Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in Jericho

- Chapter 16 -
The life's story of the robbers.

n the beginning we were very sad, and while we were crying we went back to our region to find accommodation. We also found a job, but that was so terrible - nothing could be more terrible. There was absolutely no question of salary whatsoever. In return for food that was even too bad for pigs, we had to work hard, almost day and night, and despite all our zeal we only got scolded and were criticized, and if we looked for another job that might be better, then instead of a better one, it was even worse.
So we suffered for 5 long years, more than any pagan slave, and since they gave us nowhere a salary in the form of money and because we also saw how shamelessly we were robbed of all our goods by the temple servants under the pretext of 'to the honor of Jehovah', and because we also came to see more and more clearly that the temple in Jerusalem is not a house of God but really a robber's den and a murderous pit, we therefore lost all our faith in a God, and we considered the whole teaching of Moses and the prophets only as a work of humans by which the more clever and lazy people had constructed a solid stronghold for themselves by means of the hands of the poor and credulous blind people, in order to enslave the people, to let them work for them and thereby to fatten themselves in a life full of pleasure.
Whether we have dared to steal during the formerly mentioned 5 miserable years? No, because our belief in an all-seeing God prevented us. But after that period of time we started to ask ourselves more and more seriously if ever a God existed, and more and more from all our experiences we loudly heard the answer: no, nothing exists - everything is illusion and lie, invented by lazy and imaginative people for their earthly well being. Only we, who became poor people without our fault, must keep the laws and believe in a God. The rich and work-shy people do not have to do that because they know that not even the smallest word is true concerning Moses and all the prophets. For if that would be the case, they had to believe it themselves and observe the laws, which are very good as such for the society on Earth, but nevertheless, these have no moral spiritual value in itself, for if they would have that, then certainly especially the priests would strictly live according to those laws as an example for the blind laymen.
In short, through such profound reflections regarding our misery, and as a result of the fact that all our many prayers, which we sent up to the stars among many tears were always totally unanswered, and even more so when we heard that our mother died remarkably fast and very miserably after she entered that home, and that our beautiful sisters were dishonored almost to death by the Pharisees, all our faith ended completely, and we decided to take revenge on evil mankind, and not to behave like credulous, blind fools to satisfy them.
We started to violate the riches of the wealthy and by our cunningness we always succeeded to escape unharmed. That gave us at least some confidence in our little packages, and for a few years our activities went quite well. However, this time we were not careful enough and we were caught, but we really do not care about that because we are already used to all kinds of misery and we already have had enough of life, and each one of us is wishing death. But before we possibly will be bound to the cross, the most horrible curse has to be spoken out loudly over the whole Earth, over all men and other creatures, over the sun, the moon and the stars and over the power of nature that called us to such a miserable life. We will show the people how things are with their only true God, His laws and His priests, and what and how much they are worth.
Although until now we have not committed any murder, this because we miserable ones granted everyone their miserable life and did not want to free anyone from his great misery. But whoever wanted to resist us in the streets, was dearly beaten up, because every drop of merciful blood of our heart has left us already a long time ago. Truly, if ever we could destroy all men on the whole Earth in one blow, then it would mean a very big relief for us, and then one or the other hard and deaf God will have to assemble again for His tyrannical pleasure other miserable human creatures from the pools and swamps.
Now You know everything, severe Lord and judge, and You can judge us, miserable ones, as You please, but remember well beforehand who and what is to be blamed for our misery. We have spoken faithfully, truthfully and openly as You have asked."