went immediately into conversation with the family of Marcus, but I presented them all to him who were now with Me and who still did not know our Marcus. He asked several things to them and understood from their answers that they were filled with My Spirit. That filled him with joy, and he related many things to them about the signs and events that happened when I had been here for the first time.
And so, a couple of hours went by like a couple of pleasant moments. During that time, the meal was prepared. It was brought to the very large hall and put on the tables. We partook of it at once, went then to the well-known hill, and went up to the new terrace, which the innkeeper from Jesaira could not admire and praise enough. There was enough room for everyone - even for 10 times as many people as we were, and still more.
Now Kisjona asked Marcus if this terrace was also often visited by the cure guests, and at what time.
Marcus said: "I suppose you do not want to meet strange people here. Do not worry about that. Just look to that very big, beautiful garden down there, how it is crowded with cure guests. In the direction of the lake you can see several big, beautiful terraces with a view on the lake, and there are always many people. The guests always enjoy themselves in the garden, and you seldom will see anyone outside of the garden. And this terrace on this mountain, which is not exactly low, is even less visited by the guests, despite the beautiful view we have from here into all directions. For when they arrive here in a sick condition they do not like to climb upon this mountain, and when they are healed, they prefer to travel home immediately. That is why this spot is only seldom visited by foreign guests, and thus it is only for my joy and that of my family. So we are very safe and will not be troubled by strangers."
Our Kisjona and also all the others were satisfied with this.
Now they all admired the beautiful view, and Marcus described to them all places, regions and mountains, and he entertained the group in this manner for more than 1 hour.
Also I related now and then about what had happened in earlier times in this region, and so the whole widely extended surrounding was topographically and historically analyzed.
When the sun was setting, we saw a well recognizable Roman ship navigating towards our village, and everyone asked Me who was brought by the ship.
I said: "You do not have to be all-knowing to know that. Where there is a place that is known for its healings, then that is also where the sick will go to. These are a few Greeks and Romans. Just let them come, because the one who believingly will seek for a well being will also find it."
After a while, the ship came to the shore and brought 10 Romans and 7 Greeks who were accepted without any difficulty and were immediately accommodated into the health resort by the servants who almost did not want to accept us before.
We still stayed for a whole hour after sunset on the mountain, and My disciples related to Marcus many things about My travels, teachings and deeds, and Marcus and all the others really enjoyed those stories. When the stories were ended we went down to the house again, took a light evening meal and went then to rest.