Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in the region of Caesarea Philippi

- Chapter 165 -
The healed ones come to the Lord.

ntering our dining hall, they immediately asked the 2 Greeks where I was. And those pointed at once in the direction where that "I" was.
Knowing that, they shyly walked to Me, looked with deep respect at Me and did not dare to speak to Me.
However, I looked at them with full love and said in a very natural tone to them: "Why are you now so shy in My presence, My dear friends? Am I perhaps different from there in the institution where I came to you in the spirit and healed you from your afflictions according to your faith and trust? Take courage, come and sit with us at this table and first eat and drink as needed to strengthen your limbs. Only after that, we will continue to speak with each other."
The healed ones did with already more courage what I advised them to do, because My love made their fear to disappear more and more. A great number of excellently prepared fishes were on the table, and also bread and wine was not lacking. The healed ones were also already hungry and thirsty. Therefore, My invitation was for them a happy fulfillment of their wish that suited them well. They ate and drank according to their heart's desire and had an ever greater childlike trust in Me and also in My disciples.
Only after they had strengthened themselves at our table according to their need, the Greek Polycarp, who had become now the most courageous, asked Me: "O Lord and Master, although You told us on the mountain that You would visit us in the institution - and we have waited - but still, You did not come. There are many in there whose condition is miserable and for whom Your visit would be really necessary."
I said: "Even if I did not come to you with My body, I still came to you with My love and helped those who turned to Me in faith and full trust. And so I kept the promise that I made to you.
Because of the others, I personally had nothing to do in the institution. For they heard already many things about Me, and several among them saw also signs that I performed, even before their eyes. And knowing where to find Me, they still did not search for Me and did not pay attention to the signs, and even less to My words. Then why should I search for them and pay attention to them and care about their afflictions?
However, I still will stay here for several days. The one who will search Me, will also quickly and easily find Me, as you have quickly and easily found Me.
When this friend of Mine, the doctor from Melita, spoke loudly about Me according to the true understanding from the Heavens, he was listened at by many Jews, but only one Roman - a gentile - came close and began a conversation with the doctor about that new God, and he soon adopted his faith. The Jews however, soon noticed from the words of the doctor about whom he was talking. Therefore they quickly turned their back to him and did furthermore not pay attention to his definite wise words. Then why should I pay attention to them?
When later you all loudly glorified Me, another blind Jew came to you who is a rich businessman and money changer in Capernaum. And when the judge gave him the right answer and noticed by that for whom that glorification was meant, he also turned his back on you and left you all. But if he has left you, who were with My Spirit, then he also has left Me. And the one who leaves Me, I also will leave, just as long as he repentantly and believingly will turn to Me again."