Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in Jericho

- Chapter 17 -
The anger and good intentions of the innkeeper.

fter one of the thieves had said this to Me, the innkeeper as well as Kado and the old Apollon, slapped their hands 3 times above their head and he said: "No, Lord and Master, hearing this about the Pharisees of Jerusalem greatly fills my whole mind with anger and fury, and I really do not understand how a God, whom You taught us in the most truthful and active way, can look at such abominations for so many years with an inconceivable patience and how He can permit such crimes. Compared to those priests, these street thieves and robbers are true angels.
Truly, if this is the reason why these 3 men are in such miserable condition, as this person has witnessed, then firstly, those miserable temple servants, who are acting worse than pagan furies, deserve to be destroyed in one blow, and secondly these 3 men deserve no punishment but a reward, because the fact that they are in this kind of condition as they are now standing before us, can certainly be blamed to no one else except to those condemnable priests who let themselves be honored and worshipped everywhere as servants of the one, only true God, but as human beings they largely exceed sky high all the wild beasts and animals of prey in the forests and deserts.
Lord and Master, it surely would be time now to release a destroying judgment over this truly hellish breed, because these most evil of the evil ones must have committed so many abominations to their fellowmen that no human being can speak out its number. But I really care about these 3 gentile men, and I will not impose a punishment on them but will release them, and they must and will have a good accommodation in my house for the rest of their life and be always at my side as faithful witnesses when those devils in the temple in Jerusalem will have to be resisted in the most powerful way. Just let one of those Jewish priests come to me now again - as happens many times - with a complaint about someone from whom he still has to collect one tenth. Then I surely will tell him what it is all about and what kind of justice he can expect from me. And once I will have left this temporary life, then my dear son Kado will know how to continue in the same spirit."
Then he kindly turned to the 3 thieves and said: "Are you satisfied with my judgment, and do you want to accept my offer?"
The one who already spoke before, said: "Well, thus among the gentiles there are still real men, who cannot be found anymore among the Jews who insolently call themselves the chosen people of Jehovah and children of God, but by that they are in reality the children of all devils. With great pleasure and a very thankful heart we accept your offer and want to serve you more loyally than the one you have considered as your most loyal servant. From now on we want to do good because it is good, and chose the truth because of the truth as a guideline for our further life. It will not be Hell - which is according to the Jews a punishment for the sins of the souls on the other side - that will keep us from doing evil, and it will not be Heaven as eternal reward for the souls for their good deeds, that will urge us to do that which is good and true, but what is good and true in itself will be our most truthful Heaven, and we will zealously strive with all our strength to make that Heaven our own.
However, now we ask you to free us from our fetters, because we really did not deserve to carry them. Truly good people will also perceive that, and a righteous judge should rather chastise pitilessly those who by their merciless way of acting have made criminals of people, and not so much the criminals who - because of need, despair and anger through the limitless and shameless evilness of men - were only forced to actions that are, it is true, evil in itself, but that certainly should be excused to people like us.
O how many are languishing in the dungeons who, counted from their childhood, were certainly not guilty in the least that they became criminals, because they became criminals, either because of a wrong education or in the same manner as we did.
If an extremely good, wise and righteous God would exist, then He also had to realize that. And with His almightiness He should chastise those people who are the main cause that people become more and more evil and who will continue to be the cause for a long time until the possible end of the world and its evil time. But the great and mighty devils in the form of human beings are even for their greatest abominable deeds almost never visibly punished by God as a frightening example for others who are just like them, but they live a completely free and always highly honored and wealthy life and can moreover still commit unpunished one abominable deed after another. If this is the case, then we truly cannot be blamed if we claim that there never existed or can exist a true God as the Scriptures of Moses and the other prophets describe Him to us, and that one or the other earthly power, which we men do not know, has through the influence of the sun, the moon, the planets, the other stars and the 4 elements, produced us pitiful people and also all other beings and things without its will, and this is more or less how we came into existence by the powers of the raw nature that certainly are as little aware of themselves as man is aware of how his body grows, how all kinds of hairs are produced on his skin and the vermin that annoys him. For this reason, a fool is he who somehow takes pleasure in his so miserably arranged and always-perishable life and who is moreover grateful in full humility and deepest dedication for that kind of life to a God who exists nowhere.
Yes, a good person should seek God - and if he has found Him and has come to know from Him why he was put on this miserable world, and if in full truth there really exists for the soul as such a continuance of life on the other side, then he also should thank Him with all the love of his heart for such a life and existence, which carries great destinies in itself that can be proven. But where can such seeker be found on Earth who has truly succeeded in finding that God somewhere?
And if men have ever found Him somewhere, as we repeatedly can read in the Scriptures, then why does He not let Himself be found by us people of this time? Are we perhaps less human than the men that were named in the Scriptures? Certainly, all men, since their birth, were similarly extremely innocent beings. Who else can be blamed most that the present day people became such pitiful beings except exactly that God who let Himself be found and be known by the men from ancient times, but us, their descendants, are no more heard or seen by Him? And we, weak men, are handed over to the complete arbitrariness of the heartless mighty tyrants, and thereby to all misery."